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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Ayato Maniac 1 (English Translation)

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Ayato: Yui!
Yui: Ayato-kun.
Ayato: We’re dropping in somewhere on the way.
Yui: What? That’s rather sudden… Where are we going?
Ayato: Hmm, let’s see. How about the shopping district? A crowd would be good.
Yui: (I wonder what happened? How unusual of him…)
Yui: Oh, but if we’re still in our uniforms, the authorities might take us into protective custody. If we could go back to the house for just a moment…
Ayato: Hehe! I would never make such an oversight. Here.
~Sound of rustling~
Yui: What?
Ayato: Change into those clothes and meet me at the school gate.
~Sound of footsteps~
Yui: What? Wait, Ayato-kun!?
Yui: (He left… Right now I have no other choice but to change clothes, huh…)
Yui: (The point is, what did Ayato-kun prepare those girl clothes for?)
~Yui unwraps Ayato’s gift~
Yui: What!? Th, those are…
Some time later at the shopping district
Yui: Um, Ayato-kun. Let’s go home already.
Ayato: What? We’ve only arrived here, haven’t we?
Yui: Th, that’s right, but… Then let’s finish whatever we have to do quickly…
Ayato: We don’t have to do anything.
Yui: What?
Ayato: Well, if I’m forced to say something… Let’s take a walk?
Yui: !
Yui: (He, he set me up… This is just one part of Ayato-kun’s larger prank…!)
Yui: (N, no! The people we’re passing by are watching us…)
~Yui grabs Ayato~
Ayato: Uh, what it it? Why do you stick so close to me?
Yui: Because…
Ayato: Oh, that shop over there looks interesting.
Yui: Wha, w, wait, Ayato-kun! Don’t leave me!
~Sound of Yui grabbing his clothes~
Ayato: Hehe! Have you finally noticed that you can’t do anything without me?
Yui: Not true! Whose fault is it? What do you think?
Yui: (The skirt Ayato-kun handed me… is way too short…)
Yui: (If I move a little too much, people will see everything…!)
Yui: (I can’t walk freely looking like this…)
Ayato: What? Don’t hide.
~rustling sound~
Yui: Ah!
Ayato: Look, just for today I’m kindly allowing you to walk in front of me.
Yui: (Ugh, he grasped my shoulders from behind… I won’t be able to hide now.)
Ayato: Uh-oh, don’t use hands to hide stuff.
~Yui tries to get away~
Yui: S, stop! Ayato-ku…
Ayato: It’s okay. I’m showing you off.
Ayato: Your breasts aren’t beyond hope and your legs are not that bad too.
Yui: Huh…?
Ayato: It would a waste to hide them, right?
Yui: (I’m not falling for that trick. He’s only amusing himself…!)
Ayato: Hehe! Go ahead, start walking now.

Choose “Start Walking”
Yui: (To hell with it! In for a penny, in for a pound, as they say. )
Ayato: Oh.
~sound of footsteps~
Yui: (Whoa, the air at my feet sure is chilly… Usually I don’t wear such a short skirt around here.)
Ayato: What? Did you cast your embarrassment aside? Tch! How boring.
Yui: Wha… How can you say it’s boring!
Ayato: It was so much fun to watch you get embarrassed.
Yui: (He’s so despicable!)
Choose “Squat” (Correct choice)
Yui: I’ve had enough already!
Ayato: Uh-oh.
~Yui grabs Ayato’s clothes~
Yui: I can’t bear being in town looking like this!
Yui: Let’s go back, I’m begging you, Ayato-kun!
Ayato: Hey…. Don’t you want to hide that?
Yui: Huh…
Ayato: I can see what’s under your skirt.
Yui: Ah…! D, don’t!
~Ayato steps away~
Ayato: HAHA! Idiot. You really are stupid!
Yui: (Sob… People are looking at me in a different way than before too…)
Yui: Aah…!
Yui: (T, that person just now, he bumped into me on purpose!?)
Ayato: …
Yui: (Also, the people over there are clearly looking this way… Right? I want to go back already…)
Ayato: Hey, we’re going back.
Yui: What?
Ayato: Come to me at once. Tch! This is tiresome. Let’s get out from here.
~Ayato comes closer to Yui and grabs her~
Yui: Wh, what? All of a sudden?
Ayato: I lost interest. This will be enough.
Yui: You lost interest…
Yui: (I’m saved, however… But it’s because of his selfishness!)
~bed squeaks~
Yui: Whoa!
Yui: Geez, if you’re dropping me down, then do it more gently…
~Ayato comes closer and grabs her~
Yui: Huh…?
Ayato: Stay still.
Yui: Wha…! D, don’t! Don’t grab my leg…!
Yui: (He can see what’s under my skirt…!)
Ayato: Pft. You’ve got no sex appeal. I’m not interested in your underwear, you know.
Yui: Wh, wha…!
~sound of a struggle~
Ayato: Tch! I told you to stop stirring! I was just joking…. For now, that is.
~Ayato shoves her onto the bed~
Ayato: …
Yui: Ouch…!
Yui: (That’s no reason to bite my leg… The place he’s touching is searing…!)
~sound of sucking~
Ayato: … Mmm… All right. Hehe!
Yui: Wh, what? What did you do?
Ayato: There. Beautifully done.
Yui: (There’s a red mark… On the place Ayato-kun touched…)
Yui: (It certainly did hurt a little, but… He didn’t wound me, huh?)
Yui: This is…
Ayato: What? Shouldn’t you recognise what it is?
Ayato: You’ve come this far by feigning innocence? Don’t make me laugh. Hehe!
Ayato: It’a a hickey. H-i-c-k-e-y.
Yui: WHAT!?
Ayato: I wonder what would people think of you, if they saw a hickey in that certain place.
Ayato: You would instantly become a lewd woman to them.
Yui: Wha…!
Ayato: If you don’t want that… You’d better not show that mark to anyone.
Yui: … What?
Ayato: You should completely hide it under a looong skirt.
~Sound of footsteps and then a door creaks~
Yui: Yeah. My uniform’s skirt could barely hide it… probably? I should wear stockings for a while.
Yui: (On one hand he says: “let them see you” and on the other hand he says: “don’t let them see you”…)
Yui: What in the world did he want me to do?

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