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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Dark 4 (English Translation)

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Yui: (I wonder if Reiji-san’s in his room?)
Yui: (There’s something I’m not sure on with my homework, so I thought I’d ask him.)
Yui: (But just knocking on his door makes me nervous…)
Yui: (Why do these things happen to me…)

Yui: *Sigh*… Finally it’s break time… I’m so tired…
Yui: (Even though the time for attendance is different, the curriculum is basically the same.)
Yui: (It’d probably be difficult to keep up if it’s more difficult than from before I transferred schools…)
~sound of approaching footsteps~
Yui: Oh, what are you doing here, Reiji-san…?
Reiji: …I have heard that you had failed to answer a problem in class.
Reiji: Thus you were cautioned by your teacher… isn’t that right?
Yui: Umm… Yes.
Yui: (H- How did he know…?)
Yui: But after I received an explanation, I was able to do it.
Yui: Do next time I should—
Reiji: That is not the problem!
Reiji: Even if you are merely a freeloader, the fact that you, a person who lives in the Sakamaki mansion, has to beg an outsider to teach you…
Reiji: It is simply unthinkable.
Yui: E- Even if you say that, the person in question is a teacher…
Reiji: Silence!
Reiji: I will not allow this to happen a second time.
Reiji: If there is something you do not understand in the future, you will consult me. That is all.
End of flashback

 ~sound of knocking on door~
Yui: Reiji-san…? Umm…
Yui: …Excuuuuuse meeeee.
Yui: ………
Yui: (…the door isn’t locked. I wonder if it’s okay to peek in…?)
~sound of Yui opening the door~
Reiji: ……
Yui: (Ah… is he sleeping? It seems like he was in the middle of reading a book.)
Yui: (I should head back. It’s probably better to leave him alone.)
Reiji: ……
Yui: (Oh… But I wonder if I should find him a blanket?)
Yui: (Even if I don’t really think that a vampire could catch a cold…)
~sound of shifting fabric~
Yui: (That should do it.)
Reiji: …ah…
Yui: (Huh… he’s creasing his forehead… Could he be having a nightmare…?)
Reiji: …ughh…
Yui: (What could he be seeing in his dream?)
Yui: What should I do? I wonder if I should wake him up. Still—)
Reiji: What are you doing here?
Yui: !!
Reiji: Because of the scent of your blood, I was woken up… Honestly.

Choose “Should I apologize?” (Correct Choice)
Yui: (I- I wonder if I should apologize anyway…?)
Yui: I’m sorry.
Reiji: Did you think I would forgive you with an apology?

Choose “Run away!”
Yui: (I- I should run away…!)
Reiji: Where do you think you are going? Do you believe that it is possible to escape?
Reiji: I could slowly and carefully hunt you down until you are cornered, and catch you when you have exhausted yourself.
Yui: (I have no doubt that he would do that…)
Yui: I- I’m really sorry…
Reiji: Hmph, have you given up already? Even if you have apologized, I am still not not pleased…

Reiji: However…
Reiji: I shall grant you forgiveness, just this once.
Reiji: It was favorable to continuing that nightmare…
Yui: (Reiji-san…?)
Reiji: By the way, are you responsible for this blanket?
Yui: Ah, yes…
Reiji: Having to rely on the likes of you to take care of me is a failing on my part.
Reiji: Still, was there something that you wish to speak about? I am fairly certain that I did not call for you, did I?
Yui: You didn’t, I just… have a problem that I don’t understand. Would you mind teaching me?
Reiji: I suppose it could not be helped. Very well, go sit in that chair.
Yui: Alright.
Reiji: I shall thoroughly educate you until you comprehend it…
Yui: Uu… Okay.
Yui: (I wonder if I’ll be okay…)
Yui: (Still, I wonder… what on earth could Reiji-san be dreaming about?)

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