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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Ayato Ecstasy 2 (English Translation)

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~sound of door closing and footsteps~
Yui: Sigh, I feel so refreshed!
Yui: (I relax myself best while having a bath, after all.)
Yui: (Well, once in a while someone tries to intrude, though…)
~Yui trips on something~
Yui: Whoa…!
~Yui falls down~
Yui: Ouch… ! I… I tripped on something…?
Shuu: …
Yui: Sh, Shuu-san!?
Yui: (He’s sleeping…? In the corridor!?)
Yui: Shuu-san… Shuu-san! If you sleep at a place like this, you’re going to catch cold, you know?
Yui: (I don’t know if vampires can actually catch cold, though…)
Yui: (But I can’t simply ignore him.)
Yui: Shuu-san! SHUU-SAN!
Shuu: Shut up…
Yui: (Oh, he woke up.)
Yui: You musn’t sleep at places like this.
Shuu: It’s none of your business where I fall asleep.
Yui: Actually, thanks to you sleeping here, I fell over, so it’s my business, after all.
Shuu: …
Yui: Okay, why don’t we go to your room?
Shuu: Are you going to take me back?
Yui: Take you back? I don’t really think it’s possible for me to carry you back, though…
Shuu: Then I’ll stay here. …
Yui: What!? Okay, I get it! All right, please stand up at least and hold on to my shoulder!
Yui: If you do that, I’m somehow going to take you back to your room!
Shuu: Really?
~Shuu leans on her~
Yui: (Oh, he’s surprisingly obedient…)
Shuu: Okay, I’m counting on you… Zzz.
Yui: (Whoa…! He’s… heavy…!)
Yui: I’m, I’m not going to lose!

Some time later
~sound of door opening~
Yui: Haah, haah…
Yui: (Th, that was hard…!)
Shuu: You really like meddling, huh.
Yui: Oh… Geez! If you were awake, you should have tried walking by yourself for a bit!
Shuu: It was too much trouble.
Yui: T, too much trouble…
Shuu: Drop it. I want to sleep, so get out.
Yui: Oh… Right. Good night.
Shuu: Zzz…
~sound of door closing~
Yui: Now that I think about it, Shuu-san is a really lethargic person… He’s peculiar.
Yui: (Well, there are no people in this house who are not peculiar, though.)
Yui: Whoa…!
~Yui falls down~
Yui: Ouch… ! What is it this time…!?
Yui: (I fell down again…!)
Ayato: …
Yui: A, Ayato-kun!?
Yui: So cruel! You tripped me up, didn’t you!?
~sound of grinding~
Yui: AH…!
Yui: No…! Please remove your foot…!
Ayato: What were you doing?
Yui: Huh?
Ayato: I’m asking you what were you doing in Shuu’s room.

Choose “I simply escorted him there” (Correct Choice)
Yui: Wh, what…
Yui: I simply escorted him there.
Ayato: Escorted?
Yui: He was sleeping in the corridor… I heard you can catch cold, if you do that.
Yui: I only lent him my shoulder, and took him back to his room…
Ayato: Oh, really? You lent him your shoulder, huh?

Choice “Nothing in particular..”
Yui: I didn’t do anything…
Yui: (Oh no… Did Ayato-kun misunderstand?)
Ayato: Nothing else? You go to a guy’s room for no reason at all?
Yui: Th, that’s not what I meant. I don’t have anything to feel guilty about…
Ayato: Oh, really…? I’m getting more and more suspicious…

Ayato: Spit out the truth.
~sound of grinding~
Yui: AH…!
Yui: (He’s trampling me down… so hard…!)
Yui: I, I truly didn’t do anything, I honestly…
Ayato: Did you gave that dull guy blood? Or did you let him do you?
Yui: I, I didn’t do such thing!
Yui: It’s the truth. Please believe me…
Ayato: I see…
Yui: (Ah… He finally removed his foot.)
Ayato: Well then…
~sound of rustling~
Yui: Huh…!?
Ayato: Show me some evidence.
~sound of clothes being torn~
Yui: AAAH!
Ayato: Heh. Full of marks as usual.
Yui: Th, those are yours…
Ayato: So with this, I can’t tell if the number of new marks increased, right?
Yui: Th, those are really… All of them are… They are your marks…
Ayato: Oh, really…
Yui: Because… Look. There aren’t any new marks, right?
Ayato: Well, it certainly does look like it. I’ve got no choice. I should believe you this one time, right?
Yui: (I’m so relieved…)
Ayato: But on the other hand…
Yui: Huh?
Ayato: Swear that you will never speak with a guy other than me.
Yui: Whaaat!?
Ayato: If you do that, I’ll kindly believe you.
Yui: S, something like that… is impossible.
Yui: (Guys in this house… My classmates… Never speaking to them would be impossible…)
Ayato: It’s not impossible.
Yui: It’s impossible! Because… How could I continue to live without interacting with other people…?
Ayato: It would be only natural.
Yui: Wha…!
Ayato: You should just always look at me and only me! … Gasp…
Yui: AH…!
~Ayato sucks her blood~
Ayato: Mmm… Since you can’t make that promise, so that you never go anywhere with some other guy…
Ayato: I’m just going to make you unable to move. Mmm…
Yui: Please stop…!
Yui: A, Ayato… kun…!
Yui: (My… consciousness…)
~Ayato whispers in her ear~
Ayato: Haah… I’m going to train your body as many times as it takes for you to remember.
Ayato: You belong to me.

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