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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Ayato Ecstasy 10 (English Translation)

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~sound of tea being poured in~
Reiji: Here you are.
Yui: Th, thank you very much.
Kanato: It’s the usual strange spectacle, huh.
Laito: Huh? What’s strange?
Kanato: This situation. Everyone sitting around a table makes me very sick.
Ayato: Indeed.
Laito: Well, how about you go back to your rooms, then?
Laito: Shu and Subaru-kun are not participating, right?
Laito: As for me, I thought I would enjoy a tea time with Little Bitch, just the two of us.
Ayato: Idiot. As if I would believe that you want to drink only some tea!
Laito: Oh, so you came to stand guard? Haha, oh, Ayato-kun! You’re truly jealous, huh.
Ayato: Huh? Are you kidding me?
Kanato: If you want to quarrel, then please go somewhere else. You will get dust on my long-awaited dessert.
Ayato: What do you say, you bastard…!
Yui: Stop! Listen to what Kanato-kun said.
~quiet clatter~
Yui: Since we went trough the trouble of waiting for it, why don’t we enjoy the taste?
Yui: Let’s try toasting the waffle Laito-kun brought, and squeeze some fresh cream on it?
Kanato: It’s delicious.
Yui: Haha, I’m glad.
Yui: Why don’t you eat together with us, Reiji-san?
Reiji: No, thank you.
Reiji: I only offered tea so that you don’t end up touching the tea set.
Reiji: If you touched it on your own and broke it, it would be a hideous sight.
Yui: I, I’ll be careful…
Laito: Now, now. Leave Reiji alone and let’s eat, Little Bitch. Sit here?
Yui: Oh, okay.
~sound of chair being shoved~
Ayato: Hey… What does she have to sit next to you, you bastard!?
Laito: I’m the one who donated those waffles, you know? It’s obviously my right.
Laito: I knew it. Oh, Ayato-kun! So jea…
Ayato: I’m not jealous!
Kanato: Hm, it tastes quite good.
Kanato: I think you’d better just eat and not pay attention to those two. Since you can’t tell when it will end.
Yui: (Uh, yeah, he might be right. It was finally warmed up, so I want to eat it while it’s still hot inside…)
Yui: Okay, I’m digging in.
~she eats~
Yui: Wow, delicious!
Laito: I know, right? It was my recommendation, after all.
Ayato: Hey! We’re not done talking yet…
Laito: Huh? Little Bitch…
Yui: Hm?
Laito: There’s cream on your cheek. Mmm…!
~sound of licking~
Yui: …!
Ayato: You bastard…!

Choose “Look at Laito” (S choice)
Yui: …
Laito: Little Bitch… If you look with those eyes at me…
Laito: I’m at a loss. I’m not able to restrain myself…
Laito: Do you always invite Ayato-kun in such a way…?
~sound of heartbeat~
Yui: (I, what am I expecting? The person in front of me is not Ayato-kun…)
Yui: (I feel like I’m paralysed… I can’t turn away my eyes…!)
Laito: Little Bitch…
Yui: …!

Choose “Look at Ayato” (M choice)
Yui: (N, no! Even though Ayato-kun is watching…!)
Ayato: Yui…
Laito: That’s not good, Little Bitch… How cold of you. Don’t look away.
Laito: You make me burn more and more…!
~Laito moans. A soft sound~
Yui: No… I, I’ll clean it myself…!
Laito: Haha. You got shy. How cute. … Mmm…
~sound of licking~
Yui: Ah…!

~rustle. Ayato comes closer~
Yui: AAAH!
~tableware clattering~
Laito: Uh-oh…
Ayato: …!
Yui: A, Ayato-kun?
Ayato: Don’t look for an opportunity, idiot.
Yui: Ugh…
Ayato: So that you don’t make a blunder… The Great Me will feed you.
Yui: Huh…?
Ayato: Now, open your mouth.
Yui: A, Ayato-kun! That… With a knife…
Ayato: Yeah, since I dropped the fork just now.
~sound of tableware clattering~
Reiji: Good grief… You may quarrel, but please don’t take it out on things.
Reiji: That fork wasn’t cheap.
Ayato: Shut up! You tableware geek!
Yui: (Ayato-kun’s getting all worked up…)
Ayato: Open your mouth this instant, Yui.
Yui: Y, yeah…
Ayato: Hehe! All right…
Yui: *chomp* … Mmm…
Ayato: Hehe!
Yui: Mmm…!?
Yui: (Ugh, ouch! The edge of the knife…!)
Ayato: Oops, sorry. Did I hurt you?
Yui: Sob…
Ayato: Show me. Oh, blood is flowing out, huh.
Ayato: I’ll disinfect it for you… Mmm… ! …
~sound of sucking~
Yui: Huh…? Mmm…!
Yui: (Despite everyone watching…!)
Laito: Heh. What a passionate kiss. I’m moved to tears.
Kanato: I don’t like it…
Ayato: … Mmm! …!
~sound of sucking~
Yui: Mmm… …!
~thud. Sound of something crashing~
Yui: … Mmm…!
Ayato: Haah! … Mmm …!
~sound of sucking~
Laito: This is unendurable… I got so aroused just from watching…
Laito: Hey, let me join you once in a while, Ayato-kun…
~Laito breathes heavily~
Yui: What…!?
Laito: Wha…!?
Ayato: Don’t touch her. She’s mine. If you reach out a hand… I’ll kill you.
Laito: Oh, my… Aren’t you scary, Ayato-kun.
Kanato: It’s more clever to give up, Laito. When it comes to getting her blood, Ayato’s better at it than you.
Laito: Sure looks like it. Ah, how boring.

Monologue (choose the first and second word)
I wonder if Ayato-kun is attached only to my blood? 
Lately I feel it’s different. 
Ayato-kun’s attachment to me. My feelings towards Ayato-kun. Blood relationship…
We won’t become lovers in a sweet-like relationship.
But… I’m sure we’ve connected on a even deeper level.
If that’s so… Then I’m fine with our relationship having no name…

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