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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Kanato Maniac 2 (English Translation)

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Kanato [singing]: Are you going to… Rosemary and thyme…
Yui: This voice… Is it Kanato-kun?
Kanato: Oh, Yui-san. What a lovely night.
Yui: …!? Kanato-kun, why are you sitting over there? It’s dangerous!
Yui: (Kanato-kun is just barely sitting on the balcony railing…!)
Kanato: I’m fine.
Yui: Whoa! Whoa…! Please don’t swing your legs! It’s dangerous!
Kanato: Haha! Us vampires can fly on the night of the full moon. Did you know?
Yui: Huh… Really?
Kanato: Yes. That’s why I would be fine, even if I fell down.
Yui: Wait! What are you talking about!? Tonight isn’t the full moon!
Kanato: Haha, that’s true.
Yui: Oh, watch out…! Kanato-kun!
Yui: (If he keeps swinging his legs like this, he will fall down for real!)
Kanato: Your face is a mix of dread and uneasiness. That’s very cute of you.
Yui: …!?
Kanato: I actually hate it when you look like this.
Kanato: It makes me feel anxious and I ask myself why are you so afraid of me.
Yui: That’s not what I’m feeling right now, though? I’m afraid because you look like you’re about to fall down…
Kanato: Hahaha, I know… That’s why I find it cute.
Kanato: A human concerned about a vampire’s body… Haha!
Kanato: You don’t even know yourself how conceited you are, right?
Kanato: Foolishly, foolishly… Haha! You’re cute to the point I can’t help laughing at it.
Yui: Does that mean I mustn’t worry?
Kanato: I don’t need your concern.
Yui: But…
Kanato: Do you want me to get down from here this much?
Yui: Yeah…
Kanato: Then, please kiss me.
Yui: WHAT!?
Kanato: If you kiss me, then I’ll come down for you.
Yui: That’s… Why a kiss…
Kanato: If you’re saying no, then please let me go and disappear this instant… Okay?
Yui: …!

Choose “Come near him” (Correct Choice)
Yui: All right.
~Yui comes closer~
Kanato: Wow. You’re going to kiss me? For real?
Yui: If it means that you would get down from there, Kanato-kun, then… If it’s just a  kiss…
Yui: (That’s not my first kiss… So this much won’t hurt…)
Kanato: Hehe, HAHAHA! Really? Your lips are worth only this much, huh… Hahaha.
Yui: If I can buy your safety with a kiss, then… I don’t mind this much.
Kanato: Wow. Oh, really…

Choose “Keep at a distance”
Yui: That’s…
Kanato: Haha, you can’t do it, right? You value your own lips this much, huh?
Kanato: Should you really protect your lips so much, when I could fall down from here and get seriously injured?
Yui: No, that’s not true!
Kanato: Oh, really?
Yui: …! All right… If it’s just a kiss, then I’ll do it!
Kanato: Haha. Help yourself, then.

Yui: Will you… close your eyes?
Kanato: No, I won’t. Because I’m very curious what sort of face will you make when you kiss me.
Kanato: I will watch from the begining to the very end.
Yui: …! All-All right.
Yui: (It’s just me giving him a kiss… It’s-it’s nothing… I’ll be fine…!)
Yui: (Here goes!)
~sound of a kiss~
Kanato: M…
Yui: …! W-well…!?
Kanato: Pft. Hah… Haha…!
Yui: Huh… What’s wrong?
Kanato: You really did it. You’re an hopeless idiot after all.
Kanato: As promised, I’ll get down. Well then… Farewell.
Yui: Huh? AAAH!?
~sound of wind howling~
Yui: Kanato-kun!?
Yui: (No way…! Wh-why… Not that way… Not outside… Falling…!?)
Yui: No… Don’t, Kanato-kun!
Yui: (I need to go out… Find Kanato-kun… Right, ambulance! I must call an ambulance!)
~sound of Yui running~
Yui: (Kanato-kun…!)
~sound of door creaking open~
Kanato: You sure are noisy. I could hear your footsteps even outside.
Yui: …!? Huh!? Ka-Kanato-kun…!?
Kanato: What is it?
Yui: Huh… What!? Huh!? Are you injured!? You fell down just now…!?
Kanato: Did you think something would happen to me if I fell down from the second floor?
Yui: Huh… Th-then…
Kanato: It would have been great if I could die just from falling down.
Yui: Kanato-kun, don’t tell me… That you wanted to die…?
Kanato: That’s right.
Yui: …!? But why!?
Kanato: That doesn’t matter, does it?
Yui: Of course it does!
Kanato: Besides, even though I said I wanted to die, right now I don’t.
Yui: Not right now?
Kanato: When I die… Right. It will be when I have killed all the people who live in this world and whom I love.
Yui: What…?
Kanato: I want to die covered in the blood of people I loved.
Yui: Wha…!
Kanato: That’s why please don’t worry. I won’t die yet.
Yui: …!
Yui: (Kanato-kun… Why is he like this sometimes…)
Yui: (He’s laughing while his eyes are cold to the point I shiver…?)

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