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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Kanato Maniac 4 (English Translation)

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~sound of pencil scratching the paper~
Yui: (I found the library after school and I just went in without any real purpose.)
Yui: (It’s so pleasantly quiet in here. There’s no one here. No people passing through the corridor too. Perfect place for making progress in studying.)
Yui: (There’s a test soon, so maybe I should study here for a while and then go home…?)
~sound of door creaking open~
Kanato: So you were here, huh.
Yui: Kanato-kun!
Kanato: Were you studying by yourself?
Yui: Yeah… Why are you here, Kanato-kun?
Kanato: There’s no need for me to explain in detail what’s the reason behind my actions.
Yui: Th-that’s true, but…
Kanato: Haha. But if you’re saying that you’re curious, then maybe I should tell you?
Yui: Yeah, I’m curious… I guess.
Yui: (If I don’t reply like this, he’ll probably get in a bad mood…)
Kanato: Really? Then I shall tell you.
Kanato: I’ve got spare time since the car home won’t be arriving for a while. Yui-san, let’s play?
Yui: Sorry… Right now I’m studying, so I shouldn’t play…
Kanato: Say that again?
Yui: …? As I said, I’m sorry. I must study now.
Kanato: Teddy, did you hear that just now…? I can’t believe it, but that girl… Did she just turn me down?
Yui: (Oh… What should I do? Kanato is getting in a bad mood…!)
Kanato: Since you wanted to know, I told you the reason why I’m here, and yet on hearing it, you behave like this… You’re awful, you know?
Kanato: Yes. Yeah, I see. I knew you would agree with me, Teddy. Well then, should we punish her?
Yui: Punish me!?
Kanato: Haha… Will you help me, Teddy? Really? Okay. Then let’s begin.
Kanato: You’d better be ready, Yui-san.
Yui: Wh-what…
Kanato: Dico questo bazu ma abita nell’anima della magia.
Yui: …!?
Kanato: And now, Teddy, let’s play all together?
Teddy: …
Yui: …!? WHAT!?
Yui: (Teddy… moved…?)
Kanato: I had him possessed by a lust demon. This way both me and Teddy can be your playmates. Are you happy?
Yui: My playmates?
Kanato: Teddy, pin Yui-san down.
Yui: Huh…
Teddy: …
Yui: N-no!
Yui: (Teddy is holding down my arms.  I can’t move…!)
Kanato: Haha… AHAHAHA! This is the first time I see a girl restrained by a stuffed toy.
Kanato: It’s a very funny and interesting scene.
Yui: Don’t…! Kanato-kun! Please tell Teddy to release me…!
Kanato: No. It would be troublesome if you stuggled, so I had Teddy pin you down. You get it, right?
Yui: I… I don’t get it! What are you doing…!?
Kanato: That’s why you’ll be punished. See?
~sound of knife clinking~
Yui: (…! A knife…!?)
Kanato: Please stay still. I don’t want to pointlessly spill your blood, you know? I think it will really hurt.
Yui: …! No! Don’t! Please don’t come near me!

Choose “Shake and untangle from Teddy” (Correct Choice)
Yui: (I must break away from Teddy somehow…!)
~sound of Yui struggling~
Teddy: …
Kanato: Haha, what are you doing?
Yui: (No way… He doesn’t move an inch. Why!?)
Kanato: I love watching people trying to resist in vain. It’s very pathetic, and they seem more pitiful than me.
Yui: (Pitiful…? Kanato-kun thinks of himself as pitiful…?)

Choose “Kick Kanato-kun”
Yui: Don’t…!
Kanato: Wow. That’s rather dangerous. What are you doing?
Yui: (I managed to avoid him…!)
Kanato: Did you kick thinking about what would happen if I strike?
Yui: What…
Kanato: I’ll immediately cut your throat with this knife. Do you really want me to do that?
Yui: …!

Kanato: All right. Even though I told you to stay still, you struggled admirably. This is a retribution for that.
~sound of knife whooshing by~
Yui: AAAH!
Yui: (It hurts…! He cut my thigh…!)
Kanato: Huh? How strange. The wound is slighter than I thought.
Kanato: Next time I’ll make it hurt more.
Yui: No…!
~sound of Yui struggling~
Teddy: …
Yui: No, let me go…!
Kanato: You still don’t understand? No matter how hard you struggle, it’s useless.
~sound of knife whooshing by~
Yui: Ah! It hurts!
Yui: (This time it was my arm… He cut through my uniform…!)
Kanato: I guess the power is cut in half when the blade has to go through clothing. This is boring.
Kanato: I’ll begin with tearing up your clothes, Yui-san.
Yui: What!? Ah…!
~sound of knife whooshing by~
Yui: No… Don’t!
~sound of knife whooshing by~
Yui: (No…! I’m scared…!)
~sound of knife whooshing by~
Kanato: Haha… What are you crying for?
~sound of knife whooshing by~
Yui: Hic…
Kanato: Oh, yes… I’m in such a great mood now.
Kanato: Your naked body covered in blood… You look just like a sacrifice from some legend.
Yui: It… hurts…
Yui: (He made cuts on my whole body and there’s so much… blood…)
Kanato: Haha. You won’t be wearing that uniform ever again. It’s cut up in shreads.
~sound of knife whooshing by~
Yui: …!
Kanato: I’m at a loss. Where should I lick from? Which place should I choose?
~Kanato speaks in Yui’s ear~
Kanato: The neck, I guess…?
Yui: It hurts…!
Kanato: Haha. Isn’t it obvious? Please feel even more pain.
Yui: …!
Yui: (My wounds are… stinging… and licking them hurts…!)
Yui: (This is completely different from the way he usually sucks blood…!)
Kanato: Mmm… Haha, it’s delicious. Your blood, that is. You’re a first-rate prey…
Yui: It hurts…! Kanato-kun…!
Kanato: Usually you’re ecstatic from the pleasure I give you when I suck your blood. But today you’re not?
Yui: It hurts… Please stop…!
Kanato: Hurts? Nothing but lies.
Yui: …!? It hurts…!
Yui: (He’s putting tongue… into my wounds…!?)
Kanato: Hey… Please feel good just like always.
Yui: What…?
Kanato: It feels nice, right? You’re so lewd that even when you’re in pain, you’re also caught up in pleasure, right?
Yui: Wh-wha…!?
Kanato: Please hurry up and say that it feels nice.
Yui: It hurts…!
Kanato: QUICKLY!
Yui: …!
Yui: It… feels… nice.
Kanato: Haha… I knew it. To say that it feels nice when I do things like this…
Kanato: You truly are human beyond help, Yui-san…
Yui: …!?
Kanato: Mmm…!?
[Kanato kisses Yui.]
Yui: (Kanato-kun…)
Kanato: Mmm…
Yui: (He did all those inhuman things and yet… Why… Why are his kisses so gentle…?)

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