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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Kanato Maniac 8 (English Translation)

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Yui: (He said that there was scenery that he wanted to show me, so I followed him here…)
Yui: “What a large lake.”
Kanato: “Since tonight is a full moon, it looks especially beautiful.”
Yui: “Do you like the full moon?”
Kanato: “…What a stupid question. I think a vampire who hates the full moon does not exist.”
Yui: “W-well, that seems to be true, too…”
Kanato: “It’s beautiful. The surface of the lake is sparkling from the moonlight… It seems as if it were set with diamonds.”
Yui: “If that’s the case, i guess the moon above the lake looks like a crystal ball, right?”
Kanato: “You have no taste. You could have at least compared it to a large pearl.”
Yui: “… S-sorry…”
Kanato: “… It really is beautiful… I’m disgusted with it.”
Yui: “Huh?”
Kanato: “Don’t you know? Beautiful things break easily. … Like this.”
~Kanato throws a rock into the lake~
Yui: (Oh… when he threw it in, the moon’s reflection on the lake became messy…)
Kanato: “Just like this, I want to destroy all beautiful things. … Don’t you understand this feeling?”
Yui: “…… Ah……”

Choose “I understand” (S choice)
Yui: “… I understand.”
Kanato: “……Huh? You understand?”
YUI: “Yeah. Beautiful things that are destroyed… are beautiful too.”
Yui: “So, if one does not know if the object in front of them is beautiful, they should destroy it.
Yui: “If it’s destroyed, there’s no doubt it will be beautiful, right?”
Kanato: “Hehe. You said something interesting. …It’s unexpected…”
Yui: “…… Oh.”
Yui: (… Why did I say that…? Why would I think something is beautiful if it’s destroyed…?)
Kanato: “… But, my urge to do it seems to be a little different… how regretful.”
Yui: “What?”

Choose “I don’t get it” (M choice)
Yui: “I don’t get it…”
Kanato: “You don’t get it?”
Yui: “Yeah. I want to let beautiful things stay as they are, so I can always look at them.”
Kanato: “…… What a boring answer.”
Yui: “I see… Well, I think it’s ordinary, but…”
Kanato: “I thought that you would at least understand my urges a little.”
Yui: “…I’m sorry.”
Kanato: “It’s okay. … Maybe no one can understand me. But I realize this.”
Yui: “…? Kanato-kun…… ?”

Kanato: “When I see beautiful things, I can’t help but want to crush them.”
Kanato: “I want to trample and make a mess of everything… I want to completely erase it’s existence from this world.”
Yui: “Kanato-kun? What are you talking about?”
Kanato: “Hehe… I wasn’t talking about you. Don’t think so highly of yourself, okay?”
Yui: “But I did not think it was myself… Oh, what person are you talking about…?”
Kanato: “You’re wrong. … I do not know any beautiful people.”
~Kanato gets closer~
Kanato: “Yui-san is the same. You aren’t beautiful at all.”
Yui: “What…”
~Kanato grabs Yui~
Yui: “Kyah!?”
Yui: “It… it hurts…”
Kanato: “So, I don’t have to destroy you. I’ll just dirty you.”
Yui: “What…!?”
Kanato: “Sink down to my level.”
Yui: “Ah! …… !?”
Kanato: “… Nn… nnh….”
Yui: “gh…! …. Ah…!”
~Kanato starts to take off Yui’s clothes~
Yui: “Wa… Wait, Kanato-ku—!”
Kanato: “You… You really give off… quite a familiar scent.”
Yui: “Ka-Kanato… kun…nh”
Kanato: “I like this scent.”
Yui: “…! You’re not…  going to suck my blood…?”
Kanato: “I’ll do something more painful and pleasurable to you.”
Yui: “……. Huh….?”
Kanato: “Don’t worry, I’ll properly suck your blood… hehe.”
Yui: “Wai— … Nnh!?”
Kanato: “… Haah… I… To think I would get to this point… I’m even surprised at myself.”
Yui: “…………?”
Kkanato: “Unexpectedly, I’ve become interested in you. Do you feel privileged?.. However.”
Kanato: “If you continue to resist me, I’ll bite your throat out.  Please do your best and endure it.”
Yui: “……!?”

Monologue (choose the first and second word)
Disobeying him was something that would be unforgivable. I don’t know why Kanato-kun would do that sort of thing.
Was it the full moon?
Maybe it was because his tenacity had been heightened?
At this point, it could be either.
There’s only fear and pain…. when I think about how he does it against my will, my tears begin to flow.
However, I don’t think I hated it.
What are these feelings I have towards Kanato?

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