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Big News: KVD is Launching 4 New Liquid Lipsticks

Kat Von D fans might have already thought their summers were made with the launch of the new Everlasting Lip Liners, but it looks like they’re in for another surprise. Kat revealed on her personal Instagram account that she’s been hard at work on four new shades of her long-time fan-favorite (and Influenster Reviewers’ Choice Award Winner!) Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks.

As if the new colors weren’t exciting enough, it turns out the reason Kat is creating them is totally noble. The proceeds of the four new liquid lipstick shades will go directly to the Kat Von D beauty charity beneficiary, Farm Sanctuary. Now, anyone who knows KVD beauty well knows the brand prides itself on being vegan and cruelty-free, so supporting an organization that provides advocacy for farm animals seems like a perfect match.


We only got a peek at one of the shades, Hilda, (which was named after the very first animal rescued by Farm Sanctuary in 1986!), but we’re already sold. The stunning shade (above) is a matte burnt terra cotta shade that we’re positive we need for summer. If you’re curious what the other charity shades there will be, Kat said that she’ll be posting sneak peeks of all the colors from the Farm Sanctuary Collection verysoon. She even teased that one of them is a metallic foil midnight blue that she’s sure we’ll go crazy for. Kat, we trust you.

Until then, we’ll keep hitting refresh on KVD’s Insta page.

What is your favorite Kat Von D beauty product? Share with us your top pick in the comment section below! 

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