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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Ayato Dark 6 (English Translation)

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Yui: Alright, the water feels just right.
Yui: (It really is a wide and beautiful bathroom.)
Yui: (Heehee, I look forward to this time the most.)
~footsteps running~
Yui: (… Hm?)
Ayato: Oh, as I thought you’re inside…
~she slams the door shut~
Ayato: Ah, you! Open this!
Yui: I won’t open it! Because I’m inside right now, Ayato-kun can use it after-!
Ayato: Idiot, I came here knowing that.
Yui: Ehh!?
Yui: (W-What a bold declaration of peeping! Thankfully I didn’t take everything off…)
Ayato: You don’t have to be so cautious. Because I brought something good here.
Yui: S-Something good?
Ayato: Yep. Hehe, well what can I say? It looks like a bathing salt?
Yui: Bathing salts?
Ayato: Aa. They’ll make you feel good quickly, yes?
Yui: W-Why is Ayato-kun giving that to me…
Yui: (This must be some kind of trap?)
Ayato: Lately, you’ve been tired, haven’t you? Because I’ve been taking a lot of blood.
Yui: Yes…
Ayato: Take your time in the bath and… Ah-, what’s it called? Sercalate your blood? Circalate?
Yui: … Circulate my blood?
Ayato: That that. Use it well because I’m so nice.
Yui: Ayato-kun…
Yui: (To have Ayato-kun being so nice… it’s a bit suspicious.)
Choose “As I thought it’s suspicious”
Ayato: Aren’t you happy?
Yui: U-Un. But I’ve already used another bathing salt so… I’ll use yours some other time.
Ayato: Don’t worry. It’s no problem to mix them together.
Ayato: It’ll definitely have an effect! Try using it. Please?
Yui: Ummm…
Yui: (If this is really a good will then refusing it would be bad, right?)
Yui: Then, I’ll use it gratefully.
Ayato: Yep, use it just like that!
Choose “I’ll use it then” (Correct Choice)
Yui: Then, I’ll use it. Thank you, Ayato-kun.
Yui: (He’s concerned about my body. It’s unusual… but, I’m happy.)
Ayato: Hehe, in that case…
Yui: Ah, but you can’t enter! If you’re going to hand it over, do it through the door crack!
Ayato: Che. Geez, I get it I get it.

Ayato: Come on, open the door a bit.
Yui: O-Okay…
Ayato: Hn.
Yui: Th-Thank you.
Yui: (Somehow it looks like medicine more than bathing salts…)
Yui: Ah, but it smells nice…
Ayato: Doesn’t it? Hurry up and put it in.
Yui: O-Okay.
Yui: (At any rate… Hyah, I’ll throw it in.)
~a white mist billows out~
Yui: Wah…!
Yui: (Th-That’s a lot of steam…!)
Yui: *cough cough*…!
Ayato: Hehe.
Yui: (I was tricked… after all?… My head is spinning…)
~she falls into the bath tub~
Yui: Nn…
Ayato: Oh… Yo. Are you awake
Yui: Ayato…-kun.
Yui: (This is… my bed? When did I…)
Yui: ……
Yui: (My body is heavy… opening my mouth… feels hard…)
Ayato: Hehe, your body has no sense of freedom?… How does that feel?
Yui: Ho… Hot…
Yui: (It’s hot… My mind is dizzy… Is this how it’d feel to be drunk…?)
Ayato: Haha, it is isn’t it.
Ayato: You should be thankful, you know? Because it was I who carried you out of the bath.
Yui: (Carried me…? Did… he?)
Ayato: Hehe, your face is flushed, you know?
Yui: Ah…
Ayato: Hm?
Yui: … Ayato-kun’s hand… is cold… it feels good.
Ayato: … !…
Ayato: … In that case, do you want me to touch you more?
Ayato: … Where do you want me to touch you? Just for today, I’ll do what you want.
Yui: “Where”…?
Ayato: Aa… where is it hot?
Yui: … Cheeks. My cheeks are hot…
Ayato: … Che, why is it the face. How boring.
Ayato: Well, whatever. Your face, right?
Ayato: Nn… *kisses*.
Yui: Ah…
Yui: (Ayato-kun’s lips… are touching my cheek.)
Ayato: Ah. You’re burning too much… Nngh.
Yui: (It feels so cool…)
Ayato: What is it? Do you feel good?
Yui: Nn…
Ayato: … This is nice. The current you. Your defenseless and melting expression.
Ayato: This isn’t bad at all… It’s arousing… *kisses*.
Ayato: Haa… Your blood too… the smell has become sweeter than usual, you know?
Ayato: … Haa.
Ayato: Shit, I can’t restrain myself. I’m doing it, okay? Breastless.
Yui: Eh…
Ayato: … Nn…
Yui: Ah…
Ayato: …… ugh. Sweet…
Yui: (It doesn’t hurt… like usual. Above that it feels… hot… and good…)
Yui: ……
Ayato: … nn… Hm?
Yui: *light breathing*.
Ayato: Geh, you’re sleeping in this situation!?
Ayato: The fun hasn’t even started yet! Oi, wake up, breastless!
Yui: Nn…
Ayato: Dammit, I’ll fuck you, you bastard!
Yui: *light breathing*.
Ayato: … Che, well I’ll give you a break for today.
Ayato: Holding you when you have no reaction is boring, after all.
Ayato: That’s why… let me enjoy your heartfelt screams and cries when we fuck, okay?

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