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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Weekly Schedule Tutorial (English Translation)

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Ema: Phew… I wonder if this is most of it.
Juli: I guess so. Most of the big furniture’s been brought in, so it should be fine if we clean up the smaller things slowly.
Ema: In the end, this weekend’s been taken up by greetings and cleaning.
Ema: I see…
Juli: …Chii. Could it be that you’re still nervous?
Ema: No, I’m fine now. Before I met everyone I was super nervous, but seeing as how they all seem so kind, I’m glad.
Juli: Although some of them seem like they have a really distinct personality…
Ema: Ahaha…that’s true. I was surprised about having all kinds of brothers. Having eleven of them is amazing.
Juli: How is it? Do you think you can get along well with them?
Ema: Who knows…

Choice 1: I think I can
Ema: Don’t worry, I think I’ll be fine.
Juli: I see, that’s good.

Choice 2: Honestly, I’m worried.
Ema: Honestly, I’m slightly worried though…
Juli: I see. Well, you can’t really help it at the beginning.
Ema: Mhm, but I’ll do my best.

Ema: It would be nice if I got along with everybody faster.
Juli: By the way, Chii, you’re going to school again starting from tomorrow right?
Ema: Yup.
Juli: In that case, it’ll be good if you start planning out your schedule for tomorrow.
Ema: Planning?
Juli: Yes, decide on your plans for the week.
Juli: Every week on Sunday nights, a schedule selection will occur. Starting from the following day for a week, you’ll follow the decided schedule.
Juli: When setting the schedule, you start with selecting the weekday. After that, you choose the person you want to spend it with.
Juli: If you want to spend it alone with someone among the Asahina brothers, select that person. If you want to spend it with everyone in the family, select me. If you want to do something on your own, you select yourself.
Juli: Once you choose “who” to spend it with, you can choose “what you want to do”.
Juli: It’s important to pay attention. Not only are there things you can’t do until you meet some criteria, there are things you can only do during holidays, or there are things that you don’t have, and so on.
Juli: Also, you can’t choose what to do on the day you decide the schedule. I want you to pay attention to that as well.
Juli: You can check the decided schedule on the Calender. You can also check when the brothers’ birthdays are, so it’ll be good if you frequently check beforehand.
Juli: Once you press the SET button, you’re done with making the schedule.
Juli: Next, there are many parameters that exist. First is “Percentage of Family Love”.
Juli: This shows how well you get along with all of the Asahina brothers together as a family. When you choose to “spend the day with everyone”, you can raise it.
Juli: …By the way, for the relationship with a specific brother, you can look at the “Likability” section…
Juli: Chii, I think you know this, but don’t get too along too much with them!!!
Juli: I think that’s it. Next is “Fatigue”.
Juli: This shows how tired you are. If you’re too tired, it won’t be good for everyday life. It’s best to play games alone and get rid of the stress.
Juli: And then “money”.
Juli: This is how much money you have. If you do part-time it’ll increase. If you don’t have any money, you can’t buy things like presents or DVDs, so remember that!
Juli: How’s that? Got it?
Ema: Yup! Thank you, Juli!
Juli: Alright, then try putting together this week’s schedule!
Juli: Alright, since you have to get up early tomorrow, let’s rest. You’re going to help Ukyo prepare breakfast tomorrow as well, right?
Ema: Yup, that’s right.
Juli: Chii. I want to eat rice and natto for breakfast tomorrow, so…
Ema: (A squirrel that wants to eat rice and natto is…)
Ema: Hmm, I’ll think about it then. Well then, good night, Juli.
Juli: Good night.

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