Are your standards to high?

Has anyone ever asked you this question, aren’t you being to picky? This is something people ask me all the time, I know that I’m not an easy person to be with and I hardly ever go on dates? Why you aks, because I have high standards.

I know a lot of people who are dating, with someone they just randomly met. That’s not something I want to do, and you shouldn’t do that either if you don’t want to. I believe it is better to remain single than to be in a relationship with someone that you are not fully convinced of that they are the one for you.

But you still need to give some chances, you can’t say no to everyone you meet. So go out on dates and enjoy yourselves. Going out on a date doesn’t mean that you have to start a relationship with that person. You’re just exploring your options.

Just remember, don’t be unreasonable. You can’t expect every guy to have lucious blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. But if you truely want a specific quality in your partner, I support you. I for example want a partner who loves dogs as much as I do, I couldn’t live without one so I need someone who wants to have a dog as well.

Don’t settle for less just because you’ve been single for a long time!

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