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Diabolik Lovers: Haunted Dark Bridal Prologue (English Translation)

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–The more I love you,
The more I would like to eat you.
And once I become one with that body;
Would this thirst, this ache, be healed?
The closer I get,
The steadily farther I become.
I see you beyond a desert mirage,
As if you were a faint illusion.
[Lord Richter]

In front of the house
Yui: –I’ve arrived according to these directions but… as I thought this place… is the rumored haunted mansion, isn’t it…
Yui: The people I asked on the road all had the same response…… I’m not mistaken, right?
Yui: (I have a relative in this kind of place? Really?)
Yui: (Haa… well, I don’t think my father would say something inappropriate.)
~lightning flash~
Yui: Kyaa!!
Yui: (At any rate, I have no choice but to check…)
~she knocks on the door~
Yui: … Excuse me!
Yui: ………
Yui: Excuse me!!
Yui: (There’s no response… Ah-… What should I do. As I thought there’s no one. There are no lights on either.)
Yui: (That’s obvious, isn’t it. After all this place… is this neighborhood’s famous “Haunted Mansion”.)
Yui: (A member of the church living in a house rumored to have monsters exiting from it…)
Yui: (Surely there’s a mistake, right?)

Yui: Ehh!? …Y-You’ve been summoned by a foreign church? And you’re saying you’ll be gone by tomorrow…
Father: Don’t shout like that, Yui. Please calm down a little.
Yui: C-Calm down you say… Anyone would act like that after hearing such a sudden thing, right?
Yui: And that overseas assignment… just where is it?
Father: Hmm. It… sounds like it’s in Eastern Europe.
Yui: Ea-Eastern Europe!? The east of Europe?
Father: Aa. When father was young, he spent some time there.
Father: An official request from the church came suddenly.
Yui: That… Then what will become of this church?
Father: It will be passed down to a successor immediately. Please rest assured of that matter.
Father: Moreover… If anything happens you will be in Japan.
Yui: … Eh?
Father: Yui… Please listen carefully. Father was… thinking of going alone.
Yui: ……!?
Father: You… I cannot take you along with me.
Yui: That…! Saying that you’re going alone… I want to go together with you…
Father: You mustn’t!
Yui: …Uu!? Father?
Father: I apologize… Living away from you… is very painful for me.
Father: But… all of this is… for your sake. Please understand.
Yui: Uu… For my… sake? The only daughter you have and you’re leaving her alone in Japan?
Father: Ah…
Yui: (Father looks very pained… and yet, why can’t we go together?)
Yui: … You can’t refuse? That request.
Father: I’ve thought about that countless of times. But… it’s a task that only father can do.
Yui: A task that only father can do?
Father: Ah…
Father: … A-At any rate, I’ve made some precise preparations so that you have no troubles living.
Father: I will be departing tomorrow night. Your luggage has been collected, please rely on the person at this address.
Yui: … Is there someone… there?
Father: Because we were estranged I never told you about him, but this is the house of a distance relative.
Father: He is connected to the church so he understands these circumstances.
Father: He won’t do anything bad to you, that is why you can think of him as a substitute for Father and rely on him for anything.
Yui: … Fine…

In the present again
Yui: (To think that it is this “Haunted Mansion”…)
Yui: Haa… As I thought, even if it was impossible I should have went with Father.
Yui: (But at that time Father… had such an angry look. I felt like he didn’t want to take me along no matter what.)
Yui: (What could be the reason for that kind of opposition?)
Yui: (Moreover that task which only Father can do… what is it?)
Yui: (Father is… just a Catholic priest… If I had to pick a strong point it’d be tending the garden trees…
~door creaks open~
Yui: Eh…!?
Yui:(Right now… did this door just open by itself?)
Yui: Ah… it couldn’t have, right…
~she knocks on the open door~
Yui: –Excuse me! Is anyone here?
Yui: … I am the daughter, Yui! I think my Father mentioned the situation but… I’ll be entering?
~she enters the house~
Yui: (I came in but… as I thought there is no sign of anyone being here, huh.)
Yui: (But the door opened which means someone must be here!! T-That’s obvious…!)
Yui: Uu… I-I’ll be coming in?
Yui: (Uuu…. Still it really is scary… But, I can’t stand out here forever)
~she walks to the living room~
Yui: (… Absolutely no one is here… how strange. If that is so, what was with the door opening?)
Yui: … As I thought… Father must have written a mistake on the memo.
Yui: (I’ll try contacting Father… though I don’t want to worry him too much…)
Yui: (But I’m not making any progress like this, huh… U-mmm, cellphone… cellphone… is… wha!?
Yui: Kyaa!!
Yui: (J-Just now… in the flash of lightning… I saw a person!)
Yui: U-Um… E-Excuse me?
???: ……
Yui: (Is he sleeping? N-No but… this person…)
Yui: Hello? Who is here?
???: …….
Yui: Hello? Are you alright…?
Yui: (Ah…!? I touched his skin for an instant with a finger but… it’s really cold?)
Yui: Eh? There’s no… breathing…!! He’s dead!!?
Yui: Ah… Uu!!
Yui: (What is this…! All of a sudden my heart hurts…!!)
Yui: (… What is happening to me…!)
??? [2]: Where are you? Where… Where are you?
Yui: (Ugh… someone’s voice… is in my head…)
Yui: Haa… Haa… ugh… Anyway… I have to call… the ambulance…
Yui: (My own health is strange but… more importantly I have to do something aboutthis person first.)
~she pushes some buttons on her cell phone~
Yui: –He-Hello? I would like to call an ambulance. Umm… There’s a dead person here.
Yui: Eh? Address… U-Umm… I’m at…
???: …… nn……
Yui: …… Eh?
???: ….. noisy……
Yui: Kyaaaa!?
Yui: (My an-ankle… is grabbed……!?)
???: Ah-…? What the heck… why are you screaming and making so much noise by yourself.
Yui: Ahhh?!
Yui: (Just a minute ago… the person with the stopped heart… why!?)
???: What the… It’s a girl. What are you doing in a place like this? Ah?
Yui: Y-You… You… just a minute ago…
???: What’s this about a while ago? I was just sleeping peacefully by myself… Is there a problem with that?
Yui: Sl-Sleeping!? B-But… certainly a while ago…
Yui: (His heart was stopped, right?)
???: –What’s this about certainly a while ago?
Yui: Ah…!?
Yui: (Wha…!? H-He pushed me down!?)
???: You’re like the moth that flew straight into the flame, huh? Right when I’m hungry.
???: There’s a feast right when I wake up… Hehehe…
Yui: Le-Let me go!! What are you doing… all of a sudden!?
???: That’s my line. You’re the one who came in all of a sudden.
Yui: T-That’s true but… But I…
???: Shut up.
Yui: Ah…!! N-… No!!
~struggling sounds~
???: What a lively prey. Don’t struggle… be a little… more quiet…
~tearing sound~
Yui: K-Kyaaa!?
Yui: (Th-This person… is strange! Doing this so suddenly…)
Yui: Uu… Don’t touch me!!
Yui: (God…!?)
~loud heartbeat~
???: Woah!?
~Ayato moves back~
Yui: ah……!!
???: Ugh…!? Wh-What was that right now?!
???: Why is it so noisy. I would prefer it if you weren’t so noisy after waking up, Ayato.
Ayato: Ugh… Reiji…
Reiji: Whatever is the matter? You look out of it.
Yui: (Uu… Right now I need to run…!?)
~Yui starts running~
Ayato: ……! Oi!!
Yui: P-Please save me…!!
Reiji: Ha?… You are?
Yui: I-I am… Komori Yui. From today onwards I will be living with you…
Reiji: Eh? Living with us? What is the meaning of this, Ayato.
Ayato: Ugh… I dunno! I mean, breastless! You didn’t say anything about this a while ago.
Yui: Th-That’s because… you attacked me all of a sudden… Wait, breastless…!?
Ayato: Idi-ot! It’s because you don’t have that, br-ea-st-le-ss!
Yui: Uu…!!
Yui: (Wh-What the heck!? What exactly is going on?)
Ayato: Anyway, Reiji. Did you hear anything about that?
Reiji: No, I haven’t heard a thing.
Yui: I-In that case, as I thought,… there must be a mistake… Um… You are?
Reiji: I am Reiji. Sakamaki Reiji.
Yui: Reiji-san…
Yui: (I’m glad. With this person I am able to talk to them unlike that person called Ayato.)
Yui: Umm……
???: Oh my oh my oh my oh my~?
Yui: ah…!?
???: There’s a cute human female in thi~s place?
Yui: Kyaa?!
Yui: (Th-This person appeared abruptly!?)
???: Ufufufufu… Hello and it’s nice to meet you, Bitch-chan…
Yui: ……!!!!
Yui: (He licked me….!!!?)
Reiji: Laito. Is that not bad manners to do that in the first meeting with a lady?
Laito: Nfu. Reiji is as stiff as usual. Isn’t it fine? I’m just sampling a delicious girl.
Ayato: Damn, I’ll kill you bastard. Putting your drool on Breastless before I did.
Laito: Kukuku. You have to put your saliva on delicious things, no? Or else your uncivilized brothers will eat it up.
Laito: Wouldn’t you agree, Kanato-kun?
Kanato: –Let me also have a taste. You’re not allowed to move, okay? *licks*
Yui: Wah…!!
Kanato: …… Mm. Sweet… An unusually delicious girl compared to the rest of the dirty human species.
Yui: …!?
Yui: (… O-Once again another person appeared… suddenly… Just what exactly… is the meaning of this?)
Yui: (Moreover I was… licked again…!)
Kanato: Hey, why is this girl here?
Laito: She isn’t this night’s side dish?
Ayato: Idiot. You guys have it wrong in your head about “side dish”. This one is mine.
Ayato: Because /I’m/ the one who saw her first, you know? Hehehe.
Reiji: –But, you missed out.
Ayato: Fuck off Reiji!! Don’t say unnecessary things!!
???: Haa…… dull.
Yui: Ah…!?
Yui: (A voice is coming from… nowhere?)
Ayato: Aa? Oi, this voice is Subaru bastard!? Show yourself.
Subaru: Hmph……
Yui: (……!? Just now I’m surely not mistaken… I thought it was my imagination but…)
Yui: (This person… came out of nowhere!)
Subaru: I thought there was the smell of a human… The reason is you, huh.
Subaru: Thanks to you my precious sleeping time is gone. Just what exactly is going on?
Yui: Sa-Saying such a… thing!
Yui: (What should I do…! These people are weird somehow…!?)
Subaru: Oi, how about saying something? Aa?
~Subaru kicks the wall~
Yui: Kyaa…!!
Laito: Woah~! As hotheaded as ever, little brother. Kukuku.
Subaru: Shut up, you year-round slut! I don’t think of you as an older brother at all.
Kanato: … Annoying. If you don’t close that impudent mouth I’ll chop it up, you know?
Subaru: Hmph. Can you even do such a hard thing, pipsqueak!
Kanato: …… Teddy. Look over there. That person will be our next prey.
Reiji: *sighs Well well. Will you all stop being irresponsible? Even a gentle person like I will start to become angry.
Reiji: Go burn and seethe as you wish… is what I would like to say but…
Reiji: I will not tolerate my naughty brothers struggling for this girl.
Reiji: First of all I would like to hear the reason as to why this girl lost her way to this place.
Yui: Th-That’s… because… uu…
Yui: (What do I do… I’m scared!)
Yui: Because…
Ayato: What’s up, Breastless. Are you trembling?
Laito: Nfu. As I thought, how cu~te. It makes me want to eat you up right now.
Kanato: Heh. I can hear your teeth chattering. It looks like we’re quite scary.
Yui: I-Isn’t it obvious? I-In such a spooky atmosphere.
Yui: Besides, I don’t understand… anything about you guys.
Ayato: What don’t you understand? We’re very easy to understand, aren’t we?
Laito: Maa, not as easy to understand as Ayato-kun though?
Reiji: Look, please do not disrupt. The talk will not advance. Behave yourselves before I really become angry.
Reiji: You there girl. You aren’t scared so much that you cannot talk. Explain your situation quickly.
~whipping sound~
Reiji: If you don’t want to be struck by my whip, that is?
Yui: Uu… I un-understand! I’ll talk! I’ll talk!!
After Yui’s explanation
Yui: –And that’s how it is…
Ayato: Pff. Hahahahaha…! You’re a girl of the church?
Yui: That’s right… What about it?
Subaru: No wonder this is shit.
Reiji: A daughter of the church in this residence. Such fate…
Reiji: You do not seem to happen to know this relative.
Yui: …… Ah…… As I thought, I must have made a mistake?
Laito: It’s a pity, but it looks that way. After all, no matter how you think about it, someone with connections to the church wouldn’t refer this place.
Kanato: Laito. Is that an insult to yourself? That.
Laito: Nfu. I wonder~?
Yui: …… In that case, I feel I must apologize. I am sorry for entering into this mansion in the night.
Yui: (I have to hurry up and get out of here! It feels like something terrible will happen if I remain here any longer.)
Ayato: –Wait a second.
Yui: Eep…!!
Yui: (Uu… Did this person teleport!? He’s suddenly in front of me…)
Ayato: At any rate, it’s not like you can leave in this kind of situation, right? Stay here.
Laito: Aa~, I agree to that~. In this house~, it’s unbearably painful to be full of just men.
Laito: If Bitch-chan is here… and lived with us for a bit, it might just become warm.
Yui: Ah… I-I respectfully refuse!!
~she runs off again~
Ayato: Oi! Stop!!
Yui: (There’s no way I’d stop…!)
~Yui runs back into the foyer~
Yui: (Just what is happening here? Am I dreaming!?)
Yui: (I thought the haunted mansion was just an urban legends… It’s as if it really is…)
Yui: (I can’t help but think of these monsters as demons!!)
Yui: Amen… God please save me!
???: –Oi. That commotion is noisy.
Yui: ……!?
Yui: (O-Once again… someone appeared abruptly in front of my eyes……!)
Yui: A-Are you also… friends with those people?
???: Friends… You saying that is greatly upsetting.
Yui: Th-Then…
???: If I have to say anything, I’d say they are an undesirable but unbreakable relationship.
Yui: An undesirable but unbreakable relationship?
???: –Are you the girl that person spoke of?
Yui: That person…?
Ayato: Oi, Shu! You know about this girl?
Shu: …… Sort of.
Kanato: Ugh… Don’t just say “sort of”. I want you to explain the meaning of this in detail.
Shu: … That person… Which reminds me that they contacted me the other day.
Shu: “You all have a roommate. Get along with them as much as possible” is what they said.
Ayato: Whaaaaa? In other words, the house that this Breastlass was talking about is…
Laito: Aha…! This is a godsend, isn’t it.
Reiji: It appears that you weren’t mistaken about this place.
Yui: N-No way!?
Ayato: Idiot. There’s no point in telling you a lie.
Yui: B-But it’s strange, isn’t it. My father is a member of the church and for a church member to refer this place…
Shu: Isn’t it fine. For a member of the church to refer this place.
Kanato: Is there something strange?
Yui: Uu… O-Obviously it’s strange. Because you guys…
Ayato: “You guys” what?
Yui: Ah… That is…
Shu: Because we’re vampires?
Yui: Eh? Va-Vampire?
Ayato: Aah. You spoiled it quickly.
Yui: S-Spoiled it… Wait, I don’t really understand what you’re saying…
Kanato: That’s all there is to it. We’re a family of vampires. Nothing more and nothing less.
Yui: Ah…?! You’re lying… right? Vampire? That can’t possibly…
Reiji: … You have been accusing us of lies for the past while. How unpleasant. Ayato has already said it but we have no reason to lie.
Yui: B-But……!
Laito: Now, now. Bitch-chan doesn’t want to accept it, right? Our kind of existence, yes?
Subaru: I don’t care if she accepts us or doesn’t accept us. So noisy.
Yui: (Vampires… They’re definitely just having fun teasing me…)
Yui: (It can’t possibly be good if that kind of existence was real…)
Yui: (At any rate, I need to contact Father and ask him the truth… cellphone, cellphone…)
Ayato: Oi, are you looking for this?
Yui: That’s…!! My cellphone! Give it to me!!
Ayato: Hehe… What should I do?
Yui: Hey! Cut it out! You have no right to decide what to do.
Ayato: What’s with that tone. I picked it up out of kindness.
Ayato: Is that the way you show your manners to the finder?!
Yui: Uu……!
Subaru: Oi, Ayato. Give that to me.
Ayato: Hah?
Subaru: Che… I said HAND IT OVER!
Yui: …… Wa-Wait, what are you intending to do…?!
Subaru: Just… this!
~snapping sound~
Yui: Ah…!!!!
Subaru: You were so annoying before.
Yui: (The cellphone that I just changed mo-models to… b-broke…?!)
Yui: You’re terrible…!!
Laito: Now now, bitch-chan. You should be trying to get along with us residents of the night.
Laito: You don’t need a boorish thing like a cellphone anyway, right?
Yui: Wh-who… Who do you think you guys are…!
Kanato: Then are you leaving this place?
Yui: Of course I am…! I don’t need to rely on you, I’m leaving!
Kanato: Aa, I see. Then it’s just right.
Yui: “Just right”!?
Kanato: I was already starting to become hungry a while ago…
Yui: … SO…!?
Kanato: You really are an idiot aren’t you? When a vampire says they’re hungry there is only one thing they will do.
 ~grabbing sound~
Yui: Kyaa…!!
Yui: (I was pushed down…!?)
Ayato: Wait a second Kanato. This sort of thing has seniority levels!
Kanato: Haha. What kind of idiotic things are you saying. There’s… no such thing as that.
Kanato: It’s too late now to regret, you know? Your blood should be reasonably sweet and delicious… Fufu.
Yui: (His fa-fangs… are touching… my neck…?)
Kanato: I won’t leave behind anything and I’ll drink it all… Okay?
Yui: (Wh-what do I do…!! Ah, I know…!?)
Yui: Wa-wait a minute!!!!
Kanato: –What?
Yui: Eat… THIS!!
Kanato: Eh?
Laito: Pff… hahaha… Bitch-chan… you’re so interesting! You have a rosary?
Reiji: It seems like you are the type to use surprisingly classical methods. How idiotic.
Yui: Wh-what? But vampires should hate the Cross, flowing water, and garlic…
Ayato: What kind of fairy-tales are those? Worthless.
Yui: I don’t want to hear that from someone who looks like a fairy-tale character!!
Kanato: Annoying… the feeling of my feast and the dining table being nonsensical…
Kanato: What is the meaning of this?
Yui: Fe-feast… don’t say such outrageous things! I’m a human you know?
Shu: Haa… troublesome. That’s why humans are our meals. Haven’t you been tasted?
Ayato: You’re a real idiot.
Yui: I won’t accept the existence of vampires!
Laito: Hmm. That’s a bit sad. Bitch-chan, in the end, the only way to get you to accept us…
Laito: –is to do this, right?
Yui: (All of a sudden again…!?)
Laito: Thank you for the meal~… Nfu!
Yui: O-Okay…!! I understand so wait a minute!!
Laito: Nope.
Yui: What do you mean nope… M-My blood isn’t that cheap!!
Yui: I-If I’m going to get my blood sucked by someone then… I want to choose myself!
Ayato: … Heh?
Yui: (Uu… in order to stop these people I blurted it out…)
Reiji: How displeasing. You don’t know what type of blood you possess…
Reiji: But it’s as if you were pretending to be a high class prostitute.

Before Completion (one of the triplets)
Subaru: Stupid. I’m leaving. You guys can do what you want.
Ayato: Oi! It’s your loss.
Subaru: Hmph.
Reiji: I will also refuse this girl with no manners.
Shu: Boring. Do whatever you want. Just hurry up and end this farce.
Laito: What’s with that~, geez, everyone should learn how to enjoy themselves.
Ayato: Whatever, isn’t this fine? It’ll make it easier to play with her, right? Hey.
Kanato: Hn, it’s best if annoyances disappear.
Kanato: –If you don’t select me. Hey… Teddy? Let’s rip her apart together?
Ayato: I’m interested… Naturally, you’re going to choose me right? Isn’t it obvious?
Laito: Bitch-chan? If you don’t choose me… you’ll definitely regret it later, you know?

Choose Ayato
Choose Kanato
Choose Laito

After Completion
Subaru: Stupid. Isn’t it fine though? If she wants to choose, let her choose.
Ayato: Oh! How unusual for Subaru to join in.
Subaru: Hmph.
Reiji: Hm, I agree. It’s been quite a long time since I last disciplined an unmannered girl.
Kanato: –If you don’t select me. Hey… Teddy? Let’s rip her apart together?
Ayato: It’s getting interesting… Naturally, you’re going to choose me right? Isn’t it obvious?
Shu: Whatever is fine. Let’s just hurry up and end this farce.
Laito: Bitch-chan? If you don’t choose me… you’ll definitely regret it later, you know?
Yui: (Uu… I blurted it out in the moment but… what should I do now?)

Choose Shuu
Choose Reiji
Choose Ayato
Choose Kanato
Choose Laito
Choose Subaru


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