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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Ayato Maniac 10 (English Translation)

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~sounds of Yui putting on clothes~
Yui: Sigh…
Yui: (My anemia is not that bad anymore, but… The scars still remain.)
Yui: (Ayato has been abstaining from my blood for the past few days…)
Yui: (Maybe he’s taken into consideration my health? Nah, no way.)
Yui: I should go to sleep early today.
Yui: Best thing to do in order to recover is to get some sleep.
~sound of Ayato coming in~
Ayato: What? You already got out?
Yui: ! A, Ayato-kun!?
Yui: (He didn’t bother knocking again…! Good thing it’s after I put on some clothes!)
Ayato: Tch! How boring. Well, it should be okay with you all dressed up too.
Yui: Huh?
Ayato: Yui, come to me.
Yui: ! Wha!
Yui: Aaah!? W, what’s this supposed to mean!?
Yui: (There’s something sticky on me…!)
Ayato: Hehe!
Yui: (This is… From the bottle Ayato-kun is holding…!)
Yui: No…! What in the world…!
Yui: (It smells sweet… This is honey!?)
Ayato: I was abstaining from your blood today. Let’s have a little fun.
Yui: Have, have fun? What do you mean…
Ayato: Haven’t you been paying attention to what’s happening? You should already know.
Yui: Ah…!
Ayato: Mmm…! Haah… Mmm…
~sound of licking and sucking~
Yui: Aaah…!
Yui: (He’s licking the honey from my arm…!)
Ayato: Sweet, ugh!
Ayato: Hehe, it doesn’t taste bad, though. It tastes like your honey.
Yui: Wha…!
Ayato: Hey, come closer to me.
Ayato: I’m going to lick everything clean for you.
Yui: Don’t, I, I’m fine! I’ll take a bath, and shower to wash it all away…!
Ayato: But if you do that, then there was no point in splashing honey on you.
Yui: Ah! Don’t! Please don’t touch me!
Ayato: Doesn’t it feel good being touched when you’re all slippery?
Yui: Don’t!
Ayato: Hehe, you do feel it. No use hiding it.
~sound of licking and sucking~
Yui: …!

Choose “Run away” (M Choice)
Yui: I, I’m leaving now!
Ayato: Hehe, while you’re this sticky?
Yui: I prefer not to be your toy… Ah, ouch!
Ayato: Huh?
Yui: Th, there’s honey in my eyes…!
Ayato: Really? Idiot. That’s because you struggled, you know?
Ayato: Hey, come to me.
Yui: Ah…!
Ayato: Haah…! Mmm…!
~sound of sucking~
Yui: (Whoa…! He’s licking the honey around my eyes…!)
Ayato: Stay still and keep your eyes closed. M… Mmm…
~sound of licking~
Yui: …!

Choose “Lick up the honey yourself” (S Choice)
Yui: Slurp!
Ayato: What are you doing?
Yui: If I lick myself, then you won’t need to do it, Ayato-kun.
Yui: It’s sweet and tasty…
Yui: (Argh, this is not the time to say something like this!)
Ayato: Heh! Are you an idiot or what?
Ayato: If you do that, then… There’s nothing but this left to do, right?
Yui: …!
Ayato: Mmm…!
~sound of sucking~
Yui: …!
~Yui blushes~
Ayato: Hehe! Your lips are covered in honey. Mmm…
Ayato: Haah… Sweet…! …
~sound of sucking~
Yui: Mmm!

~sound of licking and sucking~
Ayato: Sigh… Haah… Just as I thought, this won’t do…
Yui: What?
~Ayato whispers in Yui’s ear~
Ayato: Mixed with honey… Is the smell of your new blood.
Ayato: Haah… I want to rip into your skin… I want to drink from you right now…
~sound of sucking~
Yui: …!

Ayato-kun buries his fangs into my skin. He bites lightly, licks and kisses…
Even though he lets his impulse to suck blood take over only a little, his fangs and his tongue run riot against my skin. 
Even though he treats me roughly, I’m somewhat happy about that violence. Because… It’s the proof that Ayato-kun controls himself until he’s at his limits.
This… makes me happy.
It seems that me coming here turned out well after all.

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