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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Kanato Dark 2 (English Translation)

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Yui: …W-What… is this room…?
Kanato: It’s exactly what it looks like. This room is decorated with wax dolls. Can’t you tell?
Yui: These are… wax dolls? …I’ve never seen them before.
Yui: (They’re kind of creepy… As if they could come to life any second…)
Kanato: Fufu. What do you think? Isn’t this a wonderful place?
Yui: …U-Umm…
Kanato: This is my favorite room to play in. Coming here cheers up Teddie, as well.
Yui: I see…
Kanato: …What’s the matter? You don’t seem to be enjoying this very much. Do you not like it?
Yui: E-Er…
Yui: (He went out of his way to bring me to his favorite place.)
Yui: (Kanato-kun might get upset if I tell him I don’t like it…)
Yui: That’s not it. I mean, it is pretty interesting…
Yui: Yep, I like it too.
Kanato: Don’t lie to me!
Yui: !
Kanato: …I wonder why…? Women are always so quick to lie.
Yui: T-That’s not true…
Kanato: See, you just lied again. Hey… Why? Do you want to deceive me that badly…?
Kanato: You want to see me believe your lies and get hurt so you can laugh at me, don’t you!?
Yui: I don’t…!

Choose “You’re exaggerating”
Yui: Y-You’re exaggerating what I did…
Kanato: Exaggerating? You don’t have the slightest idea how much it hurts to be lied to!!
Kanato: That’s why you can say things like that, isn’t it!?
Yui: ……!
Kanato: No matter how small the lie is, I… still feel hurt…

Choose “I’m sorry” (Correct Choice)
Yui: I’m sorry. Um… I didn’t think it would upset you that much…
Kanato: Now you’re making excuses?
Yui: Ah, I wasn’t trying to! …Um, I’m really sorry.
Kanato: Please put more heart into your apology.

Yui: ……I’m sorry. I won’t lie anymore, so…
Kanato: …You mean it?
Yui: Yes.
Kanato: Well, that’ll do.
Yui: (Ah… What a relief. He stopped crying…!)
Kanato: So? You don’t like this place after all?
Yui: Yeah…
Kanato: I find that hard to believe… Why not?
Yui: Because, wax dolls are kind of creepy…
Kanato: Wax dolls are creepy? Fufu, you say the strangest things.
Kanato: Women like dolls and stuffed animals, right? Don’t wax dolls fall under that category as well?
Yui: But they’re too realistic looking, so I can’t see them as being the same.
Yui: It would be fine if they were cute like Teddie…
Kanato: Fufu. Of course; Teddie is the cutest of them all.
Kanato: But I wouldn’t expect someone living in the “haunted mansion” to say that.
Yui: That’s what people in town call it, but it’s not like it’s actually haunted.
Yui: (Rather, it’s actually a “vampire mansion”…)
Yui: (And I’ve seen real ghosts a few times before…)
Yui: (They’re nothing like these weirdly lifelike wax dolls.)
Kanato: Hmm… I just can’t relate.
Kanato: If it’s about their souls not being here, Teddie and the wax dolls are the same.
Yui: …? S-Souls?
Kanato: Fufufu.
Yui: (…What’s that supposed to mean…?)
Kanato: By the way, Yui-san.
Yui: W-What is it…?
Yui: (For some reason… Kanato-kun is giving off a really dangerous vibe…)
Kanato: I think it would be wonderful if Yui-san were to become a doll.
Yui: Wha……
Kanato: How beautiful you would be as a mute corpse…
Kanato: I’ll carefully sew up that loud mouth of yours shut.
Kanato: For your eyes, I’ll inlay glass beads. What would be a good color…? Fufu, how does purple sound?
Yui: H-Huh…?
Kanato: Drained of blood, your skin would become as white and smooth as porcelain.
Kanato: …Ah, I’ll be the one to drink up all your blood. Please don’t worry about that.
Yui: W… Wait a second, Kanato-kun. What are you talking about…?
Kanato: Hey, why don’t you become a doll? Right here, right now.
Yui: ……!?
Kanato: I’ll adorn you with great care. I’m sure that Teddie will be happy to have a friend as well.
Kanato: None of that is disadvantageous to you, is it? What do you think?
Yui: Wha… What are you saying… There’s no way I could…
Kanato: You can’t? …Why not?
Yui: I… I don’t want to be a doll…!
Kanato: ……Fufufufu.
Kanato: What are you so afraid of? Fufu, you’re making such a nice expression.
Yui: K, Kanato-kun…
Kanato: …Ahh, how lovely… Your face just now. It’s truly wonderful…
Kanato: Why is your face when twisted in fear, so enticing? Fufu…
Yui: ……
Kanato: ……Well, whatever. Shall we go back now?
Yui: …Y-Yeah.
Yui: (Kanato-kun… He was serious, wasn’t he…)
Yui: (He really… Seemed like he was going to kill me in this room and turn me into a doll…)
Yui: (No… I’m scared…!)

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