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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Ayato (English Translation)

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Ayato: Haha……me, you say……well, wasn’t I the obvious choice?
Yui: (……I chose this person without thinking. But he seems bothersome somehow……)
Shu: ――anyway, what are you planning on doing after this?
Ayato: What I’m going to do is obvious, isn’t it? I’m going to drink—this person’s blood, that is.
Yui: Ugh……!
Shu: You’d better show some restraint. Killing her is NG, okay?
Ayato: A~ah? The hell’s with that?!
Shu: No idea. That person just said so. “Treat the guest courteously.”
Yui: If that was the case, you should have said so earlier……!
Shu: It was a pain.
Yui: A-a pain, you say……!
Ayato: What the hell is that bastard thinking? Why do we have to treat some boring human girl well?
Subaru: So annoying. That bitch…… She’s a frivolous eyesore.
Reiji: ……such impudent words. If you think so, you’re welcome to kill her. Subaru, if you’re all right with disobeying that person’s orders, of course.
Subaru: Tch…… Damn it! One of these days, I’ll kill her…… Together with that person.
Laito: Haa. So~mehow, this doesn’t seem fun at all. It’s like that person’s plotting something……
Kanato: Could this girl have something to do with it?
Laito: I wonder?
Yui: I-I really don’t understand what you all are talking about.
Ayato: Shut the hell up, Breastless. This is a family matter.
Yui: (Nngh……in other words, could the one they refer to as “that person” be the person from the church that my father talked about?)
Yui: (And, for some reason, that person is somehow connected to the vampires that live here……)
Yui: (But then wait, where is that “relative” that he told me about……)
Shu: Anyway, that’s just how it is. So keep her from dying.
Ayato: Dammit, I really don’t like this. But whatever, it’s okay. Hey you, don’t you feel lucky that you chose me?
Yui: Wha……!!
Yui: (At any rate, I have to contact Father somehow and escape from here.)
Yui: (But still……How on earth did I get myself into this outrageous situation……!?)


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