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How to Master a Short Haircut For Summer

Summer heat has its major pros: beach days, tanning, long drives with the windows down…But the major con? Humidity. My curly-haired girls out there may sympathize a little extra, but there’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to enjoy the weather and finding that you’re sweating the day away, and your hair has tripled in size.

Mizu Salon in New York, stylist Judy McGuinness to solves our humidity woes once and for all! My hair is naturally wavy but poofs up on a bad day, which leads to me immediately tying it up in a bun. I was tired of having my hair in a top knot for half of the week and figured that summer was the perfect time to experiment with a shorter look.

While Judy and I were on Facebook Live, I had the opportunity to chat with her about hair upkeep, communicating with your stylist, and a ton of other things! If you missed it, click here to watch the cut and here to see how my look was styled!

Looking to get a shorter cut for summer yourself? Here’s how my cut went down. Plus, Judy’s top tips for styling a short ‘do!

The inspiration: Style Blogger Aimee Song

Photo courtesy My Domaine

How to talk to your stylist:

Communicating with your stylist is key! “When you come in, I definitely always go over how often you’re styling your hair and your lifestyle,” Judy says. “Pictures are amazing, and sharing what you like and don’t like in general helps too!” If you’re like me, you’ve definitely had a little bit of salon anxiety—to calm that, Judy recommends being thorough during your consultation with your stylist, so you’re totally relaxed before you’re even having your hair shampooed.

What to expect during the cut:

After talking through what I was looking for and showing her my inspo, Judy washed my hair with Kerastase’s Discipline shampoo and conditioner to tame frizz right from the start. She then used a razor to cut my hair to give it a softer look. Concerned about constant maintenance? Don’t be! With a shorter cut, Judy suggests getting your hair cleaned up every six to eight weeks, and for longer hair, a trim every season will do!

How to style your shorter ‘do:

After blowing out my hair with a paddle brush to stop the ends from bending out, Judy loosely curled my hair using a Hot Tools Marcel Curling Iron with a 1 1/4-inch barrel. She used Oribe Maximista thickening spray and Thick-Dry finishing spray to fight frizz and build body. She finished with a little Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil to give my look a healthy shine!

The case for going short:

“This is a cut that can look good on so many different hair types and textures—it’s just about where you choose the length and the layers.” Judy explains, adding this style is versatile when it comes to styling too! If I want to skip the hot tools, I can easily useR + Co’s Aircraft Mousse to hold my natural wave. To add texture to my roots, we tried R + Co’s Badlands Paste, which is a dry shampoo that contains volcanic ash to soak up oils!

“If your hair is frizzing, usually it just wants moisture,” Judy reminds. The key to frizz-free hair is keeping it happy—a.k.a. keeping it healthy by using products that will deliver the hydration your hair is craving!

Will you try a short cut for summer? Let us know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “How to Master a Short Haircut For Summer”

  1. I cut my hair into a bob with an undercut last summer and it was the best thing I ever did! I didn’t have to worry about hair sticking to my neck or having it fall down when the rest was in a bun. It was the best cut for summer and would recommend it to anyone! Plus the undercut was badass!!
    Right now I have a pixie with and undercut, but I’m trying to grow it back to that bob to make it easier to put up during the summer (we’ll see if we get there in a couple months lol)

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