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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Kanato Maniac 6 (English Translation)

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~sound of door creaking open~
Yui: Excuse me. I feeling unwell, so could you please let me rest a little in bed… Wait, huh?
Yui: (No one’s here… It looks like the doctor went off somewhere…)
Yui: (Then maybe I should just borrow the bed?)
Yui: Phew…
Yui: (This headache… It’s probably because of my anemia…)
Yui: (Lately I get really dizzy… Maybe I don’t have enough blood? This has never happened to me before…)
Yui: Well, that’s probably true.
Yui: (It’s because Kanato-kun sucked my blood countless times…)
Yui: (I’ve never lost so much blood so often before…)
Yui: Ugh… My head hurts…
~door creaks open~
Kanato: Yui-san, are you there?
~Kanato plops on the bed~
Yui: Kanato-kun!?
Kanato: Is it anemia?
Yui: Yes, it looks like it.
Kanato: You have an unappetizing complexion. Why are you getting up? Please lie down now.
Yui: Uh, yeah.
Yui: Kanato-kun, what about class? Why are you here…?
Kanato: I noticed you staggering in the corridor, so I followed you.
Kanato: Classes are boring. I followed you thinking that we could play, but… In your state that’s impossible, I guess.
Yui: Yeah, if I don’t lie down right now, it’s going to be painful, I think…
Kanato: How boring.
Yui: I’m sorry.
Yui: (But… Huh? Kanato-kun doesn’t seem to be in a bad mood…)
Kanato: To be honest, I thought about taking your blood tonight.
Yui: What?!
Kanato: But if I suck it now, it will taste very watery and dull, huh.
Yui: Th-that may be true…
Kanato: I guess I have no other choice. Tonight I won’t suck your blood.
Yui: (Huh…!? Th-this… Could it be…)

Choose “Is this some sort of trap?”
Yui: Is this some sort of a trap…?
Kanato: Huh?
Yui: Kanato-kun, you’re plotting something, aren’t you?
Kanato: What?
Yui: There’s no reason you would act so gently, unless you were plotting something, Kanato-kun.
Kanato: … You got me.

Choose “Are you worried about me?” (Correct Choice”
Yui: Are you worried about me…?
Kanato: Huuh? Me? About you? Worried? Why?
Yui: Y-you don’t need to say this, as if it was strange…
Kanato: You’re extremely conceited already. Are you an idiot?
Yui: I’m sorry…
Kanato: Oh, really.

Kanato: I just didn’t want to drink unpleasant blood.
Kanato: Tonight I’ll hold myself back, but tomorrow I’ll drink plenty of it.
Yui: P-plenty?
Kanato: Hurry up and make lots of blood. Please make me delighted. At any rate, that’s your only talent.
Yui: Y-yes…
Yui: (His way of telling me it is weird, but… I think what he wants to say is “get well soon”.)
Yui: (Maybe this is how Kanato-kun expresses his concern for me…?)
~sound of door creaking open~
Shu: Oh?
Yui: AH!
Kanato: Shu.
Shu: What? It’s you two. How rare.
Yui: Oh… Yes. It’s because I was feeling a little anemic…
Shu: Oh, really? That doesn’t matter. Please leave that bed.
Kanato: Do you intend to sleep here?
Shu: I’m sleepy.
Kanato: Please choose a different one. There’s no way I will let you sleep next to Yui-san.
Shu: …
Yui: Ummm… Kanato-kun. He might be next to me, but it would be a separate bed. You don’t need to worry so much…
Yui: …!
Shu: I’ll pass after all. Becoming involved with a spoiled child is annoying. I’ll pick another place. See you.
~door creaks as Shu leaves the room~
Yui: Oh…
Kanato: Yui-san, please get up after all. We’re going elsewhere.
Yui: Huh? Why?
Kanato: If you sleep in the school infirmary, other students might use the bed next to you!
Kanato: I absolutely won’t allow a guy  other than me to sleep in the same room as you.
Yui: What…
Kanato: If you want to sleep, leave the school early. Once we’re back, you should sleep either in my room or your own room.
Yui: (This is… Uh…?)
Kanato: If you understand, then stand up.
Yui: Okay…
Kanato: We’re going.
Yui: (This is… Could it be… Jealousy, or maybe he wants to monopolize me… Is this… this sort of thing?)
~sound of a heartbeat~
Yui: (What should I do…)
Yui: (I’m kind of happy…)

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