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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Ayato Ecstasy 4 (English Translation)

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~sound of bells for the end of school day~
Yui: A, Ayato-kun.
Ayato: What?
Yui: You should go home ahead of me. Reiji-san asked me to buy some things.
Ayato: Where are you going?
Yui: To the 24-hour store at the shopping district…
Ayato: Oh, really… I’m going with you.
Yui: What?
Ayato: They’re selling quite interesting things there.
Ayato: Did Reiji give you some money?
Yui: Y, yeah, well…
Ayato: All right, then let’s spend every last bit of it!
Yui: B, but if we do that, he’s going to get mad!
Ayato: Hm?
~Ayato is surprised and comes closer to Yui~
Yui: Huh?
Ayato: Turn towards me a little.
Yui: A, Ayato-kun!? What, suddenly…
Ayato: You used some lipstick or something like that?
Yui: Oh… A girl from my class borrowed me hers.
Yui: She said I was looking pale, so she coloured my lips and cheeks.
Yui: (Thanks to Ayato-kun I’ve got anemia… But I couldn’t have said it.)
Yui: (Nevertheless, since it’s a school for people from show business, there are only smartly dressed girls here, after all.)
Yui: (I need to pay attention to my needs a little too!)
Ayato: Oh really…
Yui: Wh, what? It’s embarassing if you look at me like that…
Ayato: Nice colour.
Yui: Huh? Really?
Ayato: Yeah. They’re more red than usual… The colour of blood stands out. Makes me want to eat you.
Yui: N, no, you musn’t! Not here…!
Ayato: Hehe! Does that mean anywhere but here is fine?
Yui: Th, that’s not what I mean…
Ayato: Well, it’s okay… I don’t mind having my fill of this colour for a little while.
Ayato: I don’t see it usually. If I kiss you, it will come off, right? This.
Yui: S, stop it! Please don’t touch me as long as you like!
Yui: If we don’t hurry up with the shopping and go home, Reiji-san will get mad!
Ayato: Hehe! Yes, yes.
~sound of footsteps~
Yui: All right, I haven’t forgotten about any purchases, I think.
Yui: (The amount of unnecessary stuff increased, though.)
Yui: We were looking at a lot of stuff, so it’s late now. How about we hurry back, Ayato-kun?
Ayato: …
Yui: Ayato-kun?
~Ayato stops~
Yui: Wh, what is it? Why did you stop suddenly…?
Ayato: That damn guy over there… He was staring at you just now.
Yui: Huh?
Ayato: The guy on the other side too.
Yui: Really? Maybe it’s just your imagination?
Ayato: No, it’s not my imagination.
Ayato: You have some make-up on, and that’s why they’re staring?
Yui: What…
Ayato: Human guys are easily tricked, right? By a face with make-up on.
Yui: But it’s not possible with such a small amount…
Yui: (I don’t feel particularly watched too…)
Ayato: Yui, come to me.
Yui: What…!?
~Ayato grabs her. Then a sound of footsteps and a thud~
Yui: Wh… Ah! Mmm…!
~sound of sucking blood~
Ayato: …
Yui: No…! People are watching…! Mmm…!
Ayato: If they’re watching, then it’s perfect timing. Let’s show them, then.
~Ayato bites Yui~
Yui: …! What!?
Ayato: The fact that you belong to me, that is.
Yui: N, no, don’t…! Please stop, Ayato-kun!
~Ayato sucks her blood~
Ayato: …! Haah, it’s fine. What is it that I shouldn’t do?
Yui: N, no! Please…!

Choose “Struggle”
~Ayato strips her~
Yui: Let me go…!
Ayato: …! Stop squirming!
Yui: AAAH…!
Ayato: Tch! How bothersome. If you don’t want me going easy on you, then I won’t.
~sounds of clothes being ripped~
Yui: P, please stop…!

Choose “Persuade him otherwise” (Correct Choice)
Yui: I’m begging you, please stop. Here is… not good.
Yui: Once we get home… I’ll let you do anything you like, so…
Ayato: Oh really… Hehe! Your face is do deeply red. I can’t see anything, but an invitation.
Yui: No…!
Ayato: I have to reason to be patient until we get home.

~Ayato pushes her and sucks her blood~
Ayato: … Mmm… Ah…
Yui: …! No…!
Ayato: Hehe! You’re still resisting?
~Ayato whispers in her ear~
Ayato: Don’t worry. … Mmm… Soon you won’t even notice your surroundings.
Yui: … Mmm! …
Ayato: Hey, lose your senses quicker, Yui.
Ayato: Become one with me and relish in the maddening pleasure…

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