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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji (English Translation)

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Reiji: Oh… so you have chosen me. It is admirable that you are so eager for me to discipline you.
Yui: T- That’s not what I meant…
Yui: (It’s just that it feels like it’d be the same no matter who I go with…)
Shu: Heh, I don’t care either way. But we’re asked not to kill her?
Reiji: …
Yui: (…Suddenly the atmosphere feels dangerously tense. It looks like these two have a bad relationship…)
Kanato: We can’t kill her? Why?
Shu: I dunno. It’s just what he said. “Treat the guest respectfully.”
Yui: Then why couldn’t you have said something sooner…!
Shu: It was bothersome.
Yui: B- Bothersome…!?
Ayato: What the hell is that bastard thinking? Why do we have to treat some human chick with respect?
Laito: Hmm. I wonder what this means. That person’s probably planning something, huh…
Kanato: You mean there’s something about this girl?
Laito: Maaaaybe? I never really understand what that person’s thinking.
Yui: P- Please don’t talk about me as if I’m not here.
Ayato: Shut it, Titless. It’s our family’s problem.
Yui: (…could it be that ‘that person’ they’re talking about is the person from the church that my dad mentioned?)
Yui: (I- If that’s the case, then why would that person be associated with the vampires here…)
Yui: (Didn’t he say I was going to some relatives…)
Shu: Anyway, that’s how it is. So keep her alive.
Reiji: Hmph… I suppose that is fine. I will endeavor to discipline you into a proper lady worthy of this mansion.
Yui: …!!
Yui: (I really need to find a way out of here and contact my dad somehow.)
Yui: (Either way… How in the world did I get myself into such an outrageous situation…!?)


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