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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Ayato Ecstasy 1 (English Translation)

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Ayato: Yui.
Yui: …!
Ayato: YUI!
Yui: Mmm…
~Ayato whispers in her ear~
Ayato: If you don’t wake up, I’m gonna do something about it.
Yui: Wha…!
Yui: Oh… Ayato-kun?
Ayato: Hehe! Yo.
Yui: What is it…?
Yui: (Sob, I was about to go to asleep…)
Ayato: Come with me for a moment.
Yui: What? Where…?
Ayato: It doesn’t matter. I’m telling you to come with me.
~Ayato moves closer to Yui~
Yui: Whaaat? Geez…
~sound of water flowing and waterdrops falling~
Yui: Where are we…?
Yui: (I don’t remember leaving the house, but… There’s a place like this here?)
Ayato: We’re inside the castle. It’s an undergroud waterway.
Yui: A castle…?
Ayato: Yup. It’s connected to the house. Ah, explaining it would be tiresome. Think of this place as the world of spirits.
Yui: WHAT!? World of spirits…!?
Ayato: Well, as long as you’re inside the castle, it’s not dangerous, you know.
Ayato: But if you were to go outside… I don’t know about that. Hehe!
Yui: N, no way… Why did you bring me here?
Ayato: It’s a great place to have some fun, isn’t it?
Yui: A place to have some fun… What are you going to do?
Ayato: I think it’s amusing that this waterway is so complicated. It’s a bit of a maze.
Yui: A maze…?
Ayato: Listen, don’t dawdle. Onwards!
~sound of footsteps~
Yui: Oh, w… Wait!

Choose “Pleasen let’s hold hands” (Correct Choice)
Yui: Please… Let’s hold hands.
Ayato: What?
Yui: I don’t know the way home… It would be bad, if I got lost.
Ayato: …
Yui: Y, you don’t want to?
Yui: (Sob, I feel embarrassed… But if I got lost here, I would never be able to go back…!)
Ayato: Haha, okay?
~Ayato comes closer to Yui and grabs her hand~
Yui: Oh…
Ayato: Aren’t you awfully obedient today. I don’t mind you being like that, though.

Choose “Grab his clothes)
~Yui grabs Ayato’s clothes~
Ayato: Huh?
Yui: P, please don’t go and leave me here!
Ayato: Hehe! What is it? Are you frightened?
Yui: It’s because… For some reason I have a bad feeling about this…
Ayato: Hehe! Then… Come closer.
Yui: Oh…

Ayato: Oh, I know. I’ve just had a brilliant idea.
Yui: Brilliant idea?
Yui: (Ayato’s “brilliant ideas” are usually anything but good…)
Ayato: This.
~a jingling sound~
Yui: Those are… handcuffs?
Ayato: Yup, once we’re connected by them, you won’t get lost, right?
Yui: That may be so, but…
Yui: (Ayato-kun… Since he’s saying that, he must be planning to put them on both of my hands…)
Ayato: Haha! Why are you so suspicious? There’s no other way. You will be less worried, if I do that, right?
Ayato: I’ve locked one of my hands first, see? Okay, give me your hand.
Yui: O, okay…
Yui: (Is he really… only connecting us together, though?)
~he handcuffs one of her hands~
Ayato: All right.
Ayato: Well, looks like it’s inevitable, so I’ll hold your hand. You should feel honoured.
~rustling sound~
Yui: Ayato-kun…
Yui: (This might be the first time I’m walking holding hands with Ayato-kun…)
Yui: (We sure did a lot of things not in the right order…)
Yui: (We look like a regular couple, so I’m a bit happy.)

Some time later
Yui: A, Ayato-kun… Haven’t we gone a bit too far in?
Ayato: Hehe! I said it’s okay, didn’t I?
Yui: But… Do you remember the way back?
Yui: (We were walking way too much, and I didn’t try to remember the places we’ve gone through…)
Ayato: There’s no reason I should remember it, you know.
Yui: What…!?
Ayato: Don’t worry. One of my skills is teleporting.
Yui: Oh… I see.
Ayato: Rather than that…
Yui: What… Mmm!
~Ayato kisses her~
Ayato: *kiss*
Yui: Wh, what? Suddenly… …!
Ayato: Heh. Hehe! The face you make while we kiss has changed lately, you know.
Yui: What…?
Ayato: You were making an enchanted face as if you enjoyed it.
Yui: Th, that’s not true…
Ayato: It’s useless to deny it.
Ayato: You like it, right? You like it so much that you don’t see what’s around you… Mmm…
~Ayato kisses her again~
Yui: Ah… …!
~handcuffs jingling~
Yui: Huh…?
Ayato: Hehe! Look! You don’t see what’s around you, do you?
Yui: OH!
Yui: (Before I noticed, Ayato slipped off his handcuffs… And attached them to the waterway wall…!)
Ayato: Well, when I’m hungry, I’ll come back for you.
Ayato: Wait here obediently.
Yui: Oh no…
Yui: (Is he really planning to go and leave me here?)
Ayato: Hehe!
Yui: (Ayato-kun’s hand… leaves mine…)
Yui: (N, NO! Remove them!)
Ayato: Hahaha!
Yui: Please, Ayato-kun…!
Yui: (I’m feeling this much insecurity only because Ayato-kun’s hand left mine… I’m hopeless…)
~sound of teleporting~
Yui: A, Ayato-kun?
Yui: N, NOOO! Ayato-kun…! Please don’t go!!!
Yui: Ayato-kun! AYATO-KUN!

Some time later
Yui: (My throat is already sore… I can’t scream…)
Yui: (No matter how many times I called out… I heard only the echo of my own voice…)
Yui: (But… I simply cannot brave it out…!)
Yui: Ayato-kun…
Yui: Please don’t separate yourself from me and go away…
~Ayato whispers in Yui’s ear~
Ayato: You’re finally being honest, aren’t you?
Yui: …!
Yui: A… …!
Ayato: Oh my, you’ve been screaming too much. What a terrible voice.
Yui: (And whose fault… is that…!)
Ayato: You burst into tears on the occasion? Mmm…
~he kisses her~
Ayato: Your screams full of desire for me were unendurable.
[Ayato whispers in Yui’s ear.]
Ayato: You should always desire me honestly just like you did now. Yui…
Yui: (I… I must be weird after all. Even though I’m facing such cruel eyes, what I feel for Ayato-kun is…)
Yui: (What I feel for Ayato-kun…)

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