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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Ayato Maniac Epilogue (English Translation)

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~wind howls~
Ayato: …
~Ayato sighs~
Ayato: A full moon, huh? No wonder I can’t sleep.
Ayato: I’m bored! And to have to abstain from blood on a day like this!
Ayato: Well, it’s because I didn’t hold myself back that time.
Ayato: I didn’t expect her anemia symptoms to be so severe.
Ayato: …
Ayato: Just a little longer…
Ayato: In any case, once she eats… New, ripe blood obviously tastes better than old, dead blood.
Ayato: When it comes to her blood… And after the change… For sure… Haha.
Ayato: I’m so looking forward to it…
~Ayato licks his lips~
~Sound of Yui opening a door and coming outside. Wind howls in the background~
Yui: (Ah, the wind is icy…)
Yui: (Where did Ayato-kun go to?)
Yui: (When I woke up… I was inside Ayato-kun’s iron maiden, something I grew used to, but…)
Yui: (For the first time Ayato-kun wasn’t next to me…)
Yui: A, Ayato-kun?
Yui: …!
Yui: (Why do I feel so lonely, I wonder…)
Ayato: Yui.
Yui: Ayato-kun?
Ayato: Here, I’m here.
Yui: What… Where?
Yui: (The voice is coming from over there…?)
Ayato: Hehe!
Ayato: I’m saying I’m here.
Yui: (Huh? What? This time from the other direction?)
Yui: Ayato-kun! Where are you?
Ayato: Hehe!
Yui: Ayato-kun?
Yui: Hm…?
Yui: (No reply…)
Yui: Ayato-kun…!
Yui: …!
~Ayato embraces Yui. Yui blushes. Ayato whispers in her ear~
Ayato: Haven’t I said I’m here?
Yui: Ayato-kun…
~Yui smiles~
Ayato: Hehe! Why are you acting so desperate?
Ayato: Did you feel lonely because I wasn’t there?
Yui: Th, that’s…
Yui: (In Ayato-kun’s arms… I can’t feel temperature and yet…)
Yui: (What is it with me? I feel… relieved…)
Ayato: So you can’t live without me anymore, huh? Hehehe!
Ayato: But rest assured. No matter how many times you escape, I’ll absolutely never let you go.
Yui: …!
~Yui smiles a little and blushes~
Ayato: Hehe, but you sure are an idiot, you know.
Yui: What…?
Ayato: You came here to be sucked by me of your own accord? Sigh…
~Ayato kisses her~
Yui: Ah…!
Ayato: When you’re near me… I can’t hold myself back, so I separated myself from you.
Ayato: Holding myself back now… is pure torture… !
~Ayato kisses her again~
Yui: …!
Yui: All right.
Ayato: Huh?
Yui: It’s all right. You can suck.
Ayato: Yui…
Yui: (Maybe it’s because he was holding himself back for my sake?)
Yui: (I… I want to give Ayato-kun my blood…)
Ayato: Idiot.
Yui: Mmm…!
Ayato: …
~sound of sucking~
Ayato: Your blood is not ripe yet…
Yui: But my anemia is already… Mmmm!
Ayato: Liar.
Yui: (It’s true… I still feel a little dizzy, but…)
Ayato: Today let’s enjoy this for a change.
Ayato: …! Haah…
~sound of sucking~
Yui: Mmm…!

In the midst of passionate kisses…
…I’m imprisoned by sweet numbness. 
To be so attracted to a vampire who always manipulates me…
I must be going mad. 
But I can no longer run away.
Even though my mind denies it, my body and my heart wish for it. 
I let Ayato-kun… The vampire who eats me… 
I let him steal my heart away…

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