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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Kanato Maniac 9 (English Translation)

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Yui: I would have never guessed that there was a place like this under the castle… This waterway is very vast.
Kanato: Originally, it was a hidden path meant for the head of the family to escape outside the castle when an enemy attacked.
Yui: I see.
Kanato: But then it was never used like that.
Kanato: There are no people who would think of opposing father. Officially, that is.
Yui: Ummm… What sort of person is your father…?
Kanato: He’s an ordinary vampire leader.
Yui: (I don’t think a man who had several wives and had children with them is ordinary at all…)
Kanato: More importantly, you must be tired of looking at this gloomy waterway.
Yui: Uh, yeah.
Kanato: Please give me your knee. Hold Teddy too.
Yui: Huh…? Al-alright.
Yui: (I would have never thought that Kanato-kun would entrust Teddy to me… What happened to him, I wonder?)
Yui: (He acted like he would never give him to anyone. He’s always carrying him close.)
Kanato: You sure look uneasy.
Yui: Huh?
Kanato: Are you uneasy because I let you hold Teddy?
Yui: Yeah.
Kanato: Haha, oh my. But there’s nothing to be uneasy about?
Kanato: I simply believe that you’re alright, so I let you hold Teddy.
Yui: Believe…?
Kanato: Yeah. Because we’re close enough to have slept together, Yui-san.
Yui: Wha…!
Kanato: Why are you so shocked? It’s the truth, isn’t it?
Kanato: Or maybe… You have already forgotten what happened at the lake?
Yui: …!

Choose “I forgot” (M choice)
Yui: I forgot…!
Yui: (Ugh! I got embarrassed, so I ended up telling a lie…)
Kanato: Oh, really… You forgot? That’s very sad… I guess I have no other choice then.
Kanato: If we do the same thing one more time, you should remember it, right?
Yui: AAAH!?
Yui: Ka… Kanato-kun…
Kanato: If you forget it again, I will be sad and my heart might break.
Kanato: It would be problematic if that happened, so this time I’ll make it a whole lot more painful.
Yui: No…! N-not true! I didn’t forget! I remember it!
Kanato: Then you lied, right? Why?
Yui: B-because…
Kanato: Haha… I understand. It’s because you want to punish me, right?

Choose “I remember” (S choice)
Yui: Of course I remember… There’s no way I would have forgotten something like this!
Kanato: Is that so? I’m glad. I remember it clearly too.
Kanato: How you screamed, how you looked while clinging to me. I remember it vividly.
Yui: Wha…!
Kanato: Your face gave away just how terribly aroused you were, Yui-san.
Kanato: Face distorted by pain, braving sadness, dyed with pleasure, darkened with despair. Each is first-rate.
Yui: What… are you talking about…
Kanato: How about I tell you something good?
Yui: What?
Kanato: I think most people are foolish, stunted and completely worthless beings.
Kanato: However, my hobby isn’t having sex with worthless humans.
Yui: What…?
Kanato: I like you second to Teddy… Haha.

Yui: Kanato-ku… It hurts!?
Kanato: Mmm… Is it the first time I’ve bitten your leg?
Kanato: The inside of your thighs is so soft that my fangs bury in instantly. Mmm…
Yui: …!
Kanato: Haha. Do you feel good now…?
Yui: …!
Kanato: Hey, Yui-san.
Yui: …?
Kanato: Please say that you love me.
Yui: What…?
Kanato: Say it? If you do that, I’ll make you feel even better…
Yui: …!
Kanato: Say that you love me.
Yui: …!
Kanato: Say it…
Yui: Kanato-kun…

Monologue (Choose the first and second word)
While sucking my blood and licking my skin Kanato coaxed countless times into saying the same thing over and over again. 
Confess my love… Say that I love him… 
I couldn’t say it. I waited in silence for him to give up. 
I don’t hate Kanato-kun. I can’t bring myself to leave him alone. I want to stay by his side. 
Is this love? Or sympathy? When will I be able to answer that question, I wonder?

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