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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Kanato Dark 3 (English Translation)

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Kanato: Yui-san.
Yui: Hm?
Kanato: Though I highly doubt it, I’ll ask. Do you know how to play chess?
Yui: Ah, yeah. I know how.
Kanato: !? Are you trying to lie to me?
Yui: I-I’m not! I really do know.
Yui: My father enjoyed chess, and taught me the rules a long time ago. I think I still remember them.
Kanato: …It’s hard to believe that someone who seems as dimwitted as Yui-san could understand the rules of chess…
Yui: (Err… Whether I have a full understanding of them is a different story…)
Kanato: Well, that works in my favor.
Kanato: I’m feeling bored. Yui-san, please be my opponent in a game of chess.
Yui: But, I don’t think I’m any good. I wonder if I’ll be much of a challenge for Kanato-kun…?
Kanato: I’m just killing time, so it doesn’t matter if you’re good or not.
Kanato: For starters, I didn’t have even the slightest hope that you’d be particularly skilled.
Kanato: I wish you wouldn’t be so conceited. It’s nauseating.
Yui: O-Oh…? Sorry…
Kanato: Besides, I’m not asking you to play. I’ll telling you to.
Yui: …I get it. I’ll try my best…
Kanato: However, it would be dull if the match was too one-sided. I’ll give you an advantage.
Kanato: Teddie will be your opponent in my place.
Yui: (Teddie is my opponent… I’m still going against Kanato-kun, either way.)
Yui: (That’s not an advantage at all!)
Kanato: Then, shall we begin? Teddie says that you can go first, Yui-san.
Yui: (Umm… The player going first uses…?)

Choose “The white pieces” (Correct Choice)
Yui: Then I’m using the white pieces, right?
Kanato: Yes. The black pieces suit Teddie.
Yui: Does Teddie like the color black?
Kanato: It’s the color of night, darkness, and evil. Of course he does.
Yui: (So that’s how it is…)

Choose “The black pieces”
Yui: Then I’m using the black pieces, right?
Kanato: Are you an idiot? Teddie is using those.
Yui: Huh…? So white is for the player going first?
Kanato: ……(sigh). Does your knowledge of chess not cover even such a basic rule?
Kanato: For you to claim an understanding of the rules despite that? Even brazenness has it’s limits.
Yui: …I’m sorry…

Kanato: Quit wasting my time and make a move, please.
Yui: Okay. Then for my first move, I’ll move this pawn to E4.
Kanato: What about you, Teddie? ……Okay. Got it.
Yui: Umm, now… I’ll move the pawn over here.
Kanato: You don’t have to call out your every move. Right, Teddie?
Yui: Sorry……
Kanato: Ah, I see. I was just thinking that moving that rook there would be a good move, Teddie.
Yui: (The way Kanato-kun talks to Teddie is completely different from when he’s talking to me…)
Kanato: …………
Yui: (……Huh?)
Kanato: …….!? …….!
~Kanato is visibly disturbed every time Yui makes a move~
Yui: (We only just started… Hm? But I’m winning so far, aren’t I…?)
Kanato: Wha……
Yui: (Could it be that I’m actually pretty good at chess?)
Kanato: …You’re going to move that rook there? You shouldn’t, Teddie; it’ll get snatched up by her queen.
Kanato: The bishop instead, then? …Okay. Let’s try that.
Yui: If you do that… Moving my knight here puts you in check…
Kanato: …Ah…!
Kanato: …………
Yui: Kanato-kun?
Kanato: ……U…gh……
Yui: (Oh no, Kanato-kun looks like he’s going to cry…! What do I do!?)
Yui: Umm, at least it’s not a checkmate! You’re still doing fine!
Kanato: ………….
Yui: (That didn’t work; now he’s glaring daggers at me…)
Yui: (But, for him to be holding back tears like this… I wonder if he’s the competitive type? Hehe, that’s kind of cute.)
Kanato: ……!! Hey!!
Yui: Kya!? Ah…… W-What? What’s wrong?
Kanato: You laughed at me just now, didn’t you!?
Yui: Huh!?
Yui: (Ah… I must have smiled…)
Kanato: How dare you laugh at me!! Please apologize, right this instant!!
~he grabs Yui~
Yui: Kyaa!?
Kanato: Hurry up and apologize! Now!!
Yui: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…!
Kanato: Don’t stop apologizing until I tell you to!!
Yui: ……!!
Kanato: Keep apologizing! What are you waiting for!?
Yui: I… I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!!
Kanato: Do you really think that’s enough to make me forgive you!?
~he tears her clothes~
Yui: Kyaa!?
Kanato: ……I get it. You’re angering me on purpose…?
Kanato: Hey… What were you trying to get for making me mad…? Mm… I’ll hear you out…
Yui: No…! You’re wrong, I’m sorry! I’m sorry…!!
Kanato: Ha… Ahahahaha! How wonderful, Yui-san. You look positively wretched!
Kanato: Come on, please let me see you crying and crawling pathetically on the floor.
Kanato: I’ll forgive you for tonight if you do so. Ahahahahaha!!
Yui: …….I’m, sorry…!
Kanato: Fufu… You’re adorable, Yui-san… Fufufu…
Yui: ……
Yui: (I… can’t make any sense of Kanato-kun at all…!)
Yui: (Just what am I supposed to do…!?)

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