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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Ayato Dark 9 (English Translation)

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Yui: Haa, what a nice wind…
Yui: (Will I catch a cold after taking a bath? But the stars are beautiful from here.)
Yui: (It should be alright… at least until this hot chocolate is gone, right?)
Yui: ……!
Ayato: So this is where you are.
Yui: A-Ayato-kun…!
~he smells the air~
Ayato: Nn… something smells sweet.
Yui: Ah… I-It’s because I made hot chocolate.
Ayato: Hmm? Is it delicious?
Yui: (Wah, don’t whisper into my ear…!)
~Yui pushes him away~
Ayato: Woah…
Yui: D-Do you want to try some?
Choose “Give him a sip” (S)
Yui: Here you go.
Ayato: Heh? What, you’re letting me drink it?
Yui: P-Please go ahead.
Ayato: Well, if you’re insisting to that extent then I’ll drink it. However… if it tastes unpleasant then.. Prepare yourself.
Ayato: Bring the cup closer. More… good.
Ayato: …. nn…
Ayato: Geh, too sweet! How do you drink this so often!
Yui: … !…
Ayato: Pff! Wh… Hey! I don’t want it anymore!
Yui: A~ah, geez, it spilled. You have to drink it properly, Ayato-kun.
Ayato: Bastard… you did it on purpose!
Yui: Fufu, it’s retaliation for the usual.
Yui: (Ack! If I do this then obviously he’d obviously return it twice fold…)
Ayato: … If that’s the case, I have some thoughts of my own.
Choose “Hand over the cup” (M)
Yui: Just a sip, okay? Here.
Ayato: ……
Yui: (Huh? He’s not taking the cup. He doesn’t want it?)
Ayato: Before that..
Yui: Eh?
Ayato: I…
Ayato: Would rather taste you though.

~he spills the drink on her~
Yui: Kyaa…!
Ayato: Ah, my bad. My hand slipped. Hehe, your clothes are covered in it.
Yui: You absolutely did that on purpose…!
Ayato: Strip.
Yui: EHH…!?
Ayato: It’s turning into a stain. Is that okay?
Yui: Th-then turn around Ayato-kun…!
Ayato: Idi-ot. Now isn’t the time to get embarrassed. Strip here. Right in front of my eyes, immediately.
Yui: That’s…
Ayato: Let me see everything.
~he walks closer~
Yui: Ah…!
~he grabs her~
Ayato: Geez, stop hesitating.
Ayato: If you won’t strip then… how about I do it for you?
Yui: Sto-…!
~he tears her clothes~
Yui: No…!
Ayato: Ah, if you obediently listened to what I said, I wouldn’t have wasted your clothes.
~he pushes her down~
Yui: St-stop it, Ayato-kun!
Ayato: Ah~, sweet. The smell of blood… it’s mixing too much…
Ayato: … Nn…
Yui: Aah…! N-No…
Ayato: What’s wrong? You’re dirty, so I’m making you clean?
Ayato: Hah, too sweet. The sweetness of your blood is fine, but this isn’t as good.
Ayato: Now to remove that bad taste… Nn…
Yui: N-No…!
Ayato: Nn… Hehe, as I thought it’s this taste.
Ayato: It’s much more delicious than that drink, you know? Nn…
Yui: (Aah…!)
The spilled hot chocolate is licked from my breasts, and I’m pierced by his fangs.
The tickling sensation of pain becomes strange.
As if it were paralyzing, as if it were throbbing.
Perhaps I was accustomed… to being bitten,
I didn’t feel the pain as I would before.
The feeling that took the place of pain was,
a feeling that I had never tasted until now.
I mustn’t be taken prisoner any more by this feeling–.
Something deep in my heart rang with this warning.

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