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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Dark 1 (English Translation)

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Reiji: Drinking tea is always calming…
Reiji: Is it not?
Yui: I guess it is…
Yui: (Naturally, I still don’t get a cup.)
Reiji: Ah, you seem fairly dissatisfied… If something is bothering you, you are welcome to speak your mind.
Yui: Ah, It’s nothing.
Reiji: …is that so?
Reiji: That is a shame. Here I was about to offer to make you tea if you wished.
Yui: Eh…! Are you sure?
Reiji: Yes, of course. Would you like a drink?
Yui: Ah… yes. Thank you very much.
Reiji: There is no need to bow. Even you need some time to relax.
Reiji: Do wait a moment…
Yui: (So he does know how to be nice… Could it be that I misunderstood him?)
Yui: …huh…? The fragrance is a little different from before.
Reiji: …oh, do you believe so? Indeed, you are correct.
Reiji: I have prepared a special tea for you.
Yui: T- Thank you very much.
Reiji: Fufu… well then, here you are.
Yui: (I- it’s situations like this that makes me wonder if Reiji-san is more kind than I thought?)
Yui: Alright, I’ll gladly accept it!
Reiji: Good…
Yui: ……!!
~sound of teacup breaking~
Yui: (W- what is this… My lip feel numb as soon as it touched the tea…!)
Reiji: …oh my, it appears you found it disagreeable.
Yui: R- Reiji-san, what… was that…?
Reiji: Did I not just inform you? This is a tea I especially brewed for you.
Reiji: With poison.
Yui: P- Poison…!?

Choose “Why would you do that?
Yui: Why would you do something like that!?
Reiji: …how noisy. Do not let out such a tone again, it is a pain to my ears.
Reiji: Haa… You are truly a graceless woman. Breaking the teacup to such a degree.
Yui: That is…! …N- No, although I’m sorry for that…

Choose “I’m glad I didn’t drink it all” (Correct Choice)
Yui: (Ugh, I’m glad I didn’t drink all of it…)
Reiji: Now then, what are you waiting for?
Reiji: Get on your knees and lick it off the floor.
Yui: What!? I- I won’t do that!

Yui: Why would you do such a thing in the first place…!?
Reiji: Why… you ask?
Reiji: When developing a new drug, it is only natural to want to experiment it, is it not?
Reiji: Otherwise…
Reiji: Did you sincerely believe that I would brew tea for you?
Yui: …!!
Reiji: Fufu…
Yui: R- Regardless, please stop doing something like this!
Reiji: If you can be caught in such a trap of this caliber, then you simply have no value alive.
Reiji: Moreover… It appears that I have honestly underestimated the extent of your foolishness and incompetence…
Reiji: Truly, this is a disappointment… I am the one who should be demanding an apology.
Yui: (…how cruel…)
Yui: (It’s scary how he make poison… and treat people’s lives as if they were nothing.)

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