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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Kanato Maniac 3 (English Translation)

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Yui: (The teacher told me to pick up the materials he uses before class, but…)
Yui: (I should have at least asked properly where the reference room is.)
Yui: Hmmm… I wonder if it’s this way…?
Laito: Huh? Little Bitch?
Yui: Oh! Laito-kun.
Laito: What are you doing at a place like this? Since you’re standing in a deserted corridor, you’re waiting for someone to attack you, I guess?
Laito: If that’s so, then maybe I should live up to your expectations.
Yui: N-no! I’m searching for the reference room, because the teacher told me to go there.
Laito: Oh, really? What a coincidence. Right now there’s something I need to do at the reference room as well.
Yui: Really? That’s great! Ummm, would you mind if we went there together, Laito-kun?
Laito: I don’t mind. Come with me.
Yui: Thanks!
Yui: (Phew… Thank goodness. This way I won’t get lost inside the school building…)
Laito: At any rate, you’re quite a dim witted girl, Little Bitch.
Yui: Huh?
Laito: Have you ever considered what would happen if Kanato saw us two walking together?
Yui: What… Oh, that’s…
Laito: Haha. Just kidding. Kanato should be in classroom right now, so it’s okay.
Yui: Uh, yeah.
Laito: Haha. It’s all lies. You look like you haven’t considered something like this until now.
Yui: …
Laito: It’s been a while since you’ve come to us, so you should already know Kanato’s temper, Little Bitch.
Laito: You haven’t completely become his, so does that mean your heart is fickle?
Yui: …? Completely?
Laito: Yes. Kanato does suck your blood, but your body is still pure, Little Bitch.
Yui: …! Wha…!?
Laito: Hahaha! I can tell by your scent.
Yui: (S-scent!? You can tell that from a scent…!?)
Laito: You look flustered, Little Bitch. I can smell your sweat, you know? Hehehe.
Yui: (Wh-whaaaat…!?)
~sound of a footstep~
Laito: Oh, my. Faster than I thought, huh.
Yui: What?
Laito: Look.
~sound of another footstep. Kanato appears in front of Yui~
Kanato: …
Yui: Kanato-kun!
Laito: Haha. You seem to be in a perfectly bad mood, Kanato-kun.
Kanato: …
~Kanato steps closer to Yui~
Yui: (Whoa… It’s true… Kanato-kun is probably in a very bad mood…)
Kanato: We’re going.
~Kanato grabs Yui~
Yui: Huh… Aaah! It… hurts!
Laito: Hey. Maybe you should stop? Little Bitch doesn’t seem to like it.
Kanato: That’s none of your business,  Laito.
Yui: …!
Yui: (It hurts…! Kanato-kun’s grip on my wrist is gradually getting stronger…!)
Laito: Well, you’re right. That’s got completely nothing to do with me.
Kanato: Then please mind your own business… We’re going.
Yui: It hurts…! Kanato-kun, wait! I need to get something from the reference room…!
Kanato: Shut up!
Yui: …!
Yui: (It… hurts… He’s breaking my bones…!)
Laito: Haha. Kanato-kun, would you like a piece of advice from me?
Kanato: I don’t need it.
Laito: Don’t say that and listen.
Laito: If you’re too slow, she’ll get snatched away, you know?
Kanato: …!
Yui: (…? What did Laito-kun exactly mean just now…?)
Laito: Haha… Well then, the fifth wheel should go away, I guess. See you, Little Bitch.
Laito: Good luck soothing Kanato-kun!

Some time later
Yui: It hurts… Kanato-kun, I beg you! My hand…!
Kanato: SHUT UP!!!
Yui: Kanato-kun.
Kanato: Haah! Haah…!
Yui: Wh… What’s wrong? Me and Laito-kun didn’t do anything…
Kanato: Could you do me a favour and not mention some other guy’s name?
Yui: …!
Kanato: Always… Always… It’s always like this. Each time I see you, you’re with a different guy… You’re…!
Yui: That’s… I didn’t mean that to happen! It was just a chance meeting!
Kanato: I don’t believe you! I don’t believe you!
Yui: Kanato-kun!
Kanato: Hey… Whom the hell do you belong to?
Yui: What…

Choose “I’m yours” (Correct Choice)
Yui: (I can’t give him a different answer when Kanato-kun looks like this…)
Yui: I… I belong to… you… Kanato-kun.
Kanato: Really?
Yui: Yeah…
Kanato: You are… mine… Yui-san…
Kanato: If you’re mine, then why won’t you become what I would like you to be?
Yui: Th-that’s not defying…
Yui: …!
Kanato: You’re mine and yet you’re not aware of it enough. That’s why… I’ll teach you a lesson.

Choose “I don’t belong to anyone”
Yui: I… I don’t belong to anyone.
Kanato: I thought you would say that. You’re saying the same thing.
Yui: The same thing? Who else said that?
Kanato: … But, no matter what you say, you’re already mine.
Yui: Huh?
Kanato: This is what I decided. Haven’t I told you so before? I absolutely won’t let you escape.
Yui: …!?
Kanato: If you’re not aware of this, then I will have to teach you, won’t I?

~Kanato speaks in Yui’s ear and kisses her~
Kanato: I’ll mark this body of yours… So that you know whom do you belong to…
Yui: …! Wait! Not here…!
Kanato: The place doesn’t matter, does it?
~rustling of clothes~
Yui: B-but there might be people passing by…
Kanato: Shouldn’t we show them, though? Here, look over there in that mirror.
Yui: (In the full-length mirror… Me and Kanato-kun are reflected…)
~Kanato kisses Yui~
Kanato: … M…
Yui: Ah…!?
Kanato: Haha… You should watch yourself in the mirror.
Kanato: This is a chance for you to learn what lewd face you usually make when you’re in my arms…
Yui: (No… No!)
Kanato: See? Doesn’t the mirror show that both your body and heart are only mine, Yui-san? Haha.
Yui: (No way… That’s a lie…)
Kanato: You’re cute, you know. Please continue to shout so loud that your cries echo throughout the school.
Kanato: Hah… Mmm…!
Yui: AH!
Yui: (No way… I… This… No way…!)
Kanato: Hahaha…
Yui: (God…! What is going to happen to me…!?)

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