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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Laito Dark 2 (English Translation)

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Torture Chamber
Yui: What’s…this room?
Laito: *cheerfully* Hmm? This room? It’s a torture chamber, of course!
Yui: Torture…chamber? Why do you have a torture chamber?
Laito: Aww~ Don’t be scared, ok? I’m not into torturing girls!
Why don’t you relax?
Yui: Ah…!
(He suddenly…hugged me?)
Laito: Now I, I only want to make girls feel good. I want to make them feel excited.
So when they scream and cry, I don’t notice at all. *chuckles*
But there are members of our species who love to see others in pain.
Him, for example.
Yui: ‘Him’?
Laito: Hehe, it’s best for Bitch-chan not to know.
Like I said, I’m not into torture.
You: (He, he kissed me….)
That’s what you say…so what’s that weird object you’re holding in your hand?
Laito: Oh, this little thing? Haha…hard to say. Hmm…what do you think it is?
You: (…It looks really scary.)
Laito: There are so many ways, when it comes to torture. Many instruments inflict punishment on the hands, feet, and face.
However…there are objects that bring pain to other places.
Yui: Eh…?
Laito: *chuckles*Bitch-chan, do you know how this one works?

Chooce “I have no idea.” (Correct Choice)
Yui: I have no idea…
Laito: *chuckles* Bitch-chan is completely shameless. You fake innocence. You’re not pretending not to know.
Yui: That’s…
Laito: But in reality, you know exactly how it works…Girls are such stupid, such adorable creatures.
You know… that acting like a holy woman makes it very easy to handle men. So you act this way on purpose.

Choose “Don’t look down on me”
Yui: (If I pretend I already know, he’ll get bored and stop threatening me.)
Don’t look down on me…Of course I know.
Laito: Hmm…? In that case Bitch-chan, why don’t tell me?
Yui: Th-that…
Laito: Where do I put it? How should I do it? What position should I use?  I just haven’t got a clue. Hehe. *chuckles*
Yui: Stop toying with me!
Laito: “Stop toying with you”? But I don’t know what this does, so I want you to tell me…
So, how do I use this it?  Tell me now. Look at it, how does it work?
Yui: Stop, stop it! How should I know something like that?

Laito: Little Bitch is such a baka-chan, no?
Yui: If a high-school girl knew a lot about torture, it would be really weird!
Laito: Hmm…
~sudden slapping noise.~
Yui: (It hurts…)
Laito: Is that how you use it? If you don’t tell me very clearly how to use it right now, then what if I use it wrong?
If I use it wrong, it’ll hurt even more…And I won’t like that, not one bit.
Yui: Oh…
Laito: *chuckles* Hehe, so stubborn. Oh well, I’ll just have to test it out on Bitch-chan first.
Haha, I look forward to it. Bitch-chan, use your adorable voice…and cry.
Yui: No!
Laito: Even God can’t save you now. *laughs* If you had just told me politely…
-You wouldn’t have ended up like this…right?
Yui: I really don’t know – *Laito hits you with the torture instrument* Ah!
Laito: *chuckles* Doesn’t it make a nice breeze over your head?
Yui: (He…he hit my neck…)
Laito: I know I haven’t used this thing before…and that’s ok.
I don’t want to make Bitch-chan’s blood taste bad, so I’ll use it very softly…alright?
Yui: (Papa! Help me…!)

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