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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Ayato Maniac 3 (English Translation)

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~dog barks~
Yui: Oh…
Ayato: Huh? What’s that?
Yui: It’s a doggie! So cute!
~Yui runs after the dog~
Ayato: Hey, Yui!
~dog barks~
Yui: I wonder if it’s a stray dog? But it has a choker… It’s all right, come here.
~dog makes happy sounds~
Yui: Wow, it lets me snuggle! So cute!
~sound of Ayato walking towards them~
Ayato: Don’t totter away as you please!
Yui: Oh, Ayato-kun, look, look! This little guy is so friendly.
Ayato: Hmph, that’s because buttering up to people is only technique that allows him to survive.
Yui: Geez, there you go again…
~dog makes happy sounds~
Yui: All right, all right. Hey, that tickles!
Yui: Haha, you’re really friendly. Someone must have raised you, I think?
~dog makes happy sounds~
Yui: Ah… Now my face is sticky.
Ayato: …
Ayato: You love dogs this much?
Yui: Yup. Because they’re cute.
Ayato: Then…
~dog growls~
Ayato: Tch! Shut up. It’s not like I’m going to do anything bad to you.
Ayato: Hey, stay still!
~dog whimpers~
Yui: Hey, wait, Ayato-kun! What are you doing!?
Ayato: I’m going to borrow that for a bit.
Yui: Huh? The choker?
~dog whimpers~
Yui: Oh…!
Yui: (The doggie ran away…)
Ayato: Come here.
~Ayato grabs Yui~
Yui: W, why?
Ayato: You like dogs, right?
Yui: Yeah…
Ayato: If that’s the case, then…
~Ayato puts the choker on Yui~
Yui: W, wait a moment, Ayato-kun…! It hurts…!
Ayato: I’m going to make you my exclusive dog.
Ayato: Hehe, it suits you. This red choker.
Yui: Wha… ! It’s, it’s embarassing.
Ayato: Idiot. I’m not listening to your complaints.
Ayato: From now on you’re a dog of the Great Me. Until I’ve had enough, that is.
Yui: But that’s…
Ayato: Hey, dog. What’s the first thing you need to do?
Yui: Thing I need to do…?
Ayato: Hurry up and do it. If you don’t do it… Things will be like this forever.
Yui: Sob…

Choose “Lick his face”
Yui: (Does he mean… Licking his face just like that doggie did a while ago?)
Yui: (But that’s embarassing…)
Ayato: What’s the matter? Why are you so shy?
Yui: I, I’m not shy!
Yui: (I guess I have no other choice but to do it…)
Ayato: Oh.
Choose “Be on all fours” (Correct choice)
Yui: (Since we’re talking about dogs… Then maybe I should be on my hands and feet?)
Yui: (My knees will get dirty from the soil… I’m a little reluctant, but…)
Ayato: Hm?
Yui: L, like this?
Ayato: You… What’s the erotic pose for?
Yui: What? Not erotic! I’m just imitating the doggie’s pose!
Ayato: Idiot. All I can see is you being tempting!
Yui: Aaah! E, enough! Don’t slap my butt!
Ayato: Hehe, you’re rather interesting, after all.
Ayato: Well, that’s okay too, but… What that guy did a while ago, that thing, right? Do it.
Yui: Huh?
Yui: (Could it be that he’s telling me to lick his face!?)
Ayato: Hurry up. Do it. Come now.
Yui: Uh, ummm…
Yui: (Here goes!)
Ayato: …!
Yui: A, are you satisfied?
Ayato: No. That’s not enough.
~rustle sounds~
Yui: !?
~Ayato kisses her~
Ayato: M…!
Yui: Mmm…!
Ayato: Sigh… You must do at least this much. Mmm…
Yui: Wha…! But dogs don’t do things like this…!
Ayato: Haha! All right, next is…
Yui: Th, there’s still more to come!?
Ayato: Didn’t I say it? It will last until I’ve lost interest.
Ayato: Let’s see… Oh, that one should be good.
Ayato: Come here to me.
Yui: Bench? Should I sit next to you?
Ayato: Wrong. You will be sitting… here.
Yui: WHAT!?
Yui: (On his lap!?)
Ayato: I shall hold you in my arms. Be grateful and come.
Yui: I, impossible!
Ayato: Not impossible!
~rustle sounds~
Yui: Whoa…!
~Ayato pushes her down~
Ayato: Good girl, good girl.
Yui: D, don’t! It tickles!
~Ayato whispers in her ear~
Ayato: Hehe, doesn’t it feel good?
Yui: Geez…!
Ayato: If it’s a dog like you, then I wouldn’t mind keeping it.
Yui: ! … Let me go!
Ayato: Until I’m tired of it, of course.
Ayato: Well, I won’t get tired for a while, I think.
Yui: B, but…
Ayato: Hey, relax some more. Entrust your body to me.
Ayato: Hehe, that’s it, that’s it. I’ll give you plenty of affection, okay?

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