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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Shuu (English Translation)

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Shu: Huh…Me? What a pain…
Yui: (…He kinda seems like an unmotivated person. But compared to the others…he feels a little more normal.)
Ayato: Why’d you choose him? You have no taste, Chichi-nashi!
Raito: Yeah yeah. This guy might usually seem unmotivated but he’s pretty bad~!
Shu: Hah! …Shut up. Well, if there’s a meal that comes tumbling in without me doing anything, then I’d welcome it.
Shu: If you still want to be sucked by me…then offer your neck to me.
Yui: …!
Yui: (E-Exactly how unmotivated is he?! …Well, I guess this situation is good for me.)
Shu: Oi, you guys. Listen carefully. If you’re laying a hand on her…well do as you please.
Shu: But killing her is NG.
Kanato: Eh? We can’t? Why?
Shu: I don’t know. They’re his orders. “Treat the guest hospitably.”
Yui: Please say that sort of stuff earlier…!
Shu: It was a pain.
Yui: A- A pain…?!
Ayato: What the hell is he thinking? Why do we have to treat this boring human girl well?
Subaru: So annoying. That person…She’s an eyesore, darting about.
Reiji: …Impudent talk. Then why don’t you kill her? That is if it’s okay to disobey that person, Subaru.
Subaru: Tch…Dammit! I’ll kill her one day. Along with him.
Raito: Hnnn. It’s like as if there’s meaning to it. I wonder if that guy’s planning something…
Kanato: Do you mean that there’s something about his girl?
Raito: I wonder. I don’t understand that guy’s way of thinking at all.
Yui: I don’t understand.
Ayato: Shut up Chichi-nashi. This is our problem.
Yui: (This is ‘person’ they’re talking about is the church person Father spoke of?)
Yui: (And, for some reason because of some relation to that person, vampires live here.)
Yui: (Where on earth did the whole ‘relative’ thing to?)
Shu: Anyhow, it’s like that so keep it to an extent she doesn’t die.
Shu: You too, don’t make such a ruckus it disturbs me.
Yui: …!!
Yui: (Anyhow, I’ll have to find a way to contact Father and sneak out of here.)
Yui: (Even so, how did it become such an unexpected situation…?!)

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