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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink First School Day (English Translation)

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Mahoko: Oh, she’s here! Hina, good morning!
Ema: Maho-chan, good morning.
Ema: (This girl’s Mahoko Imai-chan, or Maho-chan for short)
Ema: (She’s my best friend, and we’re always together at school)
Ema: (By the way, the nickname “Hina” came from “Hinata”)
Mahoko: How’s your new life? You finished moving, right?
Ema: Yup, but I haven’t finished cleaning up yet.
Mahoko: How’s your new family?
Ema: About that…
Mahoko: What’s up, having such a serious expression…?
Ema: Actually…
Mahoko: Whattt?! You’re siblings with Yusuke Asahina now!?
Ema: Ma-Maho-chan,not so loud…!
Mahoko: S-sorry…! But, I’m seriously shocked!
Ema: When I first saw my new home, I was shocked too…!
Mahoko: So? What was Asahina’s reaction?
Ema: He said “Understand!? Don’t say anything about this sibling matter in school!!? And about us living together, don’t expose it to anyone!!!”
Mahoko: Wow, that’s so like him… but don’t you have to tell the teacher?
Ema: Yea. Papa notified the teacher for me, but she was surprised too…
Mahoko: I guess so. To think that you would suddenly become siblings with your classmate.
Ema: Our teacher noticed how I felt, so she said that it’s okay to stay with “Hinata” for now.
Ema: Therefore, Maho-chan, keep this a secret, okay?
Mahoko: Yup, I got it.
Ema: Thank you.
Mahoko: Are there other siblings too? Uhm, how many siblings were in the Asahina family again?
Ema: …e-eleven…
Mahoko: Eleven!?
Ema: ….Aha, hahaha! That’s a normal reaction, I guess.
???: What are you two talking about? Eleven people, so soccer?
Mahoko: Sasakura! That reminds me, you’re in the soccer club, right?
Sasakura: Yup!
Ema: (Sasakura-kun is always so energetic, and is a friendly person)
Ema: (He’s popular among everyone in the class, on top of that he’s the ace of the soccer club, so of course he’s popular with the girls)
Mahoko: But, too bad. We’re not talking about soccer right now. Hina moved recently, so we were talking about that.
Sasakura: Really? Hinata-san, you moved? Where did you move to?
Ema: Eh….uhm, to Musashino city.
Sasakura: Musashino city? That’s around Kichioji or Mitaka, right?
Sasakura: Oh, that’s right! If you want help cleaning up or anything, just let me know. I’ll be happy to help.
Sasakura: I mean, when moving there are times when a guy’s necessary, right? As long as there are no club activities, I’m good any time!
Mahoko: Oh, me too! Let me know if you need help. Besides, I want to visit Hina’s new place ♪ Let me know next time, okay?
Ema: Thank you, you two.
Ema: Once everything’s settled, come visit.
Mahoko: Okay, I look forward to it!
Sasakura: Oh, homeroom’s starting soon.
Mahoko: Well then, see you later.
Ema: Okay.
Ema: (…Huh? That reminds me, Yusuke-kun hasn’t come yet. I didn’t see him during breakfast either…?)

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6 thoughts on “Brothers Conflict Passion Pink First School Day (English Translation)”

  1. Thank you so much! Please please please continue to translate brothers conflict! I’ve been dying to find proper translations that haven’t been abandoned and it’s a struggle for someone who does not know Japanese. I hope you will not give up on it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to seem someone has some use for these 😄 I want to continue doing these but I can’t figure out how to do it, since there aren’t any routes to follow. I have yet to figure out how I’ll go about doing this. I was thinking of just doing the events that can happen, what do you think?


      1. Hello! Sorry for the extremely late response. Didn’t realise that you’d actually replied back to me. I guess the reason why there are no walkthroughs is because there is no translation. The people who actually managed to finish the game are those that can read Japanese and the most I can find are reviews of the game. I’m dying to play it but unfortunately, I don’t understand Japanese. One thing that you could do is perhaps save at every choice branch that you come across and translate a portion, then go back and do the other choice. A proper translation for this game is seriously long overdue and I’m seriously grateful that you’ve actually taken the initiative! I sincerely hope that you’ll see this message on time. I don’t know much about the whole translating process and I’m pretty sure that it can be rather difficult. How about tackling it event by event for each route? That is, assuming that you’re still planning on continuing with the translation. Maybe you could come up with a walkthrough instead. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Wait, I just realised that maybe the game isn’t as straightforward as I assumed it to be. I think it might be a lot like dating sims such as Storm Lover or Tokimeki memorial where you have to go on dates and events play out depending on the amount of affection you have. hmmm :/ this might be difficult then. I’m not sure at all on what would be the right course of action in that case :/

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes I know, so I’m keeping it on hold untill I figure out a way to do it. I’m still planning on doing the translations one day, but I have to find a proper way to do it first

        Liked by 1 person

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