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5 Alternatives to Shaving

The summer months are nearing and that means showing more skin and basking in bikinis on the beach and sometimes that annoying stubble can get in the way! Oh body hair, we love it we hate it some of us just embrace it, but for those of you who are sick of constantly shaving or spending what seems to be endless amounts of money on razors and shaving cream..were looking for alternatives. Women will spend an estimated and cringe worthy $10,000 in their lifetime on shaving related products according to Glamour. If you’re ready to say “bye-bye” to the razor read out 5 alternatives to shaving below.


Some women swear by waxing for its quick results! From your head to your toes (literally), waxing can be the route for you. Waxing is different from shaving because instead of cutting the hair off at the skin with a razor, you are removing the hair from the root while exfoliating the skin, leaving you soft smooth and hairless. You can choose to go to a salon or do the waxing yourself.

How long it lasts: Anywhere from 3-4 weeks

How much: The cost depends on what you would be getting waxed Typical fees for salons and spas: underarm ($15-$25), arm ($25-$40), half leg ($35-$40), full leg ($60-70) according to health.costhelper. If you are doing the waxing yourself you can get kits anywhere from $5-$80.


Our Picks:

Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit

Ranked #6 overall in Waxing Kits this is definitely a product that has been given some love on Influenster. One Influenster said “Great waxing strips – and even better that they come in a couple of different sizes and can be cut down for whatever area you’re doing!”


Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit

Influensters are giving this product two thumbs up, with a full 5-star rating! One Influenster even said “I really like being able to wax at home to save money, and this is the best kit I’ve used so far (I’ve tried many!).


Epilators have come a long way since they first were invited. Today epilators have a multiple tweezer-like mechanism remove hair at the follicle and are designed for full body use! With an epilator you don’t have to wait for your hair to grow to a certain length for you to use it again.

How long it lasts: Anywhere from 4-6 weeks

How much: $30.00- $200.00


Our Picks:

Emjoi Divine Battery Operated Epilator

With a 4.5-star rating and over 80 reviews, this epilator is ranked #3 overall in electric razors on Influenster! One happy Influenster has said, “Holy buckets – been using this for 4-5 years and I still love it!”


Braun Silk-epil SkinSpa Epilation & Sonic Exfoliation System

Influensters are head over heels for this product. In fact, they love it so much, they’ve given it a PERFECT 5-star rating! One Influenster said, “I love love love this product! It’s so great, I I’ve to exfoliate with this and this only. Leaves my skin smooth and flawless.”


Depilatory Creams

We have all seen the commercial, put it on and wipe it off! Depilatory cream became pretty mainstream in the early 2000’s. Depilatory creams are strong alkaline based products that break down hair. Although this product does not remove the hair at the follicle it is quick method to getting smooth, hairless skin.

How long it lasts: 3-5 days

How much: About $6.00- $12.00


Our Picks:

Nair Shower Power Max with Moroccan Argan Oil, Cream for Legs & Body

Influensters are love this shaving alternative, giving it a great 4.5-star rating. One says “Much better than shaving and so much easier to remove hair.”


Veet Fast Acting Hair Remover Gel Cream for Legs and Body

This product is a ten in our book – and ranked #1 in yours! With a 4-star rating and the #1 spot in the depilatory creams section of Influenster, it’s pretty clear Veet is the way to go! One Influenster said “I love it! it works great on my skin because I have thin hair on my legs and the formula is for sensitive skin.



This method of removing hairs is more intense than those above and can also be permanent. According to realself, when using electrolysis devices a probe is inserted into the hair follicle destroyed and removed. You can use this method on most areas of your body and can be used on anyone no matter your skin or hair color! You do have to go back for a number of sessions, depending on the area and your hair, each treatment lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

How long it lasts: According to doctors at advmedelec, electrolysis is the only proven form of permanent hair removal. Once the hair has been destroyed it will not grow back. SIGN US UP!

How much: Cost is different for each person depending on hair type and desired area


Laser Hair Removal

Kim Kardashian rants and raves about this hair removal process. Laser hair removal is the go to in Hollywood right now. According to fitnessmagazine, the process of laser hair removal is aiming a concentrated light at the hair, letting the light absorb the pigment in turn damaging the follicle slowing down future regrowth. You usually need about 4-6 treatment depend on your hair and the area you are getting lasered.

How long it lasts: Laser hair removal can provide long lasting results. Individuals can see up to 100% reduction in hair growth, but most people see anywhere from 70-90% hair reduction.

How much: About $200-$900 per a session


What is your preferred method of hair removal? Would you try any of the above options? Let us know in the comments below!

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