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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Ayato Maniac 8 (English Translation)

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Yui: All right. Homework is done!
Yui: (I’m a little hungry, but… I have to go to sleep soon, so maybe I should just endure it?)
Yui: Oh, maybe I could make some cocoa and drink it? It would make me warmer too.
~someone knocks on the door~
Yui: Hm…? Yes?
Yui: (Maybe it’s… Ayato-kun? But usually he just comes in as he pleases…)
[Yui goes to open the door. Sound of door creaking.]
Kanato: Good evening.
Yui: Huh? Kanato-kun!?
Yui: (For Kanato-kun to come to my room is rather rare…)
Kanato: That face… You’re making a face as if you expected someone else to come.
Yui: Th, that’s not true!
Kanato: Oh, really…
Yui: More importantly, what’s wrong? Do you have some task for me?
Kanato: Do you intend to talk with me while I stand in the corridor?
Yui: Huh?
Kanato: For the time being, it’s a territory that’s solely yours, so I’m waiting for the words of invitation.
Kanato: Haven’t you guessed at least this much?
Yui: Oh, I, I’m sorry. Please, come in.
Kanato: Thank you very much.
~sound of door creaking~
Yui: All right… About the task…
Kanato: I can’t sleep.
Yui: Huh?
Kanato: For some reason I feel elated… And I can’t sleep.
Kanato: It’s possible, right? Something like this.
Yui: Uh, yeah, that’s right.
Yui: (But… If that’s so, then why did he come to my room?)
Kanato: If it’s you… I was just hoping you would guide me towards quiet sleep.
Kanato: You’re happy to, right?
Yui: Uh, ummm…
Yui: (Well, if he puts it like that…)
Yui: Oh, I know! I was just thinking that I should make some cocoa.
Yui: Want to drink it with me?
Kanato: Cocoa…?
Yui: Yeah, if you drink hot cocoa before going to bed, it should make you fall asleep.
Kanato: Oh…
Kanato: Haha… Hahahaha. I see, you’re indeed a moron, huh.
Yui: Ugh… Y, you don’t want to?
Kanato: Oh, but I do? I don’t mind. I love the taste of cocoa.
Yui: I see! Then…
Kanato: But…
~rustling. Kanato comes closer~
Yui: Huh…?
Yui: Ka, Kanato-kun!?
Yui: (Kanato-kun’s arms… He caught me… I can’t move.)
Yui: (His arms are so thin, so where does his power come from…!)
Kanato: You don’t need to go anywhere to make it…
Kanato: Right here there’s a drink of the finest quality available.
~rustling of clothes~
Yui: AH…!
Kanato: Sigh, it smells so sweet…
Yui: Ka, Kanato-kun… Please stop…
Kanato: Stop? Are you ordering me around?
Yui: Th, that’s not what I meant…
Kanato: You’re making me angry…
~Kanato shoves her hard~
Yui: AAAH!?
~loud thud~
Yui: …!
Kanato: Hm? Could it be that you hit your head?
Kanato: Oh, boy. You sure are an idiot. Since you try struggling.
Yui: (This is bad… I feel like… I’m about to faint…)
Kanato: Don’t worry? Unlike Ayato, I don’t find an unresponsive prey boring.
Kanato: It’s the opposite. It would rather finish this without hearing your annoying voice.
Yui: (If I… lose my consciousness here…)
Kanato: While you sleep… I shall fully savor the taste.
Yui: (No… Don’t…)
Some time later
Ayato: Yui.
Ayato: Just how long are you planning to be unconsious. Wake up this instant.
~Ayato slaps her~
Yui: …!
Ayato: You’ve finally woken up.
Yui: Uh, huh…? I…
Yui: (My head hurts…)
Yui: !
Yui: (That’s right! Kanato-kun was about to drink my blood…!)
Ayato: Hmph, don’t worry. The Great Me drove that walking hysteria away.
Yui: H, hysteria…? Do you mean Kanato-kun?
Ayato: Yeah.
Yui: (He… saved me.)
Yui: Thank you…
Yui: (He didn’t bite me anywhere… Right?)
Ayato: He didn’t bite you. I came before he was able to do that. You didn’t get injured.
Ayato: Look at your neck… There are only my own bite marks.
Yui: …!
Ayato: What? I only touched you a little… Did you feel it?
Yui: N, no! It’s just ticklish…
Ayato: Oh, really?
Ayato: This face… Did you show it to him too?
Yui: …! I didn’t do such thing…
Ayato: I won’t allow it.
Yui: A, Aya, to-ku…! It, it hurst…!
Yui: (He’s choking me…!)
Ayato: A guy other than me nearly sucked your blood…!
Yui: Ugh…!
Ayato: Is it painful? Hehe! It’s a punishment? Look, I can do it even tighter!
Yui: …!
Yui: (It, it hurts…!)
Ayato: You belong to me. Understand?

Choose “Don’t struggle” (M Choice)
Yui: …!
Yui: (Th, this is bad… I can’t speak…!)
Yui: (This way… I can’t tell him that I understand…)
Ayato: …
Yui: (That’s right. I will just try entrusting my body to Ayato-kun.)
Yui: (Ayato-kun… He doesn’t want to kill me for real.)
Yui: (If I try conveying to him that I trust him, then surely…)
Yui: …!
Ayato: Shit…!
Ayato: You…

Choose “Resist” (S Choice)
Yui: …!
Yui: (It hurts… Let me go… If this continues…!)
Ayato: You choose this moment to resist? How cheeky.
Yui: Ah! … Ugh!
Yui: (There’s an urge to push myself up inside me… What? What struggles… is my…?)
Ayato: Hehe! You can’t speak, right?
Ayato: Don’t worry. Right now we don’t need words.

Yui: Cough! Cough! Haah, haah…!
Yui: (He, he finally let go of me.)
Ayato: Ugh…
~sound of bed squeaking~
Yui: Oh!
Yui: (What…?)
~he whispers in her ear~
Ayato: This won’t be enough.
Ayato: I’ll make your body remember whom you belong to.
Ayato: So that you don’t draw other guy’s attention, I’ll make it evident.
Ayato: Marks of intense kisses… Mmm, bite marks and…
~sound of sucking~
Ayato: I’ll completely cover your body with them. All of it.
Ayato: …! Mmm…
~sound of sucking~
Yui: Mmm…!
Yui: (I, I can’t breathe…! It hurts…!)
~sound of sucking~
Ayato: Haah… Yui… You belong to me.
Yui: (I feel… dizzy…)
Yui: (But what is it? I can’t stop shivering…)
Ayato: What? You’re shivering?
Ayato: Are you scared? Don’t worry.
Ayato: I’ll make it extra painful.
Ayato: Mmm…! Haah…
~sound of sucking~
Yui: …! …
~sound of sucking~
Ayato: … Yui, did you know?
Ayato: Once you stop being a virgin, the taste of your blood will change?
Yui: …!
Ayato: I wonder how you will taste like…? Hahaha!
Ayato: … Haah! … Hehe!
Yui: …!
~sound of clothes rustling~

While our bodies lied on top of one another, Ayato-kun smiled.
It’s wasn’t the usual smile of amusement. It was a somewhat contented smile, as if he couldn’t bear the happiness.
It was a smile like that. 
 ”You belong to me.“
While he was holding my impossibly wounded body in his arms,
he whispered those words countless times. 
That voice was like a suggestion encroaching deeper and deeper upon my heart…

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  1. I really love these translations!

    However I noticed you said to choose the first and second options in the monologue however it is actually the first and last.

    Keep up the great work~!

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