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I started going to Basic-Fit

For about 2 weeks now, I’ve been going to the fitness, Basic-Fit. For those who don’t know this, it is rather cheap and it has 419 clubs in Europe, 159 of them are here in Belgium. So, it is very popular here.

My gym’s slogan: Making the world a FITTER place! I absolutely love this slogan, it is funny and motivating.

They also have a personal app you can download in the App Store and on Google Play, so far I really like it, you can get achievements and do challenges.

The achievements I got so far:

Diary: I got this for posting my very first post on my profile.

Squater: for doing 75 squats.

Cardio-starter: for doing my 20 first cardio activities.

Say Cheese!: uploading a profile picture.

Dumbo: for lifting a total of 5000 kilograms.

Active: being active for more than 100 minutes.

Lucifer: for burning my first 1000 calories.

First step: going to they gym for the first time.

This week I completed 3 challenges:

Doing 50 squats in one rep.

Doing 50 crunches in one rep.

Burning 1000 calories a week.

Next week I’ll do these again and try to burn 2000 calories! But I am starting school again on monday so going to the gym will be a bit more difficult but I’ll do my best!

My stats after this week are:

2996 calories burned

393 minutes of activity

27 km

5695 fitness points (you get these when doing challenges, getting achievements and doing sport in general I believe)

I’ll give an update on my stats every week and will do short posts when I did a challenge or got another achievement.

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