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Blackhead Mask Review

Everyone has heard of the blackhead masks by now, they remove all the blackheads you have on your face. This is a picture with the effect you should have when using the masks.


The ones we bought were about 6 euros a piece, which is not that expensive.

The first time I tried it, it hurt a lot! I felt like waxing my face, which is exactly what it was. The mask just ripped out the small hair on my face. Only on my nose it might have removed some blackheads.

When I tried it another time, I had some clear blackheads on my chin. So i hoped the mask would remove those, but it didn’t. The second time it didn’t hurt as much but it still had almost no effect.

Honestly, I do not like these masks at all. My sister tried them aswell but she isn’t a fan either.

You can decide for yourself if you like these and please do let me know if you have tried them before and what your expirience with it is.

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