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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Ayato Ecstasy 3 (English Translation)

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Ayato: How rare. You wanting to drop in somewhere on the way home, that is.
Yui: Haha, actually, today is a day when you can see meteor showers!
Ayato: Meteor showers, huh?
Yui: Yes! You can’t see them usually. It’s when an amazing number of stars is falling.
Ayato: Oh, really… Do you enjoy watching this sort of stuff?
Yui: They’ll surely be pretty.
Ayato: How boring.
Yui: Geez, didn’t you follow me of your own accord?
Ayato: As for me, well…
~sound of rustling. Ayato comes closer~
Yui: Whoa…!
Ayato: I thought it was an invitation to do that outside once in a while, though?
Yui: P, please don’t think about that this way!
Ayato: Hehe! Don’t be like that. Let’s do it?
Ayato: Well, even if other people come, I don’t think I will stop, though? *kiss* …
Yui: No! DON’T!
Ayato: I won’t take no for an answer, you know?
Yui: B, but we came here today to watch the stars!
Yui: If we do that, we have very little chance of seeing a shooting star, you know?
Ayato: Tch! How annoying. Fine, I get it.
Yui: (Did he give up?)
Ayato: If you’re face up, then it’s okay, right?
Yui: Th, that’s not this sort of problem!
Yui: (Geez!)
Yui: Oh!
Ayato: Oh?
Ayato: Guh…
Yui: It fell!
Yui: Ayato-kun! Did you see? Just now a star fell, right!?
Ayato: Tch! I don’t want to see something like that.
Yui: That’s sacrilegious! Surely a star will fall soon again, so please watch?
Ayato: I see no star falling.
Yui: But it’s too soon!
Ayato: Geez, the Great Me wants to see, so fall down this instant.
Yui: Even if you repeat that…
Yui: Oh, hey! If we move a little bit over there, we will probably see the night sky clearly!
~sound of Yui running away~
Ayato: Ah, Yui! … Tch!

Yui: As expected, this place over here is more open. What a beautiful starry sky…
Yui: (I’m so glad it’s not raining. I wonder how many shooting stars I will see.)
Ayato: …
Yui: (Sigh, I’m so fascinated by them…)
Ayato: Yui.
Yui: Hmmm?
Ayato: Guh…
~Ayato comes closer. Sound of shoving~
Yui: !?
Yui: (Wh, what…!?)
~sound of splashing~
Yui: GASP!
Yui: Wha…! A, Ayato-kun!? What are you doing…!
Ayato: I pushed you down. Into the lake.
Yui: Wh, why would you do that…!
Ayato: It’s your fault, since you were looking away.
Yui: What…?
Ayato: When the Great Me calls you, you should turn toward me.
Yui: But that’s…
Ayato: It looks like you stiiil don’t get it, huh?
Ayato: Contemplate about it for a little bit, while you sit there.
Yui: …!
~sound of splashing~
Yui: (For a little bit… But! I’m poor at swimming! And this lake is really deep!)

Choose “I’m very sorry” (Correct Choice)
Yui: I’m, I’m sorry…
Ayato: And?
Yui: …?
Ayato: You’re not going to say anything else?
Yui: P, please forgive me…!
Ayato: It’s: “Please, I beg you to forgive me, Lord Ayato.”
Yui: Please, I beg you to… forgive me… Lord Ayato…!
Ayato: Hehe! I guess I have no other choice.

Choose “How cruel”
Yui: So cruel!
Ayato: Who’s cruel…? How about I sink you?
Yui: (A, Ayato-kun’s hand… reaches out to me…!)
Yui: P, please stop…!
Ayato: Hehe! What a great expression…
Ayato: Didn’t I say it? You’re the one at fault.

Yui: (The water is freezing… If I stay in it anymore…!)
~sound of splashing~
Ayato: Good grief. Why do you make a face as if you’re about to die? Hehe…
Yui: Ayato-kun… Help me…
Ayato: Hehe! I guess I have no other choice, huh? Up you go…!
~sound of splashing, then a dull thud~
Yui: …! Haah, haah…! Haah… Haah…!
Ayato: Hey… What should I do to make you stop going away to places on your own?
Yui: …!
Ayato: You dissappear from the side of the Great Me as you please, you talk with other guys.  What should I do to make it stop?
Ayato: Hey, Yui…? … Mmm… Mmm…
~Ayato sucks her nose~
Yui: …! Haah! Mmm…
Ayato: Mmm… Mmm…
Yui: (It, it hurts…!)
Ayato: Hehe, no matter how much time passes, you’re still so bad at kissing. You should breathe through your nose.
~sound of light pushing~
Ayato: But even so… I’m not going to make it easy for you.
Ayato: If I block your nose, and keep your mouth shut like this… It will be difficult, right?
Yui: P, please stop…!
Ayato: Hehe! Must be difficult.
~He sucks her nose again~
Yui: (It’s no use… I can’t…!)
Ayato: Sigh…
Yui: Haah, haah! Guh! Cough…! Haah…!
Ayato: Maybe I should always make you this weak? Hehe!
Yui: Haah, wha…!
~Ayato whispers in her ear~
Ayato: Oh, but I would have to make you weak not to the point that you would die… That’s difficult to calculate, huh.
Ayato: If I make a mistake, you might accidently die?
Yui: …!
Ayato: You wouldn’t want that, would you… Yui?
Ayato: Don’t let things other than me snatch your eyes away.
Ayato: Look only at me.

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