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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Kanato Dark 1 (English Translation)

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Yui: Ah, good morning, Kanato-kun. You’re the first one up tonight, huh?
Kanato: …What are you doing?
Yui: What I’m doing…? I’m eating dinner.
Kanato: Where’s my portion?
Yui: Eh… I didn’t make any?
Kanato: …Why? I want to eat something.
Yui: Wha…? But, wait… Kanato-kun, you eat food?
Kanato: Isn’t that obvious?
Yui: I thought that vampires only needed to drink blood…?
Kanato: Are you saying you’re willing to become my sustenance?
Yui: N-No!
Kanato: Then, please hurry and prepare something.
Yui: Whaa…!?
Kanato: Even vampires will eat food, if they so prefer.
Kanato: Please don’t speak if all you have to offer is prejudices and guesses. It’s irritating.
Yui: ……I’m sorry.
Kanato: If you understand, then please hurry and cook something. However, I won’t accept anything that isn’t sweet.
Yui: But, I’m still in the middle of eating…
Kanato: You expect me to care about that?
Kanato: Yui-san, you should just be silent and obey what I say.
Yui: …No way…
Kanato: Your reply?
Yui: Y…Yes…
Kanato: Fufu, good girl.
Yui: (Ha… I never saw him eating anything before, so what’s with him all of a sudden…)
Yui: (Ah, but he did eat snacks. …Well, I guess I have no choice.)
Yui: (Since I have to, I’ll do my best to cook something that Kanato-kun will like.)
Kanato: What are you going to make?
Yui: Hmm, let’s see…

Choose “Pancakes
Yui: I thought I’d make some pancakes.
Kanato: …(Sigh)… You certainly picked something cheap, didn’t you…
Yui: Eh… You don’t like them?
Kanato: You’re going to use a store-bought mix, aren’t you?
Yui: Yeah… I bought some to use for making dinner… Umm, is a boxed mix no good?
Kanato: Isn’t using a mix just being lazy?
Yui: (I… I don’t know about that…)
Kanato: By the way, Yui-san. You eat pancakes for dinner?
Yui: Yeah, why…?
Kanato: I see. So that’s why you look so heavy.
Yui: …! H-How rude!!

Choose “French toast” (Correct Choice)
Yui: I thought I’d make some french toast.
Kanato: French toast…
Yui: I’ll try putting more sugar in with the egg, and fry it up with lots of butter.
Yui: And if that’s not sweet enough, you can just pour maple syrup on it, right?
Kanato: I’m certain any french toast that you make will be soggy and disgusting, anyway.
Yui: T-That’s not true! I think you’ll like it, Kanato-kun.
Kanato: …You seem awfully confident.
Yui: French toast is my specialty. I used to always make it for my father.
Kanato: …Hmph…

Kanato: Well, please be quick about it. I despise waiting.
Yui: I-I’ll try…
Kanato: Please do.
Yui: (Who knows how he’ll react if I take too long… Let’s hurry!)
Yui: Thanks for waiting, Kanato-kun. Here’s your food.
Kanato: …’re late…
Yui: Huh? Did you say something?
Kanato: You’re late!!
~he throws the plate onto the floor~
Yui: Kya…!?
Yui: (Oh no, I went through the trouble of making it, and now it’s all on the floor…!)
Kanato: Hey, just how long were you going to make me wait!?
Yui: Eh……
Kanato: Earlier, I said that I hated waiting, didn’t I!? So why!!
Kanato: Why did you make me wait this long!? Even impudence has its limits!!
Yui: What… I really hurried, you know?
Yui: I don’t think it even took 30 minutes…
Kanato: Shut up! Don’t talk back to me!!
Yui: Kanato-kun!? What are you doing!?
Kanato: I won’t allow it… To make me wait this long, and then dare to defy me on top of that!
Kanato: I won’t forgive you!!
Yui: Kanato-kun!!
Kanato: Someone like you should just… Bite their tongue and die, right this instant!
Yui: Kanato-kun, calm down! You’re going to get in trouble if you mess up the room any more!
Kanato: ……In trouble?
Yui: (…Huh…? Kanato-kun’s mood changed again…?)
Kanato: Who am I going to get in trouble with?
Yui: Umm… Reiji-san, maybe?
Yui: I mean, Reiji-san is always cleaning and putting things away, right?
Yui: That’s why, I think he’ll get angry if you make a mess like this…
Kanato: That’s not what I want to hear!!
Yui: !?
Kanato: You’re with me right now, aren’t you!?
Kanato: And yet, you dare to talk about someone else! You really are the lowest of the low, aren’t you!!
Yui: Wha… All I did was say what came to mind.
Kanato: Have you already forgotten being told to not talk back to me!?
Yui: ……!!
Kanato: Your poor memory is beyond help, isn’t it? Yui-san.
Kanato: If words aren’t enough, then it seems best to teach your body directly.
Yui: (…What? What’s he planning on doing…?)
Kanato: Ah, there’s a knife and fork here. How convenient.
Kanato: I’m going to punish you. Please come over here.
Yui: …I… don’t want to.
Kanato: You don’t have the right to say no. …I won’t let you escape.
Yui: Ow…!
~he pins Yui on the floor~
Kanato: Please don’t struggle. You’re just needlessly making it hurt even more.
Yui: W…What? Stop it…
Kanato: You talked back to me twice today, didn’t you? So in exchange, I’ll wound 6 places on your body.
Yui: 6 places!?
Kanato: It’s only logical to punish you 3 times as much as you erred. I’ll carve your punishment myself. Aren’t you happy? …Fufu.
Yui: ……!! That hurts!!
Kanato: I told you not to struggle. All you’re doing is adding more wounds.
Yui: Stop…!
Kanato: Also, I despise noisiness.
Kanato: Each time you scream, I’ll give you yet another wound.
Yui: ……!
Yui: (It hurts…! Stop, I’m scared! Stop it…!)
Kanato: Fufu… Ahahaha! Just like that, please grit your teeth and bear the pain like a doll!
Kanato: You’re only this cute when you’re trying to endure pain, Yui-san… Fufu.
Kanato: Ahahahahahaha!!

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