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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Laito Dark 1 (English Translation)

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Game Room
Yui: Why did he call me here, and what does he want?
~clinking sound of billiard balls~
Laito: Ah Bitch-chan! Come here, come here! Here Bitch-chan, why don’t we play together?
Yui: Billiards?
Laito: Yup! We never-dying, never-aging vampires cultivate many hobbies to while away the hours. Are you so eager to play these lowly human games that you ran here, gasping for breath?
Yui: …if you have nothing to do, why don’t you go to class?
(And why drag me here with you?)
Laito: Hmm~ But I don’t want to. Everyone else has gone to class…
So I can have Bitch-chan all to myself. Why don’t the two of us spend some alone time together? *chuckles and moves close to you*
Yui: You, you – stop saying these things! And why…do you have to hug me?
Laito: Hehe, is Bitch-chan expecting something more? I just want to play billiards, that alright?
Yui: No! It’s not alright! If you just wanted to play billiards, you wouldn’t be pressing against me like this!
Laito: It’s ok to look forward it~ That’s what I think, and that’s why I called you here.
~Laito makes a grunting noise, you hear a sudden thump, and the screen shakes~
Yui: (Ah…! He pushed me onto the billiard table!)
Laito: Oh, Bitch-chan. Don’t you think billiards is the most erotic sport?
Yui: Uh… what…? Let go of me!
Laito: Hehehe… Do you even know what “erotic” means? Really Bitch-chan, you love pretending to be pure.
Oh well. If you don’t understand, then I’ll just have to teach you.
– But, for now – let’s play a little bit of billiards.
So you need to stay like this, do you understand? Hehehe…
Yui: (What is … … he planning?)

Choose “Stop joking around”
Yui: Stop joking around!
Laito: *sighs* How disappointing. I’m obviously serious about my intent.  Oh well.
If spoken words can’t convey my feelings, I’ll just have to carve them…onto Bitch-chan’s body.

Choose “No, I don’t want to” (Correct Choice)
Yui: No, please let me go!
Laito: Bitch-chan, so kawaii~ … It makes me want to do dirty, dirty things to you.
*breathes in right ear* – Are you ready?
Laito: Now listen, if you thrash around, I might accidentally poke your eye out with the billiard cue. So don’t move, ok?
Yui: Wh…
Laito: Your eyes are like beautiful glass-beads, and I don’t want them to shatter.
-so that’s why, you must obey me.

Oh but, what ever shall I do? If I don’t find the first ball, I can’t begin the game,
Yui: Wait! What are you doing!
(He’s using the billiard cue…to lift my blouse….ack!)
Laito: Isn’t it obvious? The ball disappeared, so I’m trying to find it. Hehe.
Yui: …The ball, there’s no way…the ball could be here.
Laito: Oh? How strange. The ball is missing, so I thought Bitch-chan was hiding it.
You: I didn’t…Hide it!
Laito: Haha…In that case, I’ll need to check. I need to make sure Bitch-chan isn’t a bad girl…
~clinking sounds~
Yui: Ah…!!
Laito: Wow! Your buttons flew off like they were birds. Haha … hahaha! *Laughs maniacally*
Yui: Ugh…!
Laito: I can see it all…Bitch-chan’s humiliated expression, your red, red cheeks, your adorable chest…
Now, now. You can’t get up.
Yui: You realize…The ball can’t possibly be here, right?
Laito: Hmmm? But there are other places, aren’t there?  Other. Hiding. Spots. On. You.
Like… …For example, wrapped around your soft, warm chest, right beneath your underwear … …
Yui: No, no! Stop already!
Laito: No can do. Didn’t I just tell you? I will teach you all sorts of degenerate pleasures.
After all, this is just the beginning. From here on out, I will do even more devastating things to you.
I will carve them…into Bitch-chan’s mind, body, and soul.

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