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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Kanato (English translation)

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Kanato: Fufu… I thought you would do that. You’re… choosing me, huh…?
Kanato: I understand. I won’t do anything bad to you. Right, Teddy?
Yui: (As I thought… I selected the wrong person. But… I don’t feel like there’s much of a difference with the others…)
Kanato: Ufufufufu….
Yui: ……!
Shu: Keep in moderation. Killing is NG.
Kanato: Eh? I am… not allowed? Why? Could it be that you’re lying to bully me?
Shu: I don’t know. That’s what that person said. “Treat this guest hospitably”.
Yui: Please say something like that earlier…!
Shu: It was troublesome.
Yui: “T-Troublesome”…!
Ayato: What’s that bastard thinking? Why do we have to treat some boring human girl well?
Laito: Hmm. It feels like there’s a hidden meaning. What is that person plotting…
Kanato: What is that. Is there something about this plain girl?
Laito: Who knows~? I don’t understand how that person thinks at all.
Yui: I-I’m not following.
Ayato: Shut up, Breastless. This is a family problem.
Yui: (… In other words, “that person” that these guys are talking about is the church person my father talked about?)
Yui: (And, somehow with the connection to that person, there are vampires living here…)
Yui: (But wait, where did the whole “relative” thing go to…)
Shu: At any rate, that’s how it is. Keep it to an extent where she won’t die.
Kanato: Geez, how annoying. Everyone is getting in my way like that… You won’t tease me, right?
Yui: …!!
Yui: (Anyway, I have to contact father somehow and escape this place)
Yui: (But still……How on earth did I get myself into this outrageous situation……!?)



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