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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Dark 5 (English Translation)

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Yui: …I’m so tired…
Yui: (I still can’t get used to a life style of going to school at night.)
Yui: (I should quickly change and rest…)
~sound of door opening~
Yui: !! R- Reiji-san!?
Reiji: Hmm? You are here?
Yui: W- W- What do you mean ‘you’re here’? This is my room!
Yui: (Besides, I’m in the middle of changing…!)
Reiji: …you are in the middle of changing, it seems.
Reiji: Pay me no mind and continue. I simply want to drink tea.
Yui: Ehhhh!?
Reiji: Indeed… Well then, I shall borrow that chair over there.
Yui: (W- What is he saying!?)
Yui: (I- In any case, I better hurry up and change fast.)
Yui: (Even if he says he’s not looking, I’m still embarrassed…!!)
Yui: (There, I’m done!)
Yui: I- I’m done, Reiji-san—
Reiji: Wait.
Yui: !?
Reiji: Keep still.

Choose “Understood” (Correct Choice)
Yui: U- Understood…
Reiji: Fufu, very good.
Reiji: I do not dislike a sensible woman.

Choose “Why?”
Yui: W- Why?
Reiji: Why?
Reiji: Because I ordered you to. That should be enough.
Reiji: Unless you have an objection?
Yui: …No.
Reiji: Good.

Reiji: Now, stay still…
~sound of rustling clothes~
Yui: !!
Yui: (Reiji-san’s hand is touching my neck…)
Reiji: ……
~sound of rustling clothes~
Reiji: …I am done.
Yui: U- Umm…?
Reiji: Honestly… what a slovenly person you are, to not be able to properly straighten the collar of your clothes.
Yui: (Oh… so he was straightening my clothes.)
Reiji: You should take greater care with your appearance, especially since you are a woman.
Yui: ……
Reiji: I was considerate enough to make the effort to quietly drink my tea, yet you still—
Reiji: …why are you staring at me?
Yui: Ah, no… Umm…
Yui: That was kind of you, Reiji-san. Thank you very much.
Reiji: ……
Reiji: …kind?
Reiji: How very unpleasant. It is upsetting to be thought of in such a manner.
Yui: Huh? Umm…
Reiji: My precious tea has gone cold…! I can not spare another moment in your company.
Yui: (…he left. It looks like I said too much.)
Yui: (Hmm… I guess I still don’t really understand Reiji-san all that well…)

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