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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Ayato Ecstasy Prologue (English Translation)

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~Cordelia is in pain and breathes heavily~
Cordelia: Ugh… Ah… Aaah… Haah…
Ayato: Oh no… They got dirty. I grew to like those clothes.
Ayato: They’re wet with your blood, mother… Mmm.
~Ayato licks his lips~
Ayato: Mmm… Mmm…!
~Ayato sucks her blood~
Ayato: Your blood, mother… is sweet… It’s delicious, you know.
~Ayato still sucks her blood. And then, a wet sound~
Ayato: Hey, can I have some more? Even if I drink you dry… You won’t mind, will you?
~Cordelia gasps in pain~
Cordelia: Ah!
Ayato: Because… You’re going to die soon anyway, mother…
~Cordelia gasps in pain again~
Cordelia: …!
Ayato: Mother…

Present time
~sound of Ayato licking his lips and sighing afterwards~
Ayato: Ah… Soon, it will be finally okay to do it again.
Ayato: Come back here quickly, Yui…
Yui: (I was on day duty and now it’s really late.)
Yui: (But even though I say that, no matter when I come back, it’s always dead of the night… It’s not that much of difference, I guess.)
~sound of rustling~
Yui: …!?
~soft sound~
Ayato: You’re late.
Yui: Oh, Ayato-kun!?
Yui: What is it? Why are you here…?
Ayato: I was wating for you, obviously.
Yui: What…?
~Ayato inhales~
Ayato: …
Yui: Wh, what…?
Ayato: All right. It’s looks like it’s okay now. I’m going to see for myself what flavour new blood has.
~sound of clothes rustling~
Yui: What… W, wait a minute!
Ayato: I’m not gonna wait. I’ve waited enough already.
Yui: That’s not what I meant… We’re outside…!
Ayato: I don’t have the patience to wait till we’re inside the house.
Yui: …
Yui: (He’s been really holding himself back for a few days, since I looked anemic…)
Ayato: Oh, what is it? You’re not resisting anymore?
Yui: …
Ayato: Hmpf, boring.
Ayato: Well, right now I don’t have the time to deal with you struggling, so I think it’s perfect…
~Ayato gasps and bites her~
Ayato: Ah…!
Yui: …!
~Ayato gives a surprised gasp~
Ayato: Mmm… Huh…!?
Yui: …? Ayato-kun?
Yui: (It looks like he stopped moving for a second…?)
~Ayato breaths in and sucks her blood again~
Ayato: Mmm! Ah!
Yui: AH!
Ayato: Ah… Haah… It’s the same.
Yui: What…?
Ayato: It’s the same flavour… As that woman’s… But why?
Yui: (That woman? Who is he talking about, I wonder…?)
~loud heartbeat~
Yui: Huh…!? AGH…!
Yui: (Suddenly, my heart… Again!)
~loud heartbeat. Ayato gasps and sucks her blood anew~
Ayato: …! Ah… Mmm!
Yui: No… Hurts…! Ah, Ayato-kun!? It… hurts…!
Yui: I, I won’t escape, so…! Please… Let me go… Haah, haah…!
~Ayato wheezes while sucking her blood~
Ayato: …! Haah!
Yui: (He’s… He’s acting strange for some reason…)
~Ayato still sucks her blood and breathes heavily~
Ayato: Haah… Haah…!
~a man sighs~
???: …
???: Cordelia…

Ayato-kun slurped my blood as if haunted by something.
He did that until I passed out…
Did he like the changed flavor of my blood so much?
Or was he just really thirsty…?
I was a little relieved.
If that’s so, then surely Ayato-kun won’t part with me now.
I believed in that.

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