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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Dark 6 (English Translation)

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Yui: *Sigh* It feels like there’s no end in sight…
Yui: (It really isn’t easy to tally up all the questionnaires.)
Yui: (Although I was told to finish this by the end of the day, unless I have help, there’s no way I’ll get this done.)
Yui: (But there’s no one here anym—)
~sound of door opening.~
Reiji: …so it is indeed you.
Yui: Ah, Reiji-san…
Reiji: These piles of documents…
Reiji: Although I did not consider that this could happen, it seems that you have had work forced upon you by others, have you not?
Yui: Uh, umm… even if you say ‘others’, it’s a teacher’s requested this…
Reiji: Requested?
Reiji: Then it is no different than having it imposed upon you, is it not?
Yui: …m- maybe.
Reiji: Hmm. Indeed, I see. So that is why you have such a foolishly confounded look on your face.
Reiji: Honestly. This is what happens when you make such an ill-informed agreement.
Yui: Y- Yes… I’m sorry.
Yui: I’ll try to do my best and finish this…
Reiji: Although those are commendable words, can you truly finish all this?

Choose “It’s endless
Yui: Probably… not.
Reiji: I thought so.
Reiji: It is appropriate that a lowly human with a feeble-minded ability to process information such as yourself would think so.
Yui: Uu…

Choose “Make an effort to finish” (Correct Choice)
Yui: I’ll… make the effort to finish it.
Reiji: How, exactly?
Yui: Umm… That is…
Reiji: Hm, then it is just talk.

Reiji: In that case, I suppose it could not be helped. I shall lend you a hand.
Yui: Eh!?
Yui: (It’s a little surprising for Reiji-san to say something like that…)
Reiji: Is there a problem?
Yui: Ah, no… In that case, I really appreciate the favor.
Reiji: Yes, you are welcome. Now, what exactly do you need help with?
Yui: Alright, can you—
Yui: (Alright, at this rate, it should be finish by the end of the day!)
Yui: (Or so I thought…)
Reiji: I have never seen a person who is as clumsy as you.
Reiji: Make haste and finish your work!
Yui: Uu, I’m sorry…
Yui: (Even though it’s nice that he’s helping me,
~sound of scattering paper~
Yui: (Ah! The paper’s all scattered on the floor!)
Reiji: What are you doing? Hurry and pick them up.
Yui: Y- Yes…
~sound of paper cutting into skin~
Yui: Oww…!
Yui: (My finger was cut by the edge of the paper. But it’s only a little, so it should be fine…)
Reiji: It seems you have injured your finger. Honestly… give me your hand.
~Reiji takes Yui’s hand~
Yui: Eh!? It’s fine, it’s not that serious…ah!
~sound of Reiji licking Yui’s finger~
Reiji: ……
Yui: Ah…
Yui: (H- He’s l- l- licking my finger…!!)
Reiji: …oh my, what is the matter? You let out such a delicate sound…
Reiji: Does it hurt?
Yui: N- No…
Reiji: I see. That is good.
Yui: U- Umm, I’m fine, really!
Yui: We don’t have a lot of time, so let’s continue working…!
Reiji: Fufu, of course. Seeing you so motivated pleases me. Very much so.
Yui: (Reiji-san definitely did that on purpose…)
Yui: (Sigh… it’ll probably always be like this from now on, huh?)

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