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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Prologue (English Translation)

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Ema: (We’re in Kichijouji, an area in Musashino. Holding the map, I walk along an unfamiliar street)
Juli: Are you nervous, Chii?
Ema: A little.
Juli: It’s alright. You’re meeting your new brothers, after all.
Ema: (The squirrel on my shoulder is Juli. We’ve been together since I was young, and he’s like a guardian.)
Ema: Sunrise Residence…it’s amazing how an apartment here belongs to just one family.
Ema: I wonder what it looks like…
Ema: …and if I can get along with the people there…
Ema: (Also, how can I speak to Juli with so many people around…?)
Ema: (I can’t really explain to them how I can converse to a squirrel…)
Juli: Chii, that’s a left turn, not right.
Ema: What?!
Juli: Are you that bad at reading maps? That won’t do.
Ema: I’m sorry, and thank you, Juli.
Juli: Come on, take deep breaths. You’ll calm down that way.
Ema: Okay…whooo, haaa…whooo, haaa…whooo, haaa…
Juli: Hey! Not that deep! What would you do if you choke?
Ema: But you said…
Juli: Just calm down, alright? I’m with you.
Ema: …You’re right. Thanks again, Juli. The nervousness faded a bit.
Juli: Alright. Come on.
Ema: (I still don’t know what will come. I shouldn’t expect bad things)
Ema: (And I still wouldn’t know what to say when I meet them)
Ema: (May 22nd, a day I would never forget)
Ema: I should go straight from here, right?
Juli: If that’s what the map says.
Ema: (Right now, Juli and I are looking for our new house―the Asahina residence)
Ema: (It’s not just a new house, but a new family, whom I would have to meet)

Ema: What happened, Papa? Why so tense?
Rintarou: Actually, there’s someone I want you to meet.
Ema: A friend of yours?
Rintarou: I guess you can say that…
Ema: …?
RintarouI’m thinking of remarrying.
Ema: Remarry?!
End of Flashback

Ema: (I was really surprised when he finally told me, but I decided to support him however I can)
Ema: (I’ve never seen my real mom, except in the albums)
Ema: (She died soon after I was born.)
Ema: (I thought it was wonderful for Papa, who raised me on his own, to have found love again.)
Juli: Why can’t we just ask Miwa for directions?
Ema: She’s working, remember?
Ema: (Miwa-san will be Papa’s new wife, and she’s the president of a large apparel company!)
Ema: (And now that I think about it, she must have been busy by the time I met her, too..)

Miwa: I was the one who invited you here, but now I’ll be late…I’m really sorry!
Rintarou It’s okay. You must be working hard.
Miwa: So this is Ema-san?
Ema: Yes, I’m Ema.
Miwa: I’m your father’s girlfriend, Miwa Asahina. It’s nice to finally meet you.
Miwa: I can just call you by name, right?
Ema: Y-yes!
Miwa: ……
Ema: ……? Um…
Miwa: Girls really are adorable!
Ema: Huh…?
Miwa: You see, all of my children are boys. Although I’ve always wanted a girl.
Ema: I see…
Miwa: Oh, I should stop now. Here, I’ll serve your plate.
Ema: Oh, thank you.
Ema: (Miwa-san is lively, kind, and really pretty)
Ema: (When I think about it, I remember how we never ran out of things to talk about, and how fun it was.)
Rintarou: Oh, it’s getting late. Thanks for coming to meet us, Miwa-san.
Miwa: Oh, the pleasure was mine. It seems Ema-chan and I will get along really well!
Ema: I feel the same!
Miwa: So we’re fine.
Miwa: Also…Ema-chan…
Ema: ……?
Miwa: Never mind. I’ll see you soon, okay?
Ema: Okay, for the wedding…
Ema: (Just as she was about to leave, I saw the anxiety in her face…)
Ema: (…And I gave her my biggest smile. I guess she’s worried about having strangers as family.)
Ema: (But Papa and I…can go through this, right..?)
End of Flashback

What’s wrong, Chii? You’re grinning? Is the tension getting to you?
Ema: That’s not it!
Ema: I’m nervous, sure, but I’m excited to meet my new brothers? I wonder what they’re like…
Ema: (When Miwa had gone ahead)
Ema: (Papa said she owned a place called Sunrise Residence)
Ema: (11 of her sons live there, and they would all be our family…)
Ema: I hope this all goes well…
Ema: Of course it will. Papa said that they’ll all well-mannered.
Juli: We’ll just see.
Ema: (I’m thinking the same thing, but I’m sure it’ll be fine.)
Ema: (There are happier days coming…)

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      1. i understand 😦 but, is great that you do this, i was looking for some manner to have the english translation for years :c. Even i was ready to translate it to spanish ( not the best translation, but is something) , so i´m really greatful with you ❤

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