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Helpful Hacks to Tame Flyaways

Think about it—your hair goes through a lot between being brushed, styled, and put up in a ponytail. More often than not, you’ll end up with a handful of stray hairs once you’re done fixing your ‘do, but where do all these annoying baby hairs come from? Newsflash: they’re signs of your hair breaking or being pulled straight away from your head. Sure we have lots of hair, so it’s easy to ignore, but at a certain point, those flyaways can get out of hand. So put down the brush, pick up a comb, and read up on these products we love and other helpful hacks.

Oils and waxes to try:

100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil, $24.00 at

Moroccan OIl

Spectrum Coconut Oil, $6.31 at Rakuten

Coconut Oil

Bumble and Bumble Sumowax, $29.00 at Sephora

BB Sumowax

TIGI Bed Head A Hair Stick for Cool People, $9.99 at ULTA

Bed Head

Helpful hacks: 

1. Spritz hairspray on an old toothbrush (or repurpose a cleaned mascara brush!) and use the bristles to smooth and tame flyaways without disturbing the rest of your hair.

2. Although it may seem strange, dryer sheets work wonders for a lot of things, calming static being one of them. If you find your flyaways stick straight up in the air, rub a dryer sheet between your hands then work them through your hair.

3. Sometimes your hair simply won’t let you win. In this case, strap those flyaways down under a cute headband!

What are your best secrets for taming flyaways? Tell me in the comments below! Follow my blog for more amazing posts!

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7 thoughts on “Helpful Hacks to Tame Flyaways”

  1. I stopped blowdrying my hair. Only letting it dry naturally and allowing time for this in my morning routine has reduced my flyaways and generally improved the quality of my hair! x

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  2. Great post 🙂 For flyaways, I like using a frizz control serum, something light but still effective, that adds shine, too. Having very curly hair, I know that the best way to combat frizz and flyaways is to prevent them altogether by not touching my hair at all.


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