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This weeks fitness update

The achievements I got so far:


This week I completed 3 challenges:

F-16: for lifting a total of 20 000 kilo’s.

Going strong: for being active for over 10 hours.

Crunch: for doing 200 crunches.

Squatter (the actual one, the last one had another name in Dutch but I the translation is the same): for doing 150 squats.

Push it: this one is for doing push ups, but it didn’t say how much.

Zippo: for burning a total of 5000 calories.

Powerhunk (or something like that): for doing my first 50 power exercises.

Around the corner: this one is for going on walks, but it also didn’t say the amount of steps, the distance or anything of the sort.

The challenges I completed:

Doing 20 pushups in one rep.

Burning 2000 calories a week.

Next week I’ll do these again and try to burn 3000 calories and do 50 pushups in one rep. Well, to be honest with you, the pushups I do aren’t the regular ones so it’s not all that impressive. Maybe I’ll even be able to do the plank for 2 minutes.

My stats after this week are:

6532 calories burned (+3536)

1035 minutes of activity (+642)

56 km (+29)

1324 fitness points (+7548)

(you get these when doing challenges, getting achievements and doing sport in general I believe)

I’ll give an update on my stats every week and I’ll mention everything else aswell..

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