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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Kanato Dark 7 (English Translation)

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Kanato: Please tidy up in here tonight.
Yui: …This is quite the room…
Kanato: It’s a torture chamber.
Yui: …I see…
Yui: (Why does this house have a torture chamber in the basement…?)
Kanato: Fufu. It smells nice in here, doesn’t it?
Yui: …? Really? It smells dusty, but…
Kanato: Can you tell what this scent is?
Kanato: Look. There’s dried blood on the sharp edge here. It has a nice scent, right?
Yui: Wha… Don’t tell me… This stuff has been used…?
Kanato: They’re tools made for that very purpose. It’s only natural that they’ve been used.
Yui: ……
Yui: (So all these… torture devices or whatever, have been used on somebody…!?)
Kanato: Well then, Yui-san. I leave the rest to you.
Kanato: You’re a freeloader in our home, so please try to be helpful every once in a while. Now, if you’ll excuse me.
Yui: Ah… Kanato-kun!
Kanato: What is it?

Choose “Don’t go” (M choice)
Yui: W-Wait! Don’t go…
Kanato: ……? Why?
Yui: I don’t want to be alone in a place like this!
Kanato: Fufu. What’s the matter? You’re being awfully cute tonight.
Yui: B… But…
Kanato: Are you scared? Don’t worry. I don’t have any plans to use the tools in here on you just yet.
Yui: That’s not the probl… Wait, “just yet”?
Kanato: Yes. That’s the case for now.
Yui: (Y-Yikes…)

Choose “Do it yourself (S choice)
Yui: (…Ah… What’s with me? For some reason, I don’t feel like letting him boss me around…)
Kanato: What is it?
Yui: …Do it yourself.
Kanato: …Excuse me?
Yui: You can do this by yourself!
Kanato: ………
Yui: Ah…!?
Yui: (Shoot, why did I say that…!?)
Kanato: Do you want to die?
Yui: N-No… I’m sorry, I just kind of… Blurted that out…!
Kanato: By that, you mean you accidentally said what you were really thinking? Hmph…
Yui: That’s not it, I’m sorry! Just forget it…!
Yui: (I’ll be in trouble if I upset Kanato-kun…! I’ve gotta get to work right away.)

Yui: …Ah. This is…
Kanato: That’s an iron maiden. Are you familiar with them?
Yui: They’re called iron maidens? I didn’t know that, but I’ve seen one in Ayato’s room before.
Kanato: ……In Ayato’s room.
Yui: But the one Ayato-kun has is much bigger than this one.
Kanato: ……So you saw it.
Yui: Huh? …Ah…
Kanato: You’ve been inside Ayato’s room?
Yui: Ah… Umm, not exactly.
Yui: Ayato-kun left his door wide open once.
Yui: So, I ended up getting a glimpse inside when I went to close it. It’s not like I actually went insi――
Kanato: Shut up!!
Yui: !?
Kanato: I don’t need to hear such an obvious lie!!
Yui: I’m not lying!
Kanato: Be quiet!!
Yui: Kyaa!
Yui: …! Kanato-kun!?
Kanato: …I’ll let you in on something good.
Yui: …Huh…?
Kanato: The next time you say Ayato’s― ah, or Laito’s name― in front of me, I’ll kill you.
Yui: W…Why? Do you hate those two that much? Aren’t they your brothers…?
Kanato: I don’t hate them.
Kanato: I was born from the same womb as them. …How could I possibly hate them?
Yui: But… The other three were too, weren’t they?
Kanato: No, they weren’t. I, Ayato, and Laito have the same mother, but the other three have different mothers of their own.
Kanato: The six of us have the same father, but he had children with three different women. Fufu, isn’t that fascinating?
Yui: …I don’t know about that…
Kanato: That’s why I especially love Ayato and Laito. …Truly.
Yui: Then, why can’t I say their names…?
Kanato: It’s because I love them. …Right, Teddie?
Kanato: Because I love them… They also disgust me to the point of loathing…
Yui: ……!?

Kanato-kun’s eyes were dark and cold as ice.
I think, swirling deep inside him, is a profound
And pitch black darkness that I will never be able to understand.
I’m afraid of Kanato-kun.
Lately I’ve found myself thinking,
“Just why did I pick him?”
It’s impossible to tell what will set him off,
And I don’t know how to calm him when he’s upset.
I didn’t have the slightest idea that
Being manipulated like this could be so painful.
I feel nothing but fear towards Kanato-kun.

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