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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Ayato Dark 7 (English Translation)

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Ayato: … There we go. Hehe.
Yui: (Is that… Ayato-kun’s voice?)
Ayato: Oi, wake up.
Yui: Nn…
Ayato: I said get up, HEY!
~slapping sound~
Yui: Th-that… hurt, Ayato-kun…
Ayato: Are you awake now?
Yui: Nn… what?
Yui: Eh…?
Ayato: Hehe.
Yui: (What… is this… my arms are bound in chains…)
Yui: Ah…! A-Ayato-kun! No, what is this…!
Yui: (My body is fastened to something! This place is… the game room?)
Ayato: What a nice view. Hehe.
Ayato: Tonight… I was so excited I couldn’t sleep. Play with me for a while.
Yui: P-Play you say… before that, let me out of these chains…!
Ayato: Idiot. Because they’re necessary for my game I went out of my way to tie you up, you know?
Yui: Game…?
Ayato: Yep… Like this!
~a dart is thrown~
Yui: Kyaa!
Yui: (Right now the thing that grazed my cheek was… a dart!)
Ayato: Right now you’re a darts target.
Ayato: Hehe, what perfect control. As one would expect from someone like me.
Ayato: Your blood is finally spilling from that tiny wound…
(he licks her cheek)
Yui: … uu…
Ayato: … Haa. If it spills too much, I’ll have my hands full trying to get rid of it all.
Ayato: Now, where shall I aim for next?
Yui: St-stop it… why are you…
Yui: (He’s always bullying me but… tonight the atmosphere is somehow different…)
Yui: (The air surrounding Ayato-kun is… close but it’s hard to breathe)
Ayato: Why you say? I wonder…? Hah….!
~another dart is thrown~
Yui: Kyaaa!
Ayato: Hehe, because I wanted to see that expression of yours.
Yui: (Ayato-kun… has a serious look on his face. He’s not like normal and I can feel his thirst for blood…)
Ayato: If you want forgiveness, try begging for your life.
Yui: Eh…?
Ayato: “You can do what you like with my blood, so please spare my life, at least” or something like that.
Ayato: Ah—wait, no. That sounds kind of boring.
Ayato: Occasionally, I should demand more from you. “Please sip my blood and make me feel good.” Fufu, that sounds right.
Yui: M-“make me feel good”, you say… I can’t say such a thing…
Ayato: If you can’t say it, then… It’s just that these darts will mangle your body?
Yui: ……!
Choose “Do it if you can” (S)
Yui: ……if you think you can do it, then go ahead and try.
Yui: (H-huh?)
Ayato: ……What?
Yui: If you’re fine with mangling my body…… And causing my blood to go to waste, that is.
Ayato: What did you just say?
Yui: You’re the one who’s pleased by my blood, aren’t you?
Yui: If you wound my body more than necessary, this blood that you love so much might go to waste.
Yui: And if you kill me, then this blood will never be yours again.
Ayato: Why, you……!
Yui: But if you’re all right with that… Then, by all means, do as you please.
Yui: (I…… Why am I saying these things……!)
Ayato: … You actually said it. If that’s the case, I’ll do what you wished for!
Choose “I will do as you say” (M)
Yui: I understand… I’ll say it.
Ayato: Hmm? Aren’t you obedient.
Ayato: If that’s the case… Come on. Beg me. Say that you want my fangs.
Yui: ……
Yui: M-My… blood…
Ayato: … Blood? What’s wrong? I won’t let you off until you say it to the end?
Yui: Blood…
Yui: (A-As I thought it’s too embarrassing. I can’t say it…!)
Ayato: ……
Ayato: Time over.
Yui: Eh?

Ayato: I’ll pierce that heart with all my strength…!
Yui: ……!
Yui: (The dart tip… is in a straight line to the middle of my chest…!)
Yui: Noooo!
~something is caught~
Yui: … ah…!
Yui: (I-It… didn’t hit…?)
Ayato: You should thank my generosity.
Yui: ……!
Yui: (In the instant before it pierced my chest, Ayato-kun stopped the dart…? W-When did he get so close…)
Yui: … Uu…
Yui: (M-My voice won’t work… My body is trembling… it won’t lessen)
Ayato: That’s good… irresistible… Your trembling reaction at the brink of death.
Ayato: Because of that reaction, I’ll let you off for today.
Yui: (O-… Ouch, Ayato-kun’s hand is gripping my chin… with a strength stronger than usual…!)
Ayato: Ah, my bad. Does it hurt? I can’t control the strength of a full moon. Hehe
Ayato: Did you know? A vampire is strongest on the night of a full moon?
Ayato: To that extent, our thirst for blood is also highest.
Yui: (Eh…)
Ayato: … Nngh…
Yui: Nnn…
Yui: (M-My lips… he bit them…!)
Ayato: …. Ha… Heh, it really is nice, how you are today. Such irresistible reactions.
Ayato: It makes me not want to miss even one.
Yui: … Haa!
Ayato: … Haa. Still your blood is exceptional…
Ayato: I’m filling up quickly with strength. Hehe, amazing…!
~kissing noises~
Ayato: … Nn… ha.
Yui: Nn…!
Ayato: This is bad, I can’t stop…! Ha, nngh…

So that not one drop of blood would be spilled from my lips
Our lips pressed deeply and deeply to the point of being unable to breathe.
This isn’t a kiss.
To Ayato-kun, I am just food as usual.
It is the act of sucking blood.
That’s how I should be thinking yet,
A helpless sense of loss hit me.
My first kiss
Had the… iron taste of blood.

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