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You Now Will Have a New Sheet Mask to Obsess Over

ICYMI—sheet masks are still going strong. And there’s a new one that I’m guessing is about to take center stage. Meet Slice Masks. Slice Masks hail from Korean beauty brand Kocostar and are actually a part of the sheet mask family. These unique little masks are just about the cutest things I’ve ever seen.


Slice Masks are pretty much what they sound like—tiny disk-like masks cut into shapes of fruit or flowers that indicate what their targeted use should be. (Cucumber is hydrating, lemon is brightening, tomato is calming, etc.)

To use, cleanse and tone as normal then place the slices onto your face and leave on for 10-20 minutes. Then peel off and rub in the serum to fully sink in. You can use all 12 masks at once for a totally Snappable moment or use just a few to target a certain area—just be warned to use the other masks quickly or share with a friend!

Right now the only place to snatch up this new mask in the US is at ASOS or SokoGlam, but I’ll be on the look out to see if these new K-beauty obsessions make their way to other beauty aisles.

Have you tried a slice mask? Let me know your thoughts below in the comments!

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