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Random Story Saturday 1

Some of you might already know this handy site called WrittingExercises.co.uk, but if you don’t know it, you should check it out. It’s a very easy to use site which helps dealing with writingblocks or if you’re looking for a fun new story plot. Use this link to check it out! I’ll start writing random short stories every saturday using this website.

Random plot:

Main character: A woman in her late twenties, who is very bold. (Anne)

Character 2: A woman in her early thirties, who is very sensitive. (Eva)

Setting: The story begins in a bar.

Situation: Someone is wrongly accused of a crime.

Theme: It’s a story about loss of innocence.

Character action: Your character takes control of the situation.

The Story:

On a late Friday night, Anne heads towards her local bar. She had another horrible day at work, her boss is a jerk who makes her do all the work and then takes credit for it. She’s head enough and is really considering quiting. But what can she do without a job, she needs to find another way to make money so she can keep her small appartement.

She finally arrives at the bar and takes her usual seat, close to the bartender. She could really use a drink, a strong one at that. She orderes a Long Island Icetea, she always starts off with that cocktail when she’s feeling a bit down.

Another woman named Eva, who’s sitting in the back of the bar, takes notice of Anne who seems to be having a bad day. She’s to shy to head over there, so she remains where she is and observs the youner woman.

Some hours have past and it is now past midnight, the bar is closing shortly. It’s time to head home. Anne starts taking her belonging when the cops walk in, they hold her under arrest and accuse her of a crime she did not commit. She is being accused of the murder of her boss. Apparently, her colleages told them that Anne and her boss do not get allong very well. She tries to explain that she had been at the bar for the entirity of that evening but they do not believe her.

Eva, who had also stayed at the bar until this late hour, decides that she should take action. She tries to explain that she had seen Anne enter the bar at around 6 and that she hadn’t left since. The cops think that this woman must be her accomplice and treaten her by saying that she will be arrested as well. Eva is at a loss, what should she do, she can’t let this inocent woman be arrested. But she doesn’t want to get involved, she hates confrontations.

She’s stuttering things that isn’t understandable to anyone, she tries to explain the situation but finds herself unable to do so. Her face is growing red since everyone is now staring at her. Tears start to develope in her eyes.

The cops just laugh at her pitiful state, but Anne is touched that this woman at least tries to help her, that’s more than she can say about anyone else still present in the bar.

Anne thanks her for trying to help, this caught Eva by suprise. With tears still in her eyes, she states everything she knows making her a valid aliby for Anne.

Eva learns to not be so sensitive anymore and stand up for what she believes in!

Yeah, that’s the end. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be, these situations are so random!

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