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How to Make Your Blowout Last Through a 5K

For anyone who’s ever sacrificed a good hair day in favor of a workout, listen up! Now you no longer have to give up your pretty mane in order to break a sweat. We chatted with two top hairstylists to learn how you can preserve your blowout, waves, or styled strands through a sweaty workout sesh. Heck, even a summer 5K doesn’t stand a chance!

Keep sweat at bay: The first step to keeping your blowout pristine through that morning run or yoga class is to keep sweat in its place. “This may not be the most fashionable thing to wear to the gym, but a headband will definitely keep the sweat under control,” explains Cynthia Alvarez, Celebrity Hairstylist for Dove Hair. She suggests opting for a cotton wrap rather than a satin one because cotton helps to absorb excess oil. And surprisingly, this is also one time you might actually want to reach for product. Alvarez explains applying a small amount of anti-frizz product to the root of the hair will aid in fighting sweat.

Ban frizz: Inevitably, if frizz does occur, don’t panic. A blast of air and dry shampoo can salvage your style. “Blowdry your hair while it’s still in your bun, so you don’t lose any volume and help keep the frizz at bay,” explains senior stylist Jill Engelsen at Butterfly Studio in New York. After blow drying, she suggests applying a little dry shampoo—she prefers Kerastase Powder Bluff—at your roots, namely only on your hairline and part. “The trick is holding the can six inches away and spraying in a sweeping motion,” she says. “Then, mimic your shampoo routine on your scalp to work the dirt and oil away!” Finally, finish the rest of the hair with a brush and blowdyer.

Not super sweaty? Ditch the dry shampoo altogether. “After your workout, if you have a minimal amount of sweat, toss your head upside-down and use only the cool air setting on the hairdryer to blast the sweat away,” explains Alvarez. “Heat makes the hair malleable, so blasting a dryer with the warmer settings on any blowout post-workout would then flop any hope of your hair recovering!” Who knew?

Cross out the crease: Often times, creased hair is a runner or gym-goers red badge of honor. But for those times you’d rather not walk around with a dent in your mane, reach for your blow dryer to revive locks. Engelsen suggests switching your blow dryer to high and holding the creased pieces of hair tightly while running heat over the area. Let hair cool to set in!

What are your workout hair tips? Share with us!

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