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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Ayato Ecstasy 5 (English Translation)

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Yui: Ah, ouch…
Yui: (Sob, I soaked the new bite spot in hot water…)
Yui: (I wonder if he could do that after my bath next time?)
Yui: (There’s no reason he should listen to my request, though.)
~sound of door opening. Ayato appears~
Ayato: Oh, what’s this? Are you bathing?
Yui: Aaaah! A, Ayato-kun!?
Yui: Stop it! Haven’t I told you many times not to enter the bathroom when I’m inside!?
Ayato: Oh, sorry, my bad. I didn’t notice.
Yui: That’s a lie! I was making some noise, wasn’t I?
Ayato: Shut up. Rather than that, why are you not naked? So boring.
Yui: It’s because I’ve already bathed!
Yui: (But I was still in the middle of changing clothes, though…)
Yui: The point is, why did you suddenly come in!?
Ayato: Shut up. It’s your fault that when the Great Me feels like having a bath, you’re still inside the bathroom!
Yui: B, but it’s first come, first served!
Ayato: So annoying. We should just take a bath together.
~light splash~
Yui: What… W, wait, I’ve just came out… Ayato-kun!?
Ayato: But we’re both used to seeing each other’s bodies, aren’t we?
Yui: B, but I’m not used to that…!
Ayato: That’s right. You always close your eyes and weep. Haha!
Yui: Th, that’s something…!
Ayato: Yui, look my way.
~more splashing~
Yui: !
Yui: (Even if he says that…!)
Ayato: Haha! Don’t avert your eyes. It’s not like I’m entirely naked, you know?
Yui: B, but still.
Ayato: If that’s so, then if you look only at my face, you won’t get embarassed, right?
Yui: Th, that’s…
Yui: (It may look like we’re staring at each other, but it’s embarassing in a lot other ways!)
Ayato: Yui, today I shall wash your body.
Yui: What…!? N, no, no need to!
Ayato: You don’t have to restrain yourself.
Ayato: Well, I’m a guy who likes to express his gratitude once in a while for always receiving your blood. Appreciate it.
Yui: (He just wants to enjoy himself and that’s all he’s ever thinking about!)
Ayato: And so… Sit over there and be quiet.
Yui: B, but I said there’s no need!
Ayato: I went through the trouble to return a favour! It means you should accept it obediently!
Yui: Sob…
Yui: (I’m, I’m embarassed…)
Yui: …
Yui: (Huh? I thought he was going to play a prank on me, but… He’s simply washing me?)
Yui: Ah, ouch…!
Ayato: Huh? What is it? I wasn’t using too much strength.
Yui: Oh… I’m, I’m sorry. It’s just that the wound…
Ayato: A wound? Oh yeah, it’s the place I’ve bitten a while ago, huh.
Yui: Y, yeah…
~Ayato whispers in her eat and starts to suck her wound~
Ayato: So it didn’t start to dry yet, huh? … Mmm…
Yui: Aaah!
Ayato: The soap got in, right? If that’s so, then I’ll lick it and make it clean.
~sound of sucking~
Yui: Mmm…!
Yui (It hurts… And it’s tickling… Such a strange feeling…!)
Ayato: …! Haha! Whaaat were you feeling right now?
~sound of sucking~
Yui: I wasn’t feeling anything…!
Ayato: I wonder about that.
Yui: N, no! I said there’s no need, especially there!
~sound of rustling~
Ayato: Tch! Don’t struggle so much!
Yui: Ah… ! …
~Ayato whispers in her ear~
Ayato: There’s soap all over your entire body, so I’m going to lick you clean everywhere.

Some time later
Yui: (In the end, my whole body was washed…)
Ayato: Here, to drain yourself.
Yui: Y, yeah.
~sound of Yui showering~
Yui: Sigh…
Yui: (I feel worn-out more than usual for some reason…)
~sound of shower faucet being turned off~
Yui: (Anyway, it really does feel like he’s returned the favour… Maybe I should say thanks?)
Yui: Th, thank…
Ayato: All right, and now that’s over…
Yui: What?
Yui: !
~Yui can’t see anything~
Yui: (It, it stings…! There’s foam in my eyes…!)
~Ayato whispers in her ear~
Ayato: Haha! Don’t open your eyes or it’s going to soak in…?
Yui: Wh, what…!?
Ayato: Hehe! A “blindfold play” is not bad from time to time, right?
Yui: What are you talking about…
Ayato: With this, you will have to be patient until I’m done with washing.
Ayato: …
~sound of sucking~
Yui: Ah… ! P, please stop!

Choose “Wash the foam away”
Yui: (The shower should be lying somewhere near…!)
Ayato: Oh, no you don’t. As if I’m gonna make it that simple.
Yui: Ah…!
Yui: (Ugh, he bound my hands…!)

Choose “Kick Ayato” (Correct Choice)
Yui: But I’m telling you to stop!
~Yui tried to kick Ayato, but he ducks~
Ayato: Oh my.
Yui: Aaah…!
Yui: (He grasped my leg…!)
Ayato: Wow, you’re opening your legs of your own accord. You’re quite a bold one.
Yui: No…! Let me go!

Ayato: If I block your vision… To compensate, other senses become more acute, it seems.
Ayato: Feel this.
Yui: … AH!
Ayato: Hehe! How did that feel?
~sound of sucking~
Ayato: …!
Yui: Please… Stop…!
Ayato: Hehe! And yet it feels so good, doesn’t it.
Yui: Ah… ! W, wait!
~he whispers in her ear~
Ayato: I’m not gonna wait.
Yui: …!
Yui: (I’m, I’m done with this! From now on, I’ll absolutely…)
Yui: (I won’t trust a kind Ayato-kun ever again…!)

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